5 Best Antivirus Software For Mac Which Gives Best Virus Protection For Mac

Want to give the Best virus protection for your Mac? You must use any one of these Best antivirus software for Mac.

Mac OS is one of the most secure operating systems developed by Apple. There are different versions of Mac OS with different names from Snow Leopard to the latest Mojave. When you compare the stats of infected devices, Mac OS will be the least affected in many scenarios. It is because Apple took all the outcomes into consideration and also provided regular software updates patching the flaws if found any. There are instances where you might download a pirated version of the software which is coupled with the virus. You won’t be having any clue about it, right?

Apple is taking measures to make Mac OS as the most secure operating system, but attackers find ways and developing new types of malware and viruses to affect your system. If there is any potential breach then Apple immediately finds a fix and issues an update. What if you don’t update your mac regularly? I bet that most of you won’t update mac regularly due to many reasons, Maybe it will take too much time or you are always on the run. In these instances, you are potentially at risk which you are completely unaware of.

To overcome these situations and keep you safe from all the latest malware and viruses, We are preparing this list of 5 Antivirus Products for Mac. This list contains the programs which we personally used on our macs before preparing this guide. So let’s dive into our guide on 5 Antivirus products for Mac.

Best Antivirus Software for Mac

All the antivirus products which we recommended below will have two versions which are free and paid. We advise you to test the free versions before opting for a paid subscription. We also strongly recommend users not to download any cracked version of antivirus programs, It is plain stupid downloading a cracked version of an antivirus program which you are going to use to protect your computer. In case if you are using any antivirus program in the below list, then do leave a review of the product below no matter if it is a good experience or a bad one.

1.Intego Mac Internet Security X9

5 Best Antivirus Software For Mac Which Gives Best Virus Protection For Mac 1

Intego Mac Internet Security X9(50% Discounted Link) is the most downloaded Mac Antivirus to date. It is the Best antivirus software for Mac. It is specifically designed, developed for the Mac ecosystem. Unlike other antivirus applications on the market that offers products for both Windows and Mac, Intego is a dedicated solution for Mac users.

There are many amazing features in the application that will make you stop thinking about future malware or virus attacks. We are happy to say that Intego is the leader of the bunch. Some of the key features of the application are

  • Scheduled and Real-Time protection.
  • Automatically scans external drives when they are connected to the system.
  • Email notifications when it finds malware.
  • Scans archived files as well.
  • Can even scan and remove viruses from your iOS devices and many more.

You can either buy a 1 year or 2-year subscription. If you want to test it before buying, then they are offering a free trial as well. They will also bundle the antivirus with a NetBarrier X9 which protects your Mac from unauthorized access. If you are an Intego Mac Internet Security product user then do let us know your review in the comment section below.

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2.Norton Security for Mac

5 Best Antivirus Software For Mac Which Gives Best Virus Protection For Mac 2

Norton is the oldest name in the antivirus markets. They offer solutions for both windows & mac and they do a pretty good job at it. If you had used the Norton antivirus in the past then I bet that you will be leaning towards it already. Norton Security for Mac is a lightweight yet powerful antivirus program for Mac. It did compete well with the other antivirus programs we tested. There are a plethora of features that will make your life even simpler. Some of the key features of the antivirus are

  • Safari plugins for safe browsing and password keeping.
  • Protection against ransomware and spyware.
  • Parental controls.
  • Cross-device compatibility and much more.

There are three variants of the antivirus which are standard, deluxe and premium. Standard offers minimal features whereas Premium offers extra features with cloud storage as well. You can even try the trial version before buying the subscription. If you are a Norton user then do let us know your review in the comment section below.

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3.Sophos Antivirus for Mac

5 Best Antivirus Software For Mac Which Gives Best Virus Protection For Mac 3

Sophos Antivirus for Mac(20% Discounted Link) has an undue advantage as it offers premium features in the free version as well. Although some of the features like live support will be unavailable for 30 days of a free trial. After the expiry of the trial period, you will be left with all the features that are needed to protect your mac from antivirus and malware. If you don’t like spending on antivirus then Sophos is your choice. Some of the key features of the program are

  • Parental Web Filtering.
  • Remote Management.
  • Advanced Ransomware protection.
  • Live email and chat support.
  • Many more.

It is a minimalist application which won’t consume your screen space or distract you while you are working. You can always opt to buy the premium subscription of the application anytime you want. We tried both the free and premium versions, they live up to their promises. If you are a Sophos user then do let us know your review in the comment section below.

4.Antivirus Zap for Mac

Antivirus Zap is available for a fraction of the cost when compared to all the antivirus programs mentioned here. A fraction of cost doesn’t mean that it has fewer features, that where you are wrong. It offers robust protection for the price you are paying which is ₹599. Unlike other antivirus programs where you need to download the antivirus program from an external site, Antivirus Zap is directly available on the Mac app store ready to download.

5 Best Antivirus Software For Mac Which Gives Best Virus Protection For Mac 4

The list of features is quite less but it detects almost all the latest viruses and malware on the system. The only downfall we noticed is that it lacks real-time protection. It also doesn’t delete the applications containing viruses as it will show you a list of files affected with viruses and malware which you need to delete yourself. We really recommend our users to give this application a try.

5.Malwarebytes for Mac

5 Best Antivirus Software For Mac Which Gives Best Virus Protection For Mac 5

Malwarebytes is one of the most downloaded windows malware protection tool. Malwarebytes for Mac started its journey as adware removal software for Mac which is now a full-fledged malware removal tool for Mac. It is one of the easiest ways to scan your Mac for any malware or viruses, Just hit scan and relax. It is lightweight, compact, and uses fewer resources as well. Some of the key features of the product are

  • Takes an average of 30 seconds to scan your Mac.
  • Removes adware and malware.
  • Protection against ransomware.
  • Advanced anti-malware technology and many more.

 It is the best malware removal tool available for mac. You can always try the free version before deciding whether you need to buy the premium version or not. If you are a Malwarebytes user then do let us know via comments below.

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Conclusion: Which is the Best antivirus software for Mac?

As far as we know Intego Mac Internet security(50% Discounted Link) is the best. Because they are dedicated for Mac and they have been in the Mac industry for a long time. You can also use MacPaw Cleanmymac which will help you to boost your Mac speed.

Hope this guide on 5 Best antivirus software for Mac helped you choose the best from the list. Do comment on your favorite antivirus product in the comments below. If you think the content is helpful then do share the guide with your friends and family. Want more tips, Please follow whatvwant on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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