Meme: The Complete guide

With memes becoming a global language in today’s era, the digital ecosystem moves towards a much quicker acceptance of consuming content of memes all across different social media platforms. This tutorial will tell you complete details about Meme, generating Meme online and offline, Meme marketing, etc.,.

The simple form of just creating a photo or a quick video with the help of a meme generator to send a message of emotion has got unified worldwide. Because of that, many people have started to create a mindset change with just ten words wrapped in humor, fun, and sarcasm.

The ones who have rapidly started to identify the power of memes over the internet have been the consumer brands that have spun the meme into a good marketing strategy by talking the language of millennials.

Therefore, here are ten facts for you to understand the worth of meme marketing.

What is MEME?

A “MEME” is nothing but an image or video or phrase sharing on the internet. The meme contains an idea or behavior to share something in the form of images, videos, or phrases. It has become the key role for many online conversations. Many of them in the world are using these memes in their conversations instead of chatting. A meme acts as a unit for carrying cultural ideas, symbols, or practices, that can be transmitted from one mind to another through writing, speech, gestures, rituals, or other imitable phenomena with a mimicked theme.

Best Online Meme Generator software

Video Tutorial

We provided this article in the form of a video tutorial for our reader’s convenience. If you are more interested in reading, then watch it after completion of reading the article.

1. Filmora free Meme Maker

Filmora meme Maker is the best online meme creating software offered by the Wondershare family. You don’t need to spend a single penny and no need to log in to use it. You can generate your own memes with high resolution without a watermark on them. It supports uploading images, videos, and GIFs on one platform. Just upload the image and create it according to your vision. You can also share your work on social media like Facebook and Instagram. Let’s follow the below steps for a detailed procedure to create memes.


  • Supports most widely used video and image formats.
  • Place the text wherever you want.
  • Free and simple to use.

How to create memes free online using Filmora meme generator?

In this section, you will find the process on how to create memes using Filmora Meme maker online.

Total Time: 5 minutes

Step 1: Upload image

Visit Filmora Meme Maker’s official site. You can observe the home screen as shown in the above screenshot. Upload the image as you wish.

Step 2: Edit the image

The uploaded image will appear on the screen. Edit the image according to your wish using the tools like “Flip”, “Rotate”, and “Reset”.
Flip – To change the position of the the image.
Rotate – Click the Rotate option to change the direction of the image.
Reset – Set the image to the previous state. i.e If you remove those changes and set the image to the initial state, then select the reset option.
Drag the handles to crop the image. Once the completion of editing, click on “OK”.

Step 3: Add text and create a meme

You will find edit images on the screen and three-section like “Enter your text”, “Text option”, and “choose file type” at the left.

You can observe two options like “Text Inside” and “Text Outside” under Enter your text section. Select the one you want and enter the text content in the Add text boxes. You can also another text box by selecting the “Add Text Box” at the bottom. You can change the text position on the image simply by dragging that.

Next section, change the font style, size, alignment, and color.

Choose the file type of generated meme. If you are ok with all, click on the ok option. Within few seconds, the created meme will appear on the screen.

Step 4: Download the created meme

Finally, your image is ready. Now click on the “Download” option to save it on your local device.
That’s it these are the few simple steps to create a funny or an emotional meme. you can also create video and GIF memes.


  • Internet


  • Filmora Meme Maker


iLOVEIMG is one of the best sites to create memes easily. It supports most common formats like JPG, PNG, GIF, and more. It also offers the most popular meme templates. You can use your own images or else the templates created by others. Edit the image according to your vision and create a meme is as simple as eating a piece of cake.


  • Easy to create memes with the help of both custom and uploaded images.
  • Option to add more than two text lines.
  • Add another image to the existing image.
  • Completely free.

How to generate Meme using iLOVEIMG?

Step 1: Upload the image

Upload image

Visit the iLOVEIMG official site. Upload the image from your device or else select the custom meme templates.

Step 2: Add text and image

Add text and generate meme

In this step, add the text you want. You can add more text boxes by selecting the “Add text” option from the right of the screen. If you want to add another image, then select the “Add image” option. You can also place the text inside or outside of the image simply by choosing the option. Once the completion of adding text and more, click on the “Generate MEME” option at the right bottom.

Step 3: Download the meme

Finally, click on the “Download” option to download the created meme. Sometimes it automatically downloads the created meme.


Imgflip is the fastest online meme generator software. You can use it online without paying money. It offers several most trending meme templates. If you want you can use it and create your meme. otherwise, just upload your own image for meme creation. You can also create GIFs, memes, and many more using Imgflip.


  • All possible options in one place.
  • The bulk of famous templates.
  • Easy to remove watermark on the created meme.

Here are the few steps that help you to create a meme using Imgflip:

  • Visit the Imgflip meme generator official site. Select the template that you want or else upload your desired image.
  • Enter the text in the boxes. If you want to add more text, select Add Text option.
  • Enable the private option to download the image and save it to your device.
  • Finally, click on Generate Meme option. Within few seconds the generated meme will appear on the screen.
  • Click on the download option to save the created image on your device.

4. Make a Meme

Make a meme is online software you can also download on the App store. You can observe a lot of custom templates on the home screen of the Make a meme official site. You can use it to create an eye-catching meme. You can also use your own images from the device.


  • Offers preview option before going to download.
  • Easy to add top and bottom text.
  • Easy to change the privacy settings and hide watermark
  • Create custom meme titles.

let’s go with the below steps to create an amazing meme:

upload image, add text, make meme, and download.
  • Visit the Make a Meme official page. Click on the Upload image option at the top or else select the image from the custom templates displayed on the screen.
  • Once you click on the Upload image option, You can observe the screen as shown in the above screenshot.
  • Drag and drop the image on the left of the screen. You will find different text and other options like top Text, bottom text, Hide watermark, Privacy settings, meme title, and more.
  • You need to register for more advanced options.
  • Enter the top and bottom text. Change the privacy settings and preview the generated meme before going to download.
  • Finally, click on the Make the Meme option.

5. Imgur

Imgur one of the best and easy online software to create amazing memes. It offers several eye-catching meme templates for better use in creating memes.


  • Takes less time to create an eye-catching meme on your own.
  • It also offers templates and also helps you to upload your own images.

Just follow the below steps to generate an amazing meme.

Step 1: Visit the Imgur official site. You will find two different options on the screen. Choose the “Select a default meme” option to use the custom images. Click on the “upload new background” option to select the image from your device.

upload or select the custom image

Step 2: The selected image will appear on the screen. Enter the top and bottom text in their respective places. Once the completion of adding text, click on make this option.

Add text.

Step 3: Select the options menu icon at the top and click on the Download option to save it on your device. You can also share with others with the help of the share icon at the left of the created meme.

Download and share your created meme.


DIYLOL is a simple software that arranges all tasks in one place. It consists of the most popular meme templates.


  • Easy and fast online software to create meme

Just follow the below to create a meme using the existing templates.

Diylol home page
  • Visit DIYLOL official page.
  • Select the template.
  • Enter the top and bottom text. Change the font size, color according to your wish.
  • Click on download your image option.

7. Livememe

This is one of the straightforward meme generating software. You can find fond of custom memes on the home screen. Let’s go through the below steps to create an amazing meme.


  • Comes with a bulk of popular templates.
  • easy to share from the site itself.
  • Allow you to create custom memes.

Step 1: Visit the Livememe official page using any web browser. Click on Create meme option at the top.

Livememe home page

You can also upload images from your library by selecting the Upload an image option.

Step 2: You will find several popular images on the screen.

custom templates.

Select your desired one from the collection that appeared on the screen.

Step 3: Once you select or upload the image, a pop-up will appear on the screen.

Choose generate option

Enter the top and bottom captions in the particular boxes. Select the version of the selected image and click on Generate.

8. Clideo

Clideo is a simple and amazing tool to create memes. It offers meme templates for your convenience. You can choose the size of the meme based on the platform you want to share.


  • Offers meme templates.
  • size of meme based on the template.
  • Vesy easy to create meme

Step 1: Visit the Clideo official site using any web browser or click on the link. Click on Choose file upload to upload an image from your device.

upload image

Step 2: The uploaded image will appear on the screen. Tap on Choose meme template option to Choose the text template as you wish. Enter the text that you want in the text boxes.

Choose the font and alignment. select the size of the meme based on the platform that you want to share. Finally, click on “Export”.

create meme

Step 3: The generated meme will appear on the screen. Click on the download option to save it on your device. If you want to remove the clideo watermark on the meme, then you need to log in with your Facebook or Google account.

Download the created meme

Meme Generating softwares for Windows

Video Tutorial:

1. Adobe Spark (Online & Offline)

Adobe Spark is the professional meme creator software. It offers a lot of images, Templates, Icons, Text styles, and many more to fulfill all your desires for the creation of funny and exciting memes. It helps you to create unique and custom memes within minutes. But you need to log in with your Google account to use it for free.


  • Offers lots of image editing and text editing tools.
  • Animated text and images also possible with animation.
  • Offers free version.

How to make a Meme using Adobe Spark?

Step 1: Select the Size of the meme-based on where you want to share and how it looks on that platform. And click on the “Next” option.

select the size of meme

Step 2: You will find several options at the left side window. Choose the photos option to upload photos from your gallery. Select the “Text” option to add text to the image.

Photos to upload photos and text option to add text.

Step 3: Click on the selected image, You will find image editing options at the right of the screen. Select the Remove background option to remove the background of the image. Once the completion of image editing, select the text option.

edit the image

Choose the “Text style”. Add the text that you want. You can also change the color, alignment, shape, shadow, and many more to make your meme more impressive.

Download the created meme

Finally, click on the download to save the created meme on your device. The free version always has some limitations. So, choose the best plan to get the complete tool for better use.

  • Cost: Individuals – $9.99/month, monthly paid.
  • Team – $19.99/month, annually paid.

2. Canva (online & offline)

Canva the best app to create stunning images, thumbnails, video memes, and many more including image memes. You can also use it for free with limited features. The free version has a watermark on the created meme. If you want to remove it from the meme, You need to buy that particular meme or else buy the pro version on Canva. Even the free version also allows you when you log in with a google account or Facebook account. But the best thing about canva is that it offers the bulk of designs and several text styles for free.


  • Number of Templates.
  • Offers a lot of free text styles.
  • Animation for both images and text.
  • Share directly on social media.


  • Pro – $119.91/year, Billed yearly.
  • Enterprise – $29.64/month per user.

Let’s see how to create a meme using the Canva meme creator:

Step 1: Download Canva

Download and install Canva software on your device using any web browser.

Step 2: Search for meme


Search for memes using the search bar, you will find the bulk of meme templates on the screen. Select the one you want.

Step 3: Edit the meme

Upload media

The selected meme will appear on the screen. If you want to add your own images, then select the uploads option and click on upload Media. Select the uploaded images and add stunning text content related to that images.

Add text styles

Step 4: Download

Download the created meme

Finally, click on the “Download” option to save the created meme on your device. You can also share on different social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and much more.

You can observe the watermark on the meme only when you are using the custom images. So, you can use your own images without any watermark. You can also use the free version of Canva on a web browser.

3.iMeme (Free & offline)

iMeme is a free meme creator that offers hundreds of the most popular meme templates. You can use your desired one whenever you want. It also allows you to upload images from your local device. It helps you create new memes on your own when you don’t find your desired template in the iMeme gallery.


  • consists of hundreds of templates.
  • Compatible with Windows and macOS.
  • It is completely free.
  • Allows you to download the blank template and edit whenever you want.
  • You can also use your own images.

How to create memes using the iMeme software?

Step 1: Download and install the iMeme tool on your device from its official site. Launch the iMeme application. You will find several meme templates on the left side. Select the one you want. If you want to use your own template, then click on the open icon and select the one you want from your device.

select the template

Step 2: Enter the text that you want to add to the image and set the alignment as you wish. You can also increase or decrease the size of the text by using plus and minus symbols.

Add text.

Meme Generating softwares for Android

Video Tutorial

We provided this article in the form of a video tutorial for our reader’s convenience. If you are more interested in reading, then watch it after completion of reading the article.

1. Meme Creator

Meme Creator is a great app to create memes and share them with your friends easily. It comes with 600+ custom templates, 20+ font styles. You can use your images and create stunning memes and comics. It is very easy to change the size and color of the font. You can easily import and export your favorite images for meme creation.

How to create memes using the Meme creator App on an Android device?

Step 1: Install the Meme Creator from the Google Play store. Once the installation is completed, open the Meme creator. You will find a lot of Custom templates of different categories. Select the one you want.

choose the desired template.

Step 2: The selected image will appear on the screen. Enter the top and bottom text. Select the Adjust icon right of the text. Adjust the Text and border size, font, and text and outline color. Click on “OK”. Click on Arrows to change the direction of the image. Select the “Reset” icon to reset the image from all the editing applied previously.

Text editings

Step 3: Once the completion of creating a meme, click on the Save icon to save the meme to your gallery. Select the share icon to share with your friends on different platforms.

save and share the meme

2. Mematic

Mematic is the most popular meme creator app for Android devices. It is completely free to create memes either by using the custom templates or your own images from your gallery. You can create inspirational quotes, sell cars, and many more using Mematic. It is a very fast and simple app to create memes with few taps within the blink of an eye. It displays Ads on the screen while creating or searching for meme templates because it is available free of cost in Google Playstore.

Let’s see the steps to create memes using the Mematic app:

Step 1: Install Mematic from the Google play store. Open the Mematic app, you can observe several template styles like freestyle, A caption above the image, Top and Bottom Caption, Side by side quotes, top and bottom caption above the image, and much more. Select the style as your wish.

choose the meme style.

Step 2: You will find three options on the screen. Photos- to upload photos from your gallery. Memes-to selects the custom images, and camera- to capture the images. Select the images that you want to use in the meme from any one of the options.

select the folder

Here I have chosen the meme option and select the custom meme template from the meme gallery.

choose the template

Step 3: Selected meme template will appear on the screen. Tap on the template to add captions that you want. Change the text size, font, color by selecting their respective option.

Add text effects

Step 4: Finally, click on the Export option. Choose the save option to save the meme to your gallery, share the option to share with your friends on social media platforms.

export the meme

That’s it… The free version adds a watermark on your created memes. You need to upgrade to the pro version to remove that watermark.

3. GATM Meme generator

GATM Meme Generator is one of the best meme generator apps with 1000+meme templates. It comes with a bulk of images. You can also use your own image for meme creation. It also offers meme images without watermark, but the free version contains ads. If you want to go with Ad-free, then buy the pro version available at $1.95.

How to create memes using the GATM Meme generator?

Step 1: Install GATM Meme generator from Google play store. Open the app, You can observe several templates on the screen. Select your desired one.

Step 2: Add the top and bottom text that you want. Select the save mem option save it on your device. Tap on share

Add text and save

4. Meme Generator by Zombodroid

Meme Generator by Zombodroid is another amazing meme Generator that offers lots of features. It also offers the paid version to go with Add-free for $2.99. It offers 1000+ meme templates, no watermark, use your own images, modern and classic memes with multiple captions, 60+ fonts, and much more. Easily share on any social platforms or save them on your device.

Just follow the below steps to create a meme using Meme Generator:

Step 1: Install Meme Generator from Google play store. Open the Meme Generator app, you will find different categories of memes on the screen. Select the one you want.

select the template or upload own images

Step 2: The selected template will appear on the screen. Tap on the text and enter the that you want. You can also get example texts related to that meme by selecting the Example option. Besides text, you will find different options like text settings, color, and lock the text movement.

edit the text and add stickers.

Click on the text settings option and select the text style, size, and alignment. Click on the Color icon to select the text and outline color. You can also add stickers by selecting the sticker option.

Step 3: Finally, click on the Save icon to save the created meme to the gallery. Tap on the share icon to share it with your friends.

save and share the created meme

5. Memedroid

Memedroid is another great meme generator app for Android. It also offers lots of old and trending meme templates in its gallery. You can also use your own images instead of using the templates. It allows you to search for memes and then redesign them according to your vision. It continuously updates with the trending funny, hilarious memes. The free version comes with some ambiguous Ads. The pro version allows you to go Ad-free for $2.99.

Here are the steps to guide you on how to create a meme using the Memedroid app:

Step 1: Install Memedroid from the Google Play store. Open the Memedroid app, select the three horizontal lines from the left side. A side window will open on left. Choose the “My uploads” or “Meme Factory” option to upload the images. Here I am selecting the Meme Factory option to choose the meme template from the memedroid gallery.

select the folder.

Step 2: The bulk of meme templates will appear on the screen. Select the one you want.

select the template

Step 3: Enter the top and bottom text on the meme. Finally, Click on the save icon to save the created meme on your device.

Add text and save the meme

What is Meme Marketing?

Meme marketing is one of an art of creating memes to promote something. It is one of the most powerful social media marketing in this trending generation. It has transformed several brands social media strategies. You can find number of memes on different categories like funny, brands promotions, Knowledge based and many more every day on social media platforms. Mems became so popular that there are most of the people are created profiles just to post funny and knowledge based meme to their follower. Few facts that prove Meme marketing’s worth are given below.

10 facts that prove Meme Marketing’s worth


1. Memes work fabulously

Memes are very successful as they are the carriers of culture in today’s era. Memes can collect one’s ideas, emotions, and actions into a simple and straightforward message form, making it the perfect method for internet usurers and surfers.

Many points make meme marketing great:

  1. Memes are an easy way to capitalize on shared thought.
  2. They are the best for humanizing your company name and sharing it over the internet with an authentic voice.
  3. It makes everything easy; you can showcase complex concepts such as your company personality and company culture with humor and fun videos over the internet.
  4. Memes also lead you to higher engagement from your audience online. That means it helps you spread your brand online.

Many companies have adopted the concept of memes marketing, and it has to turn out to be excellent for generating new leads for the company.

2. Memes are everywhere

Every social media page like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., has memes floating away worldwide. From 2019 meme advertising became so trendy that it became the primary source of infotainment for the millennials and GenZ.

Today’s generation likes memes over many other content types; therefore, it only makes sense to use them as a marketing strategy to target today’s generation.

3. Memes can have hyperlocal reach.

There are no whatsoever communication barriers when it comes down to memes online. Memes get followed and created in almost every language for every community on the face of the earth. Memes have proved to be more insightful and targeted than many other dubbed copies over the internet. They have helped local brands to reach and spread their business over the internet.

4. Memes are very creative.

If you see from the business terms, creativity can think out of the box, leading to some innovative and different approaches to the same tedious tasks. And if you think honestly, memes are all about taking up a completely different approach to an oblivious topic.

They can be the examples to give when people say anyone can get downright creative. But for being innovative, the benefits of brand communication can come handy when you work for a company.

5. They give good opportunities to get the natives.

The idea of native advertising is the force of many changes in the industry of advertising. But memes marketing can take the bandwagon head-on; they have a unique sense of wrapping the main message in some humor and fun which allows the brands to be native to their audience on a whole different level.

6. Memes can get as insightful as advertising as you want them.

Meme content can get relatable as they speak what people see and what they believe; therefore, they have a better resonate as sometimes they can convey something that people cannot directly. Memes can take messages from a small detail like a small group gathering to some big work event like elections.

Memes can take up any topic and make it a trend, as they understand the target audience far better and as they made for today’s generation.

7. Memes became a culture.

Culture is the lens through which people all around the world evaluate things. The label of tread cannot undermine the power of memes. Memes have grown to be more in the modern world.

Memes concept have kept on living with the changing time; memes have used trends in many forms of communications much better than any other content.

From WorldCups to elections to IPL to something else, one topic to other memes has always picked and created very effective trends online.

8. Memes work much better than influencers.

If you notice currently that influencers do not have that much online attention as the memes, due to their jarring nature over digital advertising, people can small the sponsored content from miles away these days. The look and the feel of the posts often work as a repellent for the customers.

Therefore, it has become a double-edged sword situation. And if you speak authentically, the influencers take up sponsorship and then hide the sponsorships’ ethics that gets later violated.

To avoid this, brands and companies have taken up memes marketing as the solution.

9. Many generations in today’s world most love memes

People might point fingers at the maturity or reject them for reckless content topics, but no way anyone can deny that most of the online audience in today’s world loves memes. People love it because of the representation of the message and the controversies and humor on a solemn topic and message.

10. Memes have a better ROI

In the present options if influencers’ marketing and display of different advertising are going downhill. The primary cosmetic look of influencers’ posts and the interfering nature of displaying ads are essential things that deflect the online audience.

But on the other hand, memes are the most shared and love content online, which is enjoyed by all. They have the power of sustenance to successful communication online.

Therefore, it helps by multiplying visibility and interaction that leads to a much better and excellent ROI.

Ending note

Memes marketing in today’s world is as effective as reels on Instagram; people consume it whether they are relevant or not. They make the best time pass content for many people online. Plus, it has proven to be a very effective format to deliver your message on any topic safely.

If you want the free one go with Filmora Meme Maker. When you need a professional software, go with Adobe Spark.

I hope this tutorial helped you to know about “How to add, view and Edit Yahoo Mail contacts”. If you want to say anything, let us know through the comment sections. If you like this article, please share it and follow WhatVwant on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for more Technical tips.

Meme – FAQ

What is the worth of Meme marketing?

It is the best social media marketing. It has became a culture for many generations in today’s World. It can promote any thing more that influencer. Most of the brands are using meme to promote their strategies.

Can I create meme using my own templates?

Yes. you can create your meme using your own templates.

Is there any online app to create Memes?

There are lots of online apps to create memes with the help of templates or your own images. Few of them are listed in the article.

Which is the best Meme generator software?

Adobe Spark and canva are the best premium softwares to generate. You can also use the free version of it.

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