Intego Mac Premium Bundle Review: Complete Mac Protection

This Intego Mac Premium Bundle Review gives you complete details about its interface, Malware protection software and how to use this bundle properly. Do you want to protect & save your Mac from malware and malicious web links, then Intego Mac Premium Bundle Security is the best option for Mac.

Since it is the story told that the Macs are not immune to malware & viruses, Intego Mac Security came into the picture. If you want, you may also read our review about Intego Mac Internet Security.

Intego Mac Premium Bundle Review

Intego Mac Premium Bundle (50% Discounted Link) was brought into the picture to sort out the security against viruses, worms, Trojans and spyware. Intego has included a well-integrated software firewall to control intrusions and threats. It protects against phishing attacks & fraud. Malware protection happens in the background while every file is scanned when it is created, saved, or copied. It even detects the malware mounted on the drives and scans them automatically.
Intego Mac Premium Bundle protects well enough to win and deserves the Top Ten Reviews Gold Award in the internet security for the Mac product category.

Special Features:

  • Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 has very special features such as interface is perfectly streamlined and faster performance.
  • Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 consists all the requirements to keep your Mac safe, secure, private & clean and protected.
  • It keeps your Mac away from viruses, malware, trojans, spyware.
  • Prevents unknown applications in gaining access to the Mac internet, backup all your important data & files.
  • Cleans all junk files and data to optimize the Mac and keep your Mac safe with appropriate internet access.

Finally, Intego Mac Premium Bundle is the ultimate combination of security, protection, safety and performance.


VirusBarrier as the name indicates it is highly suitable for finding and eliminating the viruses. It is judged to do its functions and its ability to find, detect and clean viruses. Phishing & fraud detection, cleaning the unnecessary data and Malware are also part of its capabilities.

Intego 1

Mac Security:

Protects against viruses, Trojan horses, spyware, root-kits and worms for both Mac and PC. Provides protection for Mac and Windows users. iOS devices can be scanned for any malware activities.

Mac Performance & Utility:

  • Performance will be increased by requisitioning the disk space.
  • Monitors the bandwidth of the application.
  • Synchronization of files will be handled.
  • Caches will be cleared for more space.
  • It Organizes the dock for all frequently used applications.
  • Quick access and scan for fast lookup.

Privacy & Protection:

Prevents unknown and rogue applications from network access. Prevents and blocks some applications to access a particular domain.

Monitoring & Controls:

  • Monitors/restricts unauthorized applications from access.
  • Chat & web history will be provided.
  • Screenshots & keystrokes will be recorded.
  • Remote Web Admin console access will be offered.
  • User configuration can be customized which will allow you to monitor and control different user accounts.

Convenience, Comfort & Support:

  • Specifically built for the Mac systems.
  • Easy-to-use interface and very clean.
  • Technical Support will be provided for free.
  • Any updates related to security and protection will be notified automatically.

Intego Mac Premium Bundle and its Package contents:

Latest security software is available to suit at its best for protection of Mac from malware and viruses. Two main security parts – the core VirusBarrier malware scanner and a NetBarrier firewall. Parental controls and family protector. Cleaning utility such as ‘Mac Washing Machine’ to clean and erase unimportant data.

Intego Mac Premium bundle X9 offers a full-fledged & highly featured bundle containing all required security applications and extra facilities like Washing Machine, Backup software, etc.

Virus Barrier X9: It is the Award-winning best protection against Mac and Windows malware & malicious web links. Basic features like Safe browsing and scheduled scans, Real-time scanning are set perfectly and they will provide easily real-time security for the Mac that uses this.
Net Barrier X9 – It blocks strangers and prevents unknown applications from gaining access to the Mac internet. Provides an extra recommended firewall and home network security.
ContentBarrier X9 – It scans perfectly and provides a safe path for a safe surfing environment to be created by filtering inappropriate web content.
Washing Machine X9 – Cleans up your Mac and erases your digital footprint.

Intego Mac Premium Bundle Review

Personal Backup X9 – Backup your system files and important data to restore easily even at the time of any crash.

Intego backup in premium bundle

Price & Discount

Intego Mac Premium bundle price is $69.99. WhatVwant readers get it only for $34.99 through This special 50% discounted link. You can also check our Intego discount coupon page for the latest offers.

System Requirements:

  • Mac OS should be 10.8 or higher versions.
  • Languages supported are English, Spanish, Japanese, German & French.
  • Hard disk space should be 1.5 GM available.
  • Internet connection for any security updates must be there.

System Impact:

It is also very important for everyone and one should be considering that any anti-malware software or program does not slow down the system or computer. Intego Mac Premium Bundle Internet Security was thoroughly verified and tested among the five or more anti-virus programs and this is the one having a light impact on performance for both full scans, complete scans and for quick scans.


  • Intego Mac Internet Security software has very good test scores from different independent test labs.
  • It scored 98.3 percent of on-demand malware and 98.8 percent of on-access malware when tested by different labs.
  • Included a well-integrated software firewall to control intrusions and threats.
  • Personal Backup software exists for easy and quick recovery in case of any crash.
  • Parental controls were installed with website and application blocking.
  • Protects sensitive personal information.
  • Mac Cleaner speeds up and organizes your Mac.
  • Antivirus, anti-phishing and anti-spyware.


Support and help is not provided for 24/7.


The popular and well advanced independent security test labs such as the Safe Mac and the Security Spread have certified Intego VirusBarrier is the best and suitable Mac malware software and its malware detection rate stand as best in the industry. Intego is the only Organization that extremely focused on security for Macs and award-winning security software for both expert and novice Mac users.

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