Intego Mac Internet Security Review: The Best Internet Security for Mac

This Intego Mac Internet Security Review gives you complete details about this interface & Malware protection software and how to use it properly. Do you want to protect & save your Mac from malware and malicious web links, then Intego Mac Internet Security is the best option for Mac.

Intego Mac Internet Security is the best internet security layer for OS as it consists of excellent special features. It is the best in detecting Mac malware and defends your Mac from other threats.

Intego Mac Internet Security Review

Intego Mac Internet Security (50% Discounted Link) gives you full control over the security even at the network level.

Intego Mac Internet Security besides giving protection against Malware protects your Mac from Phishing attacks, spyware and scare-ware.

Special Features:

  • Intego Mac Internet Security is the best and provides strong defend against viruses, Trojans, spyware and worms.
  • A double-way personal firewall to defend against intrusions and threats.
  • Protects the Mac from Phishing attacks and frauds.
  • Intego Mac security protection software initiates a complete scan by detecting all the mounted drives with viruses, threats automatically and provides protection to them effectively.
  • 24/7 Real-time protection against the virus with automatic scheduled scans, monitors the file activities and makes sure that your Mac is completely protected.
  • It will do scans on emails for viruses for popular email clients.
  • Perform scans to found viruses even on iOS devices and eradicates viruses found in document directories on the devices.
  • The virus, malware will be scanned in archives files too.
  • Your Mac will be made completely malware-free by identifying the Mac viruses, MS Word and Excel macro viruses, trojans, spyware, worms, hacking tools & services, scare-ware, etc.
  • Intego’s ability to protect against phishing attacks and frauds is perhaps even more important than Intego’s anti-malware protection because hackers are increasingly exploiting the human factor, rather than attempting to breach operating systems.
  • Intego Mac Internet Security is very well-integrated with Mac OS X with extra features like it uses different secured user profiles for specific kinds of internet connections.
  • It is very strong in security and robust kind of program in detecting the threats.
  • All types of scans will be performed such as quick scans, scheduled scans, day-to-day scans, full scans, etc.
  • Very low impact on the performance.

Price & discount of Intego Mac Internet Security

Intego Mac Internet Security price is $39.99. WhatVwant readers will get it only for $19.99 through This special 50% discounted link. You can also check WhatVwants Intego Discount coupon page for the latest offers.

You can also try their service for free using This 30 days free trial link.

Package and its advantages:


1. It is the best anti-malware protection package & component. It has its best standard protection settings and even scans your archives based on the selection you made in the protection settings (Minimum, Standard and Maximum levels set).
2. It lets you have schedule scans. Some other softwares don’t do this.
3. In addition to the on-demand & scheduled scans, it also scans the files which run in the background until you have the access to them.


It has the simple list of anti-virus definitions, that can easily find trojans, threats, malware, virus and will be updated on regular basis for the new malware found.


1. The NetBarrier firewall would be customized to block or allow incoming and outgoing traffic from local and Internet connections.

Intego 1

2. It is essentially a firewall, regulating which applications installed on your Mac — including NetUpdate and VirusBarrier — can access the Internet.

Intego 2

3. The permission must be manually granted via a pop-up/alert box that appears when you try to use an application after NetBarrier’s installation.
4. Three custom NetBarrier settings will have and can be saved. Home, Work, or Public Hotspot profiles.
5. The Public Hotspot profile blocks/prevents connections from untrusted or unauthorized devices.

Intego 3

Installation/Setup and Interface:

The setup/installation of Intego Mac Internet Security is very simple. It can be downloaded from the company’s page by providing some details like email and product code. Even the non-technical team can understand easily and configure this software.

Intego Mac Internet Security X9 runs only on Mac OS X versions of 10.7 or later only. This installation has the package of three OS applications: NetBarrier, VirusBarrier and NetUpdate. These apps must be working in the background and doing all the functionalities like blocking malicious and detecting malware. Each app has a slightly different interface.

NetBarrier is termed as graphic interface, with moving visuals which will depict Firewall actions. UI will be clean and simple with white background blended with similar Mac interface.

Intego 4

NetUpdate is simply a list

VirusBarrier looks somewhat stylish black edging and has more colorful buttons.

Intego 5

System Requirements:

Mac OS should be 10.8 or higher versions
Languages supported are English, Spanish, Japanese, German & French
Hard disk space should be 1.5 GM available
Internet connection for any security updates must be there

System Impact:

It is also very important and should be considered that any anti-malware software or program does not slow down the system or computer. Intego Mac Internet Security was thoroughly verified and tested among the five or more anti-virus programs and this is the one having a light impact on performance for both full scans and for quick scans.


Very strong and most effective malware protection of OS X
Special interfaces and applications exist such as VirusBarrier, NetBarrier & NetUpdate
Easy to install and setup, use
Resource hogging is very less
Excellent protection and performance test scores from highly advanced labs.
Flexibility on handling malware and malicious viruses
Notification emails will be sent when the malware is identified
Virus history will be logged to check and verify at the required time


Price seems to be higher compared to other products.
There is no web scanner in this.
Rare configuration problems.
Need the full Premium Bundle (50% Discounted Link) to access its parental controls.


Intego Mac Internet Security(50% Discounted Link) stands as the best virus protection software from Mac among all other competence as declared by the independent test labs such as AV-Test and AV-Comparatives acknowledge. Intego Mac Antivirus Security X8 scored highly top and stood as best among the five anti-malware programs that were tested. It scored 98.3 percent of on-demand malware and 98.8 percent of on-access malware when tested by different labs. It is worth to buy Intego Mac Internet Security.

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Intego Mac Internet security


It is the best antivirus product for Mac.

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