A-Z Guide to Teaching Your Kid Writing

Writing is a great activity that stimulates the mind and caters to the imagination. Kids of all ages need instruction that helps them improve their skills as they advance. But how can you teach them something like writing? Instead of wracking your brain trying to think of activities, we have some for you, no matter the age of your kid.

Firstly, writing should be fun, not torture, and fun activities can help your kids see that. From pre-K to the last year of middle school, Takemyexamonline is here with activities that you can use to teach your kids writing, all of which are fun and interactive. You’ll help them improve while encouraging their imaginations to run wild. 

A-Z Guide to Teaching Your Kid Writing

Get Them Excited!

No matter how old your child is, nothing gets through the writing process better than things that get them excited. When they can’t wait to start typing or get their hands on a clean sheet of paper, you know they will wind up taking away lots of great lessons to improve their writing. It takes a bit of planning, prep, and imagination to create exciting activities on your part.

Preschool and Kindergarten

You’ll want to keep it simple and fun for the little ones that are just learning to write. Your child is probably too young to start constructing entire sentences and can definitely not start working on their first novel (though we don’t doubt they will be soon!). Focus on things that improve their writing and help them start and identify the pronunciations and sounds that they make. A few activities for children in pre-K or kindergarten are:

Writing Letters

Knowing the letters of the alphabet is essential for both reading and writing. While they may be able to sing the alphabet song already, they might have trouble writing down the entire alphabet. Give them some practice by calling out letters and having them write them. If you have more than one kid around the same age, turn it into a friendly competition to add some giggles to the activity.

Awesome Mom Tip!

Instead of paper and pencil, put shaving cream on the table and let them use their fingers to make the letter. This fun activity will make them excited to practice writing letters every single time!

Writing Descriptions

Kiddos of this age need activities that get them moving. So, send them outside on a hunt for objects that they find interesting. Bring them inside after a bit and ask them to describe their object. So, it could be color, shape, texture, anything! Write the words they use to describe them and have them repeat it by copying what you write.

Awesome Mom Tip!

Have you got those awesome magnet letters on the fridge? Let them use them to construct the word first and then write it on their own. It’s like double the practice and gives them an extra small activity in between! 


By this age, your kids already know how to write their letters and most likely complex sentences. That means that the types of writing they can do has no limit, and neither do the topics. More than likely, your kid is a fan of something, whether it is space, dinosaurs, weather, you name it. Think about their favorite things the next time you plan an activity. A few fun activities our write a essay for me service suggests are:


Rhyming words is fun! It can be challenging and pushes your kiddos to think of new vocabulary words. Encourage them to start writing poetry by first starting with a list of words that rhyme. Then, they will need to fit them together to make a short and sweet poem.

Awesome Mom Tip!

Have them draw a word or a letter out of a bowl for an extra challenge! You could even give them a random topic like food, sports, or activities, and tell them their poem must be about this topic. You’ll be surprised at what they can come up with!

Weather Report

So many kids out there are fascinated by the weather. The way that the clouds change, how the wind blows, the random way that raindrops fall on the window, and the formations of beautiful rainbows. If they are not too familiar with different words to describe the weather, maybe start with a bit of a vocabulary lesson to help them expand and learn. Then, they can write a weather report of their choice!

Awesome Mom Tip!

Make it just like a real weather report and have your kid write it large enough to read from afar. Have them report it to you and the family before dinner, reporting the crazy weather day your set to have in the days to come. You can even make a small mic and makeshift TV screen pretty easy!

Middle School

Middle school kids are approaching those teenage years, where some have attitudes that are big and bold, and others tame and shy. No matter what kind of kid you have on your hands (they are all great!), we have activities that they will actually like.


Since many middle school kids like to argue, let them at it! Pick a topic that they are interested in and have them write their opinion about it. You can take the contrary perspective and give them a chance to argue their point using the ideas they came up with.

Awesome Mom Tip!

Make it like a real debate and take turns with only a few minutes on the clock to make your point. Then, let the battel begin going back and forth.

Scary Stories

Everyone likes a good spook every once in a while! Give your kids the chance to get creative and create their very own ghost story. Have them practice pauses and building up anticipation as the story goes on. You want to be a bit afraid when they’re done reading!

Awesome Mom Tip!

Make a fun night out of it and turn out the lights and light candles. Have each family member write their own and read them aloud as animated as they can. You can even add smores in the mix for a super campfire-inspired night your kids will love. Take a vote on who was the spookiest.

Writing is Fun

Therefore, using these tips, online assignment writing service guarantees that you’ll create activities that your kids will be bragging about! No matter what your kid’s age, they will enjoy writing, thanks to these fun ways to practice. Get the whole family involved, and start encouraging imagination and fun!

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