20 awesome Google tips and tricks for advanced search

Want tips for more advanced Google search? Google tips and tricks are helpful to find information on Google. Google is a powerful and popular search engine. Google search shows relevant search results for your word or phrase. From Google search, you can find anything that you are looking for. But sometimes you cannot find, what you need.

Google provides some tips and tricks to find easier and more relevant search results. By using Google tips and tricks you can easily and quickly find what you are looking at the Google search engine. In this article, I share with you some Google tips and tricks for searching.

Google tips and tricks

1.To find the nutritional details of food, type (fruit name) facts.

tomato facts google tips and tricks

Ex: tomato facts

2. Use Google to search particular website type site : website name

whatvwant.com speed up google tips and tricks

For example site: whatvwant.com speed up

3. Compare two food items, type (fruit) vs (fruit)

potato vs onion google tips and tricks

For example: potato vs onion

4. To search exact phrase with the same words in the same order, you need to add (“) around the phrase.

“latest news on today”

For example: “latest news on today”

5. Search page linking of website, type link : website name

link google

Ex: link:google.com

6. Search similar sites of particular website, type related : website name

related whatvwant

Ex: related:whatvwant.com this will show other websites that have similar content with whatvwant.

7.Search for information of a website, type info: website name

info whatvwant

Ex: info: whatvwant.com

8. Search for specific file, type word : filetype (gif,jpg,mp3,………etc)

cute dogs filetype jpg

Ex: cute dogs filetype:jpg

9. To set a timer, type set timer for (1,2,3,…………… minutes) in Google search

set timer for 1 minute

Ex: set timer for 1 minute

10. To know the weather of place, type weather (place)

weather newyork

Ex: weather new york

11. To find the meaning of a word, type define ( word)

define independence

Ex: define independence

12. To find your ip address, type ip address in search bar

ip address

Ex: ip address

13. To find the date of a holiday, type name of the (holiday) in search bar

independence day

Ex: Independence Day

14. To use calculator, type (equation) in search box


Ex: 1235*235

15. To convert currency, type (currency) to (currency)

1 dollar to rupee

Ex: dollar to rupee

16. To convert units of measurements, type (first unit) to (last unit)

1mile to kilometer

Ex: mile to kilometer

17. Find the current time in any city, type (city) time

newdelhi time

Ex: Newdelhi time

18. Translate word, just add translate (word) to language

translate singing to French

Ex: translate singing to French

19. Instant drive directions between addresses, type(current address) to (destination address)

new york to Washington D

Ex: New York to Washington D.C

20. To see the stock quotes, type (stock exchange name) : ( company symbol)

bse sbi

Ex: bse:sbi

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