You can track your car with ZUS smart car charger

ZUS smart car charger can Track your car. Searching your car in the huge crowded areas is now very easy with ZUS smart car charger. It is a dual-port car charger, With which you can charge two devices at a time. It is more than a charger because you can even track your car. You don’t need data or cellular connection to track your car.

ZUS smart car charger is made in Germany with top-class material. It looks beautiful and it performs very well. It is not only the charger, it is the smart charger. It charges your device two times faster than the usual charger.

Features of ZUS smart car charger

  • Two times charging speed: It charger your device faster than usual chargers. It uses smart technology to find which device you are charging and how much output voltage needed to charge your device.
  • Charge two devices at a time: It can charge two devices simultaneously with a maximum speed than the usual car charger.
  • US military-grade standard: ZUS is the only device that meets US military MIL-STD-810G temperature standards. It can work under 1000C, because its metal parts are coated with titanium.
  • No data plan needed: You can use this device where there is no signal or no data connection to your mobile.
  • 12 months warranty.
  • Cooling system: It is designed with a special cooling system to produce 35% less heat than usual so that its life span will be doubled.
  • Made with top-class material.
  • Enhanced lighting in the dark.
  • Automatic: ZUS automatically remembers when you turned off your car and where you parked.

How to track your car with ZUS

  1. ZUS provides free apps for iOS and Android.  ZUS needs iOS 7.1 or later and Android 4.3 or later. Download ZUS android app or iOS app and install.
  2. Put ZUS smart car charger device in the socket.
  3. Open the app on the mobile. Log in with your credentials or log in with your Facebook account. It will ask you to turn on Location services and Bluetooth. Turn them on. It will scan for nearby ZUS devices. And it will show your device.
  4. Turn off your car. ZUS device will automatically store your car location in your mobile, by using your mobile Bluetooth and GPS.
  5. When you want to track your car, just open the app in mobile. It will show distance and arrow marks. Follow the arrow mark to reach your car.
track your car

How to buy ZUS smart car charger?

Nonda company has manufactured this device. It is selling from its website. They provide worldwide shipping. They can send devices to any part of the world with a nominal shipping fee. And free shipping for the US. Nonda sells one ZUS smart car charger for the price of $31.99(Usually $34.99).

When you prefer to buy from Amazon, you can also buy ZUS from Amazon.

I hope, now you can track your car. If you know any other devices, let us know through the comments section. You may follow us on Facebook or Twitter. Subscribe to whatvwant channel on YouTube for regular updates.

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