5 quick tips to improve at Cold War Zombies

Zombies are an integral part of the Call of Duty franchise, and you can learn the best ways to master the evolving game here!

Call of Duty is a first-person shooter video game that came out in 2003, but since then, the game has kept evolving to be on the top of the charts. The zombies have been the foundation of the Call of Duty franchise for years. It does not matter if you are playing a regular game of zombies or checking out the Cold War’s new Outbreak mode; you have to combat the zombies in the game. Are you wondering how to improve at Cold War Zombies? Read on to find out the best and easiest tips to ace the game.

Tips to improve your skills at Cold War Zombies

While playing Call of Duty is an exciting experience, the Cold War Zombie chapter of the game can be tricky to understand. Apart from regular practice, you might need some extra help to improve on it. Follow these 5 easy tips to excel at the game:

1.Start with the knife to maximize early point values

A knife may not be the most appealing weapon to start the most exciting game, but it is by far your best weapon to easily gain early points. Points in Cold War Zombies do not have the same flat values anymore. The points vary upon the type of weapons you use, the kind of kill, or the damage you are going for.

Melee kills create significantly more damage than bullets, especially when you cannot assure headshots on guns. The knives do not drop off early like other load-outs and remain viable even in the middle rounds. If it gets more challenging, check out https://aimclub.io/cold-war-hacks-cheats-aimbot-esp/ for the best hacks!

2.Improve your movement and train your zombies

When it comes to playing the Call of Duty Zombies mode, great movement and map knowledge can prove to be useful, since they help you survive the game. It acts as a useful skill as knowledge about zombie spawn points allows you to determine how many zombies are running around on the map at a particular time and give you a heads up.

Once you know where the zombies are crawling around, you can plan your movement better and attack harder. Training zombies is a challenging task that requires ample space to maneuver around the mob you formed. Die Maschine is the best map to practice zombie training in. Unfortunately, zombie training requires immense practice, which is achieved through trial and error only.

3.Know when to apply armor

Armor is the biggest asset one can possess in a game like Call of Duty. It helps when you know how to wield your armor in both single and co-op games. Playing in a group allows you to assign weapons to each other and arrange the group in a much better way.

An armored vest is much better when used by people without it or by those who have taken the greatest hits in the game. During a solo mission, it is crucial to get yourself a good set of armor. You can buy an advanced set of gear to boost your survivability and help you win the game.

4.Use Ring of Fire to camp

Another weapon one could use is the Ring of Fire in Cold War Zombies. It allows you to wipe out hordes of zombies in one single go. Once the Ring of Fire is fully upgraded, it provides both offensive and defensive benefits. It increases the zombie damage output and can be reloaded faster and quicker. Adding to the defense, any zombie crossing the Ring of Fire will slow down, and projectiles from the zombie side are blocked.

Ring of Fire is significantly better in specific spots on the vast map. For example, it works wonders at the penthouse next to the Wunderfizz machine on the map. However, there are times when a Ring of Fire can backfire your entire strategy when it is not lit in the right place.

5.Stick to your gun and avoid mystery boxes

Mystery boxes have always been a part of the Call of Duty franchise. They hold a tremendous amount of money in the early stages of the game, and slowly by the middle rounds, they rarely have special weapons, ammo, and others. As the rounds increase, mystery boxes evolve with better surprises and better guns, but unfortunately, that strategy can backfire.

Upgrading weapons every once in a while is beneficial, but every time can be a hindrance. Every gun works differently, and it takes at least a few minutes to adjust to the new weapon. These few precious minutes can be the time you become a victim.

You should upgrade, but only when your game requires it. Gear up according to zombies’ presence around and pick weapons that can beat the zombies’ evolving strength. Stick to the guns you are comfortable with and occasionally upgrade when required.


Cold War Zombies is an exciting zombie shoot-out game. They have intriguing maps and amour, which keeps any gamer hooked. The zombies grow just like you do, making it essential to know your weapons, maps, and the best way to tackle your zombie enemies. Practice a lot using these tips before you actually get into the arena.

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