5 Streaming Services Like Netflix (Best Alternatives to Netflix)

Do you need Streaming services like Netflix? Undoubtedly, Netflix was the best of all online streaming sites which are used to watch movies, TV Shows and what not globally. If you don’t know about Netflix, Read What is Netflix? However, Some might not agree with this because of the issues faced such as Netflix is not available in their region or someone didn’t get the show/movie he needed on Netflix.The reason may be any, But there are some good alternatives which can replace Netflix up to a good extent.Below are the top Alternatives to Netflix which are completely worth a try.

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For Those who are aware of Netflix, It’s an American Entertainment company Which Provides Streaming Content for Subscribers.It Provides Selected DVD’s Through Email As well.

  • New Members on Netflix can stream for a month without paying a penny.
  • It had 3 Plans.Basic Plan Starts with 500/Month.

Streaming Services like Netflix

Note: The statistics used below is just a rough estimation.Don’t take it too seriously.All the Websites may not be accessed from all places.Check out the plans and terms before subscribing.

1.Amazon Prime Video

amazon prime video

Amazon Prime Video is the only Good way to watch New Movies or Shows online. If you are good at using Amazon for online shopping, then you might be known about Amazon Prime video as well. Amazon Is really gearing up for the online streaming world in no time. It is really appreciated for its high-quality content including all genres.Moreover, the subscription for it is included within the Amazon.

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To Be Frank, The content founded on Amazon is almost available on Netflix.If saving money is your primary goal then Amazon prime video is a good choice as it costs less.



Hulu has 1500+ Films, 2300+ TV Shows which can be streamed on TV, Smartphones, and iPods.Amazing Right? Hulu is more popular for TV shows as one can watch new episodes of any TV shows Instantly.To Night Show, CSI are some of the popular TV Shows on Hulu.

Hulu Beats Netflix With TV Shows. It had a great Library of Old and new TV Shows.If you need a website to watch TV Shows Online, then Hulu might be the only best choice overall.

  • One Month Free for New Signups and Eligible Users.
  • There are 5 different subscription plans on Hulu and the basic one costs 7.09$ per month where content is served with Limited ads.

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5 Best Ways to Watch Netflix on TV



Vudu is a Walmart owned Streaming Website which offers Popular and New Movies online. It’s More similar to Amazon Prime Video.You can grab New Movies and Subscription with Good Discounts.I personally Suggest you check out the offers on Vudu Before subscribing it.

It,s completely worth for watching new movies at a discounted price.Nothing Else can beat this in this section.

  • Free trail Is not available
  • Apps For all OS are available.

Visit Vudu Website


hbo go

HBB GO is the only free online streaming website from our list.Yes, it’s completely free if you are HBO Subscriber On cable.we can get access to old and new movies which are aired on HBO.It’s a bit costly for the new users but however, its worth for the HBO Subscribers as it provides High-Quality Content.Comedy Shows, Documentaries and sports are also included within the HBO video Library.

  • Good for HBO Subscribers
  • High-Quality Videos at Some High Price.

5.Acorn TV

acron tv

Acron TV is the Only choice to stream British Shows Online. Holy Flying Circus and Outnumbered are some of the most streamed shows on Acron TV.This Video Library Is limited to British shows only and so is considered as British Best TV.

  • Free Trail For a Month
  • 4.99$ a month

Over To You:

Hope you are glad about the above list of Streaming services like Netflix.These are the top Netflix alternatives in terms of High-Quality Content.There may be many which stream online TV Shows but none can match these. If you are using some other sites which are serving some good video content let us know via comments section. Don’t forget to use VPN services like NordVPN(70% Special Discounted Link) to unblock streaming services which are blocked in your country.

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2 thoughts on “5 Streaming Services Like Netflix (Best Alternatives to Netflix)”

  1. I don’t watch a lot of TV but I’m very specific in what I do watch. I currently have direct TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Center Ice Package for NHL Games with Direct TV.

    All I seriously want but cant seem to find the right package besides Direct TV or Traditional Cable, man oh man ala cart would be so nice even if pricey.

    1. Science Channel
    2. AHC (American Hero’s Channel)
    3. Discovery Channel
    4. National Geographic Channel
    5. Nat Geo Wild
    6. NHL Network
    7. NBC Sports
    8. OAN (One America News)
    9. Fox Business Channel
    10. Smithsonian Channel

    Netflix is basically for traveling, and these Shows: The Ranch; Ozark; and Documentaries.

    Prime is Documentaries and my wife’s shows.

    Is there something yet for my type of viewing?


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