Macrorit partition expert pro review: Fastest Disk Manager

Read my Macrorit partition expert pro review before buying this software. You can extend your C drive to improve your PC performance. It will not only adjust your PC drives, but it also has more number of features.

Why should I use third-party disk extender softwares?

Windows has an inbuilt disk management feature to shrink or extend your disks. But the problem with the inbuilt feature is, you can extend drive only when you have unallocated space right to your drive. You can create unallocated space from the existing drive by using shrink feature. But it will create unallocated space right to drive. You need to delete one drive to extend C drive.

For ex:- you have C, D, E drives. You want to extend C drive with some space from D drive. You can shrink the D drive with the Windows disk management option. It will create C, D, Unallocated space, E. If you want to extend C drive, you must have unallocated space just right to C drive. So you will have to delete the D drive. So that you will lose your data. Or you need to spend some time to transfer files from D drive to other drives. Still there is risk that you may lose some data.

If you are able to create Unallocated space left to D drive, you can easily extend C drive without deleting D drive. This is possible only with third-party disk management softwares.

There are many free and premium disk management softwares are out there. The one I am using is a Macrorit partition expert pro. Now let us continue with my Macrorit partition expert pro review. And I will show you how I have extended my C drive with this software.

Macrorit partition expert pro review

Macrorit partition expert Pro is the all in one disk management software. It has too many features. Every small business Windows computer must have this software. Even home users may need it. It will extend your C drive within 1 second. It will also extend your C drive without need of booting. It really works very fast. You will also get its free version from Macrorit. The free version has limited features. Pro version has many features.


  • Disk Management: You can easily Extend, Shrink, Resize, Move, Format, Create and delete partitions. It is very fast while doing these things. You can do them within seconds.
  • 100% data safety: They use their own unique technology to protect your data.  You will never lose your data while resizing your partitions.
  • Fastest data partition moving speed: They use special data moving algorithm to move your partitions very quickly.
  • Supports all Windows versions: You can use this software on Windows XP to Windows 10. You can also use it on 32 Bit or 64 Bit versions.
  • Portable version: This software is available in a portable version. So that you need not to install it on your PC.
  • Convert MBR to GPT disk without losing data.
  • Wipe unallocated space.
  • You can Convert the primary partition to Logical partition.
  • You can resize the FAT partition and its clusters. You can also resize the FAT32 partition up to 2TB.
  • You can convert NTFS to FAT32.
  • You can also migrate your OS to new hard drive.


It has 30 days edition for $9.99. The full edition will cost you $29.95. Full edition with lifetime Updates will cost you $39.95. I recommend you to go with lifetime upgrades version.

How to use Macrorit Partition expert Pro?

Now I am going to show you, how I have increased my C drive with this software.

Buy the software. Download, Install and register with your License Key. You will see the below screen. Its interface very easy to use. You will see all the available options on the left menu.

Just see at bottom for the drive letter which is just right to C: drive. In my case I have E drive right to C drive.

1.Click on E: drive in the middle.

2. Click  Resize/Move Volume option in left menu.

macrorit partition expert pro

3. Drag from the left side. Because You need to create free space left to E: drive. If you want to create free space right to E: drive you can drag it from the right side. In this case, you need to extend C: drive, so you must have space right to C: drive which is left to E: drive. You can also see created unallocated space between C: and E: drive.

4. Just Click OK at bottom.

macrorit partition expert pro review

5. Select C: drive.

6. Click Resize/Move Volume.


Now you will see another window where you need to drag towards right side. Click OK. Now you can see an increase in C: drive size. It is not completed yet. You need to click the Commit option. It will reboot your device and increase your C: drive.


  • 100% Data Safety. Portable version.
  • Very fast performance.
  • Easy Interface. More No. Of Features


It is nice software with easy to use interface. It works very fast. With the lifetime upgrades option, it is worth to buy.

If my macrorit partition expert pro review helped you to decide about it, please share it with your friends. If you have used this software, you can also give your rating in the comment section. Please follow whatvwant on Facebook and Twitter. Subscribe to WhatVwant channel on YouTube for regular updates.

Macrorit Partition Expert Pro


It is a very good software.

  • Features
  • Performance
  • Price
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