5 Best Windows file recovery Softwares (Free & Professional)

Windows file recovery softwares will help you to recover deleted files from your hard drive. You cannot afraid to lose your data from your PCs, Smartphones, and other digital devices.

In the real sense when you meet the mishap of the deleting data or files, you become hopeless and find no reason to get it back. But interestingly, accidental deletion of the important photos and files can be recovered with the help of high-end recovery tools. I have compiled the list of surefire 5 data recovery software which is a great performer.

You are here means, you have already lost your data. So it is always good to have the backup of your valuable data. Many Cloud backup services available to have the backup of your data. When you don’t want to spend money, use Google drive. When you are ready to spend money, go with iDrive(75% Discounted Link). When you have a backup, you don’t need these Windows file recovery softwares.

Best Windows file recovery Softwares

1. EaseUs(Premium)


EaseUs is one of the renowned software in the Windows file recovery industry. This data recovery software performs overwhelmingly and gives storage of files in data blocks. The way of formatting of the file system is quite fast and responsive when the software is EaseUs. It works great in all windows file systems. It recovers all deleted files, photos, music, videos, and emails smartly. The millions of users in the figure is over 30,000,000 is not easy to gain. It is an elegant solution for business and personal data and files security. It is available in the free and paid version. You can recover only 2 GB of data with its free version.

Its interface is top class. Its preview image quality is too good. No other premium or free softwares compete with EaseUs. Because it finds a number of files and its scan is very fast. Its price is a little expensive. When you want top-class data recovery software, you must go with it.

Another special feature of EaseUs is, it will give you Bootable Media through which you can recover data when the system crashes or when the system fails to boot. You can also read our Complete review about EaseUs Data Recovery.

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2.Stellar Windows Data Recovery (Premium)

Windows file recovery

Stellar Windows data recovery software is highly actionable in recovering your images, documents, audio mp3, and more. It has done a good job so far so it is an award-winning tool.

Stellar Windows data recovery features

  • Its interface is simple, you will feel great ease while using this recovery software.
  • It supports over 200 media files to receive backfiles, photos, and documents from the corrupt system.
  • You can sort files by type, set filters, in short, it keeps the folder structures intact when it is in the recovering process.
  • It can recover data from completely crashed systems and unbootable devices.
  • The free version supports only up to 1GB files.
  • This data recovery software supports the latest Windows version.

You can also read Our complete review of Stellar Data Recovery.

Stellar Windows data recovery pricing

It offers too many variations like Stellar windows data recovery standard, professional, Premium, and Technician. They will also have SQL database recovery and many more tools. The price starts at $49.99.

  • Stellar Windows data recovery Standard cost you $49.99.
  • Stellar Windows data recovery Pro version cost you $79.99.
  • Stellar Windows data recovery premium costs you $99.99.
  • Stellar Windows data recovery technician costs you $199.99

Stellar Windows data recovery discount

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  • Get Stellar Windows Data recovery standard only for $42.49.
  • Get Stellar Windows Data recovery pro only for $67.99.
  • Get Stellar Windows Data recovery premium only for $84.99.
  • Get Stellar Windows Data recovery technician only for $169.15

3.Recuva(Free & Paid)

Recuva Data Recovery

Recuva is the best free Windows file recovery software. Recuva recovery data software is responsive and multi-performer. It is developed by Pirifirm which is famous for its PC cleaning software Ccleaner.

The productive interface with the quality result is all about Recuva. It comes in a built-in wizard that guides you in the process of recovery files and data. All you need to do is just answer the question of the wizard-like types of file, area of scan, and many.

The normal scanning is subtle with Recuva and you can recover the file or data such as audio, documents, images, videos, and more. It comes in paid or free version both. It is compatible with the latest Windows versions. Download it without wait.

Its paid version comes with tech support and automatic update options. You don’t have to go for the paid version. Even though the Free version does the trick for you, the free version scanning process is slow compared to other premium software. And it recovers less number of files compare to premium software.

4. Pandora Recovery

pandora recovery

Pandora Recovery is a feature-rich option for recovering your important data. It gives you the option of scanning and recovers the FAT 32 or NTFS file system. Through the scanning process, you can discover the types of files and connect them to other removable storage devices. You can get the tutorials also to understand the use of the software to recover data. It is compatible with the latest Windows platforms. This stunning recovery software is absolutely free.

5. Wondershare Recoverit (Premium)


Wondershare recoverit is really wonderful software to recover data. It works very fast and recovers a number of files than free software. It is very easy to use this software. It can recover almost all file types. It can support over 550 formats. You can recover files even after a long time.

You can recover a particular folder or an entire partition. It will have a resume feature. You will get a discount when you buy for multiple PC licenses. It is available for Windows and Mac as well. It will give you a trial version, but you can recover only 100 MB data with the trial version. It is a very less priced software than other premium software.

Conclusion: Which is the best Windows file recovery software?

Backing up your data is an essential part of these tech days. So I personally suggest you back up your files, pics, etc. I recommend you to use iDrive(90% Discounted link) to back up your data. The above list of software can recover the lost data for you and this was the best list as well. If you want to go with free software, go with recuva. If you want to go with a premium one try EaseUs Windows Data recovery.

I hope you like my tutorial about Windows file recovery software list. If you got to benefit from it please share it with your friends and colleagues. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Subscribe to WhatVwant channel on YouTube for regular updates.

Best Windows File recovery software – FAQs

Is it possible to recover lost data in Windows?

Yes. By using data recovery software, you can recover the last data.

Can I recover 100% of the lost data?

No. There is no guarantee for that.

Which is the best free file recovery software Windows?

Recuva is the best free Windows file recovery software.

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