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Are you forgetting the online meeting time? Maintaining time is one of the main differences between success and failure. Forgetting and procrastinating things leads you to failure. You may postpone things to be done today to tomorrow as you forget to do them today. In order to remind you to do things, there are many apps and tools available.

In this article, I will let you know the list of the best 5 Online meeting scheduler tools to be used to do your tasks in time which leads you to success in everything you do. You can also use meeting scheduler tools like online appointment scheduling software.

Best Online meeting scheduler tools you need to use

To get your important tasks done in time, then it is time to give up procrastination. Following and doing things in time are the key to success. So, we need to plan everything we need to do in time, and here are the 5 best meeting scheduler tools to help you out.

1. Doodle


Doodle allows you to mark the important meetings as events in the Doodle Calendar. Events help you to remind yourself beforehand. You will not be missing even a single reminder. You can scroll through dates rather than moving forward and backward among pages. It allows you to create a public poll to know who is participating in the meeting. MeetMe app which is the advanced version of Doodle is a lot more than a meeting scheduler.

meeting scheduler Doodle

Doodle allows you to share your calendar with your contacts so that they will know when your free time is to attend meetings. The Premium version of Doodle allows you to set automatic reminders and share contact details with the one you want to share.

2. Calendly


Head over to calendly and sign in with your Google account. It is connected with Google calendar and Microsoft 365 so that your meetings never conflict. It even allows you to attach the file which you want to discuss in the meeting so that attendees will have an idea prior to the meeting. All the invitees will get the reminder before the meeting starts and you can even maintain a convenient page mentioning the free time of your teammates. It allows you to avoid the last minutes’ meetings and retains your privacy and control.

meeting scheduler tools calendly

You can use its free service or the premium version of 8$ per month. This online meeting scheduler allows you to create the meeting and share the URL with the one whom you want to have in the meeting.

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Everytale is a secure digital platform for streaming and organizing events. Everytale hosts corporate events and features amazing educational videos. Accessible across the globe, Everytale allows content creators and event hosts to connect with thousands of people with a single click. This event hosting platform is a robust tool with a diverse set of features. The most important feature is its adaptable payment functions powered by Stripe.

4. Pick.co


Pick.co allows you to schedule a meeting on the go without wasting time. Create the URL for your meeting and share it with the one whom you want to meet. They will approach you via this URL when they are free. Pick allows you to schedule the meeting based on the availability of your invitees. All your invitees will get the event added to their calendar and they will be notified through mails. This online meeting software will allow you to block the time with the person you want to meet and works with irrespective of the email domain.

meeting scheduling software pick

5. TimeBridge

calendar time schedular

Time Bridge scheduling tool works with single mail with the collaboration of Google Calendar, iCloud, and Outlook. You can black out the slots in which you are busy in some other meetings. You can set the TimeBridge in such a way that, it notifies you before the 5 minutes of the meeting. This avoids us to revisit the calendar for the next meeting. You can add notes to the meeting request, so that reminder will pop up notes and you can have a quick glance at what the meeting is all about.

online meeting scheduler time bridge

6. NeedToMeet

Nee to Meet

NeedToMeet is also one of the time schedular software. You can create the public polls to find free time using this scheduling tool. Based on the poll result, you can find the free time at which everyone is free to take up the meeting and you can get ready at that time. Making the poll public will let others know when the meeting is going to be and they can manage themselves better. It supports cross platforms like Android and iOS systems.

online scheduling tool need to meet



Sprintful is a flexible scheduling app that comes fully integrated with all the mainstream third-party systems in use today, including Google Calendar, Zoom, Slack and more. Use it to give your clients the option to skip receptionists and self-schedule their appointments. Since it’s synced with your calendar, you get an automatically updated schedule to always stay on top of your upcoming meetings. Other quality features include online payment, automated reminders via email and text, and video conference scheduling with your team for optimal management. 

The wide range of features and scalable options available at affordable rates make Sprintful a formidable scheduling software. You can get invitee engagement reports, book one-on-one or group meetings, and block booking days per your need. The app also lets you customize the interface fully according to your brand image to ensure a seamless, high-quality customer experience throughout. Use the free trial option and assess the benefits on offer for yourself today! 

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These are 5 best Online meeting scheduler tools to use online to reach your goals without wasting time. If you have anything to add, please do share it with us through comments and follow WhatVwant on Facebook and Twitter for more tips.  Subscribe to whatVwant channel on YouTube for regular updates.

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