How to Create A Playlist on Apple Music

Want to know how to create a playlist on Apple Music? In this tutorial we will show how to make playlists on Mac and iPhone. We will also show you how to add a song to an Apple Music playlist and deleting Playlist.

A playlist is a customized collection of songs. You can create as many playlists as you like and you can add as many songs as you like to a playlist.

Apple Music supports many features like creating playlists, sharing playlist, collaborating playlist, etc., Here you will see all of the features.

How to Create a Playlist on Apple Music

We will show you how to make a playlist on Apple Music using Mac and iPhone.

How do I make a playlist on Apple Music On Mac

Open Spotlight search and search for Apple Music.

Open Apple Music app.

Select “File -> New -> Playlist”.

Now you can type Your Playlist title, you can also give some description.

If you want, you can add an image by clicking on the “+” symbol.

Click on the “Create” option.

Now you will have your created playlist under “Playlist” on the left menu.

How to make an Apple Music Playlist on iPhone

Open Apple Music app on your iPhone.

Select “Library” at the bottom menu.

Select “Playlists”.


Select “New Playlist”.

Enter Playlist Title. If you want, you can add an image. Select the “Create” option at the top right.

Now you will have your created playlist.

How to add a song to Apple Music playlist

The procedure is almost the same in Mac and iPhone.

Just click on “Songs” or “Albums” or “Artists” from the left menu. You will see all available songs in the particular category.

Click on “three dots” right to the song, select “Add to Playlist”. Here you will see existing playlists, you can select any one of the Playlist to add the song to that Playlist.

Here you can also see the option to create a New Playlist. If you want, you can create a New Playlist from here as well.

How to Delete Apple Music Playlist

Deleting procedure is also same for both Mac and iPhone.

  • Go to Playlists. You will see all your existing playlists.
  • Select the Playlist you want to delete.
  • Click on three dots at the right to playlist name on Mac Or at the top right on iPhone.
  • Select Delete from Library option to delete the playlist.

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