Where/ How to buy Windows 10? Which version should I buy?

Want to buy Windows 10? Had the question “How to buy Windows 10″ or Where to buy Windows 10” and “Which version should I buy”. Don’t worry this article gives you a solution to these questions.

First, let me tell you why I am writing this article. I have seen many comments in the article on how to fix windows not genuine error. Those comments show that many people getting windows not genuine error, even though they were using genuine windows which were bought from eCommerce stores.

When you buy Windows OS from the wrong place, there is a chance that you may get pirated OS. It is the reason that forced me to write this article.

Where/ How to buy Windows 10?

You need not to buy Windows from any third-party eCommerce stores. Because Microsoft itself selling Microsoft products through the Microsoft store. If you get any issue in the future, Microsoft support will help you, if you buy Microsoft products from Microsoft store only.

Suppose you had Windows OS from any other eCommerce store. And you have some issues in the future. You can not take help from Microsoft support. You need to contact your vendor. The vendor may not be available after some months or years. It is the main issue that I have seen through comments on this website.

So I strongly recommend you to buy Windows OS through Microsoft Windows Store only. There might be some price difference, but you need not to consider that. Because buying Windows from Microsoft store is completely risk-free.

Though I don’t recommend it, if you want, you can also buy it from Amazon. Before buying, carefully read the comments and research about the vendor. Many vendors are selling Windows 10 USB flash drives and Windows 10 DVD version. You can buy anything according to your convenience.

Is it Compulsory to buy Windows 10?

No. If you had genuine Windows 7 or genuine Windows 8.1, you need not to buy Windows 10. Because Microsoft is giving free Windows 10 upgrade. Just visit this Microsoft Windows Store Link and download a free upgrade. You can also read What’s New in Windows 10.

Which version should I buy?

Windows Home basic or Windows Pro

Frankly speaking, you don’t need Windows Professional. Windows home basic is more than enough. You can use a home basic in your home or in the office. You can do any task with home basic. Windows Professional includes some extra features and software for encryption, remote log-in, creating virtual machines and many more. If you want complete features, you can go with professional windows otherwise home basic is enough.

32 bit or 64 bit

I always recommend the 64-bit version. Because of better performance and better security. Most of the recent and upcoming apps and software support only 64 bit. Before choosing 64 bit, make sure that your device supports 64 bit. If your device does not support 64 bit, then you need to go for a 32-bit version. For complete details,

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  1. Hi Jinka. Many people told me good things about Windows 10. I think I’ll soon buy a version to try it out. Your post helped me to get motivated about it 🙂


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