How do I create a playlist in iTunes on Mac?

I am going to show you How do I create a playlist in iTunes on Mac. Do you want to create and listen to music from the iTunes playlist? It is very easy to create a playlist in iTunes.

If you have a number of songs and want to listen to music in a specific order, place all of them in a single list, play music at the times whenever you want with just one click. Then create the playlist and get all the utilities you want from iTunes Playlist. A playlist is a customized collection of songs, albums, and artists.

Here are the steps that help you on how to create a playlist in iTunes on Mac.

How do I create a playlist in iTunes?

1. Open the Spotlight search from the menu bar.
2. Enter ‘iTunes’ in the Spotlight search to open the iTunes application.


3. Click on the File menu, choose New and select ‘Playlist‘ from the options available. You can also create a new playlist by using ‘Command+N’ in iTunes.
4. The Playlist will be created and visible in the right sidebar.


5. Here is the place where you can add songs, music, albums and others.
6. You should find music to add to your created playlist. You can choose how many songs you want from your desired location.
7. If you have already listened, then you can find some music on the left side bar menu of the iTunes window such as Recently Added, Recently Played, Top 25 Most Played etc.
8. Now you can drag and drop the songs, albums and the artists you need on the playlist.

How do I create a playlist in iTunes

9. Suppose if you want to find the number of songs added to the playlist, see the playlist pane to check the status.


10. Songs added can be rearranged & reordered. You can sort by Name, Time, Album, Genre etc.
11. The Playlist can be renamed with the name you wish. Just click on the Playlist title and change the name by typing.


12. Finally click on the Done button to save the playlist in iTunes.
13. Whenever you visit the iTunes app, your playlist can be viewed from the sidebar menu of the iTunes window. Click on Show sidebar from the View menu if no sidebar appears.

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