6 Best Movie Streaming Sites OR Services

Wanna know about the top Best movie streaming sites? Movies became an integral part of our lives. They have a long history as well which dates back to our ancestors. Nowadays you can enjoy a movie every day, still, you won’t be able to watch all the movies released in that year. There are so many new views being produced and released every day which is amazing. We get to watch some masterpieces in different genres like action, comedy, horror, sci-fi etc. I bet that you to like to watch movies but you don’t have enough free time to watch a movie in a theatre.

Although there are hundreds of websites indexed on google if you search “Movie Streaming Sites” or “Best Movie Streaming Sites”.

Streaming sites lists the best free websites and premium services for watching movies online. All of the sites are updated daily, sorted by category, and ranked by quality. You can read in-depth reviews of more than 440 sites there. It should be every streamer’s go-to place

The majority of them will ask you to buy a subscription. To solve your problem we are listing down our top picks for 5 Best movie streaming sites.

Note: There is no guarantee to access all the streaming sites given below. Some sites might be blocked by your countries Government. If you can not access your preferred streaming site, I suggest you use any one of the Top VPN services like NordVPN(Special discounted Link) to Unblock website.

5 Best movie streaming sites

All the listed sites will help you watch movies online without the need of downloading them. All you need is a basic computer and a working internet connection. If you are paranoid then you can use a VPN as well. Most of the sites have advertisements and some of them look spammy but they provide original content. Advertisements are a way to cover their server costs. You can use an adblocker as well which will ensure zero advertisements on these websites.

We are listing only 5 Best movie streaming sites, as they are more than enough for you to stream movies. They host several thousands of movies combined and TV shows too. So let’s dive into our guide on 5 Best movie streaming sites.


Netflix is one of the best movie streaming sites. It holds almost every movie, TV shows, live sports, etc., The scenario has changed after the advent of Netflix, everything became super easy. We can watch our movies without the need of leaving our homes. The number of movies available on Netflix. When you don’t find your Movie on Netflix, then only you can go to other sites.


Vudu is one of the best streaming sites available which delivers free content with ads. It has a vast library of free movies which you can watch anytime you want. If you want to watch other movies you need to pay a subscription fee 5$. You can find almost any movie you are looking for as they categorized them really well with genres.

At the moment, there are some well-known titles like Anabelle, WildCard, The Impossible, Big Fish, and numerous others. Do give Vudu a try.


Crackle is from the entertainment giant Sony themselves. This website will let you watch movies for free but they are limited. Movies quality is amazing as you can stream full HD content without any hiccups. Some famous movies available on this platform are Rocky, Insidious, Ghostbusters etc.

Even the search and categories are well organized to help you find what you find if it is available. There aren’t any restrictions on your watch time. You can even download their Android & iOS applications to watch content on the go. Another cool feature is that there aren’t any restrictions on streaming content to smart televisions which is a great thing. Crackle is 100% legal to watch and they earn money through advertisements so it’s a win-win for both.


Fmovies is one of the oldest and most used movie streaming site all over the world. The site is well designed and doesn’t have any annoying ads. You can find movies in almost each and every genre without any issues. Developers of the site update the content daily so that you get to watch the latest movies on your laptop itself. The best part is that you can find movies from other languages as well like Chineses, Korean, Bollywood, etc.

They have an amazing search feature which lets you search for movies and Tv Shows. You can search using category, release year, language, genre etc which is an amazing thing. As mentioned above they also host Tv Shows as well. You can find all of your favorite Tv series on this website itself that too with subtitles. Do give it a try.

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Snagfilms is one of the oldest movie streaming sites. Unlike other sites, this site is a little bit different. You won’t be finding latest blockbusters on this streaming site. Instead, you will get to see some amazing documentaries which aren’t available anywhere and they also have some Indie films and tv shows as well.

The home page of Snag Films features categories like Immigrant Stories, Political Battlegrounds, History Lessons, and Climate Change. They not only provide you information but also a great way of entertainment. If you find something interesting to watch and click on that movie poster and the movie will begin. In addition, there is no need to create an account to enjoy the movies.


popcornflix is a great site if you are a 90’s kid and want to watch movies of that time. The site hosts some new titles as well. We encourage you to dive deep into the site so that you can find some amazing movies you can watch in your free time.

Some cool 90’s movies available on Popcornflix are George and the Dragon, Witness, The Adventures of TinTin, and more. They also have a staffs pick which is a curated list of Movies which you can give a try. So let’s watch the Adventures of TinTin, what say?

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This is our list of Best movie streaming sites, Hope you liked it. In case if you have any suggestions other than these then do leave a comment below. Don’t forget to share the article with your friends and family. You can follow whatvwant on Facebook  and Twitter.

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