PhotoEditorX review: The Hidden Mystery Behind This Photoshop alternative

My PhotoEditorX review gives complete details about PhotoEditorX. Are you looking for a Photoshop alternative? Are you thinking to buy PhotoEditorX? Before going to buy, read my review.

You might have seen an advertisement about this Photoshop alternative like “PhotoEditorX is an advanced image editor used by professional”. Let me tell you, what is this actually.

Note: This PhotoEditorX is not available right now. For information purpose, we still kept this article. Now GIMP occupies the PhotoEditorX place. You can read GIMP: PhotoShop Alternative

PhotoEditorX Review

What is PhotoEditorX?

PhotoEditorX is not actually the software name. It is the package. Just see below screenshot for the features what you get in the package.

photoeditorx review

If you read carefully above details, you can understand that it is not software. It is a package which includes,

If you buy VIP package, you will get three extra softwares. Those are,

  1. PosterMagic through which you can create wall size posters.
  2. Paranoma maker through which you can create paranomic feature of photograph.
  3. Pickacolor which is used to know the color code.

What is in video tutorial?

Video tutorial has 25 videos about GIMP. I have seen the video tutorial. Of course, it is good. They have explained about every tool. I think we may get those videos in youtube for free of cost. They will also give free video tutorial about Photoshop in the package.

What is the Price?

They may change the price at any time. You can see PhotoEditorX website for current price.

Will they offer Trial version?

They are giving you free software. They are charging you for a video tutorial and those 3 extra softwares. You can download software at any time from GIMP website.

If you buy the PhotoEditorX package, this will come with 60 days money-back guarantee. Because they are selling through clickbank. Click bank provides 60 days money back guarantee for every product.

Final Word

Frankly speaking, I don’t like to spend money on video tutorials. Because YouTube provides a free video tutorial. If you want three extra software, you may consider buying this package.

If you really need best photo editing software, you can buy Photoshop or Photoshop elements from Adobe store. Before buying check Adobe offer page for current offers.

Thanks for reading my article about PhotoEditorX review. If you know anything about it, do share in the comment section.

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