What is Amazon Prime? Price, Benefits & Details

Want to know What is Amazon Prime? Want to know about its cost and benefits? This tutorial will give you complete details about Amazon Prime.

What is Amazon prime?

Want to make your online shopping easy and enjoyable? Amazon Prime offers awesome benefits you could be ignoring right now. A plethora of services can be accessed – from groceries to TV shows, films, music, and thousands of e-books for a set of the regular fee!

Shopping is considered as a basic need. Now, you have a choice whether or not to visit local stores and buy something. The Internet has opened up various opportunities for online shoppers, making things easier and better. But with so many options available, finding one suited to your preference might confuse you.

Amazon is highly popular for providing products. Its numerous programs and features make everything a lot easier and enjoyable for consumers across the globe. One of its best features is Amazon Prime, with a membership program that offers members quick shipping, such as 2-day shipping for entitled purchases for a flat annual payment.

Amazon Prime is an annual membership program that gives clients unlimited access to e-books, music, movies, films, free shipping and an array of other Amazon-specified deals and services, for a set monthly fee. Thousands of TV episodes, movies, and Kindle books are granted by Amazon Prime, plus members are allowed to order groceries online and join in a special prime day shopping event.

What does it offer?

Now, members can enjoy having access to:

  • Music library of Amazon, with unlimited streams and downloads
  • Almost 15, 000 TV show and movie streaming using Amazon Prime Instant Video
  • Unlimited 1-day delivery on Amazon orders within the UK
  • More than 800, 000 e-books for free
  • Borrow one of more than 500, 000 titles for every month on any Kindle device (for free)
  • Prime Photos for unrestricted storage of pictures on Amazon Cloud Drive. For other kinds of files, members can get 5GB of cloud storage
  • Flat-free grocery deliveries
  • Lighting deals, which include Prime Day

Amazon Prime membership certainly provides some perks to consumers who’d like to be added up as among its members.

How to use Amazon Prime?

What is Amazon prime

In order to get started, visit this link and click “Start your 30-day Prime free trial” and “Get Started”. By clicking “Continue Shopping”, you will be presented with plenty of items to choose from. Just bear in mind that Amazon Prime is a paid service, hence, you need to pay for the service using an annual fee once your free trial has already expired.

Getting exclusive access to some items is also possible since Amazon recently started trying out to make purchases eligible only for Prime members. For example, some of the popular video games like FIFA 16 and Grand Theft Auto can only purchase from Amazon if you are a Prime subscriber. Other items can be obtained at some clicks of your mouse!

Whether it is a wonderful gift for friends and family or a special item for your mom and dad, Amazon Prime offers great deals for everyone! Download an app to your mobile device, sign up and enjoy the perks of being an Amazon Prime member.

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