How to Create Instagram account on PC

Want to Create Instagram account on PC? You can easily create an Instagram account on the desktop. In this article, we will show you how to create an Instagram account in very easy and simple steps.

How to Create Instagram account on PC 1

Make sure that you must have an email account ready before you create an Instagram account. if you don’t have an email account then please first create one email account.

How to create Instagram account on PC

Video Tutorial: How to create Instagram account on PC (2020)

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1.Open your google chrome, Mozilla Firefox or any other Browser which you use, in that browser open Instagram page in a new tab or click this Link. It will show you the following screenshot shown below.Create Instagram account on PCYou can Sign up using your Facebook Account. If you want to Create Instagram Account using Gmail, Yahoo, Rediff mail etc.., You have to follow the steps shown on above screenshot.

2.Type your Phone Number or E-mail in the first column, email or phone number must be unique which is not used before to create an account in Instagram.

3.Type your Name in the second column,

4.Type your Username in the third column. Sometimes it will show you that the username is Already Exist. So you have to edit it until you find your Unique Username by adding Numerical letters or Special symbols.

5.Type your desired password(better use some special symbols, Numerical letters with your name or something)

6.After filling that information click on Sign up Option.

7.Now Open your Mail which you provided above to Confirm your Instagram Account or If you provided your mobile number then you will receive a confirmation code to your mobile number.How to Create Instagram account on PC 28.copy the code which you received and paste it on the confirmation code box. then Click on Confirm option for your Instagram Account.

Steps to help you login to your Instagram Account:

Enter your username and password as shown in the following below screenshot.How to Create Instagram account on PC 3

When you log in you can follow your friends or celebrities by searching their username which is located at the upper middle side of your screen. If you had used your phone number while creating your Instagram account then it will show you your friend’s list there you can follow them or If you had saved your contacts in your provided email while creating the Instagram account then it will also show you your available friends in Instagram.

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