How to change search engine on mac

This guide is about how to change the search engine on mac accordingly. It helps to protect your privacy online to some extent.

Google is the only monopoly in search engines and there is no doubt in saying that it gathers most of the information from us and use it for advertisers to make most of the people. However, apple comes with a default web browser i.e safari whose home page is included with 3 search engines. It is all about picking up one for the search. This simple guide is all about how to change search engine on mac

Of course, Google is the default search engine in safari, there are 3 more search engines to use. It’s a bit easy to switch between the search engines accordingly. Use them as per your choice.

Why to use more than one search engine?

Because it is easy and there is no harm to use.

Just divide your work like some people do use Google for working, Bing for casual searches and DuckDuckGo for some private searches. Just categorize them so that your online history is not stored in a single place. It would be easy to manage as well.

Alternatively, instead of changing search engines, you can choose different ones from safari homepage too. Only thing is you have to choose every time.

How to change default search engine In Safari

The following guide is to change search engine on Mac i.e in a safari web browser.

run it

Make Sure safari is added to your home dock. If not simply, use finder and search for safari.

Total Time: 5 minutes

Open safari

safari homepage

Open Safari web browser and this is how the homepage looks like. You can have a look at the supported search engines here.

Open preferences

safari preferences

Later check out the menu on the right top and click on safari and then preferences.

Go to search

Go to the search tab from the displayed tabs. This comes right after clicking on preferences.

Choose search engine

select search engine

Tap on “search engine” and choose the search engine from the dropdown. Here I will be using Google for all my working related searches.

Run it once

run it

Choose the search engine and close the window. It will be saved automatically. Run a search to confirm the things.

You can change it any time to any search engine with the same procedure. Switching is easy.

Alternatively, simply use any search engine directly from the homepage. The only thing is you need to select it every time on every tab.

If you are using the Google chrome , then follow the below guidelines.

How to change search engine on mac Chrome

Although safari is an inbuilt browser, Chrome is also one of the most used browsers on mac. Needless to say, Google is the default search engine in Google chrome.

Google chrome supports search engines same as safari. Here is how to do things.

  • Open the chrome web browser and obviously Google might be the homepage.
  • Go to the right top and click on Chrome -> Preferences.
  • Click on “Search Engine” . Simply click here to directly access the same page
change search engine on mac chrome
  • Google is the default search engine. Now choose your favourite search engine from the drop-down. Chrome supports Bing, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo
choose search engine
  • Choose and save settings. Relaunch Chrome and do a search to test the things out.


Changing search engines is almost same in safari and Google chrome. I do prefer safari over chrome for its ease in switching search engines as it is just 2 clicks away. Google Chrome takes more time when compared and moreover it’s a Google product too. I personally use the default web browser with different search engines as per work.

I hope this tutorial helped you to change the search engine on mac. If you like this article, please share it and follow WhatVwant on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for more tips.

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