10 Easy Ways To Increase Instagram Engagement

Want to get more Instagram followers? Want to Increase Instagram Engagement? This article will give you helpful tips to boost your Instagram traffic.

The content you post on Instagram becomes important the moment you increase engagement. It is like Holy grail for influencers, social media marketers and retail brands trying to score followers. Many food bloggers, restaurants, small local businesses, and entrepreneurs owe a big part of their success to Instagram. If Instagram had not brought new followers and customers to them, they would not have gotten so far.

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So, what can you do the same for engagement? Is there a magic spell behind it? Increasing IG engagement might seem like a hard nut to crack, especially if you are new on it. That is why we have housed 10 amazing ways to increase engagement on your profile.

10 Easy Ways To Increase Instagram Engagement

1. Use All IG Features

IG algorithm always keeps accounts on top that uses all IG features. IG robots are getting smarter and smarter. That is why the company itself wants the accounts to use that technology. Apart from creating diverse and unique content, you can use all the features to increase engagement.

2. Sign Up for IG Business Account

If you are a retail brand trying to score followers there, sign up for a business account first. That is your way of getting popular. You can start by keeping an eye on analytics, insights, ads, etc.

Moreover, you could also include a ‘contact’ button on your profile and give an easy way for the followers to reach out to you. This is a major win if you are doing it to grow your business.

3. Use Different Content Formats

IG has evolved considerably and is evolving with each passing day. It started as a simple content-sharing application for teenagers. But now, you might see highlights, sponsored ads, stories, videos, carousel posts, etc.

There’s absolutely no sense in churning out the same content again and again. IG robots want to see more on your profile, not the old rotten content again and again.

The key to engagement is your content. If you do not have time to churn out new posts every day, the least you can do is make it interesting, readable and visible by changing formats. Video posts are also a straightforward and narrow way to boom profile engagement.

4. Check Out Instagram Analytics

If you do choose to switch your business account, you might as well get access to the insights and analytics to keep an eye on your performance. You can use the analytics tools to:

  • Know Followers/customers locations.
  • Gender of your followers.
  • Post insights (likes, comments, shares on each post)

5. Use Story highlights, Polls, Insights and Much More

The more features you use, the better your IG engagement. If you try out the latest IG features, you’d be rewarded more by the IG algorithm. Try to use story highlights, polls, post insights, and other features to make it to the top accounts that IG loves.

6. Use IG stories Consistently

If you want to keep your content on top of every account’s feed, one way is the IG story. Instagram stories look out of the box, different and something that gives you a chance to increase your engagement.

They disappear after 24 hours. This makes users want to see your story with more interest. Other than that, you can feel relaxed, knowing your content is being read and circulated.

Most of the IG users like to see stories rather than simply feed posts. So, make sure to create compelling content for stories as well.

7. Explore Various IG Video Formats

Did you know that a video post creates more engagement than an average IG post? Posting videos on your feed and stories is a good way to start. Now, the videos you upload to your feed are going to be there permanently. So, spend a little time in making them interesting and attention-grabbing.

Videos are usually more visible, searchable, and reach a wide base of the audience with the help of the right hashtags.

  • Create some high-quality videos for your stories as well. They seem credible for:
  • Product announcement.
  • Giveaways.
  • Tutorials.
  • Marketing campaigns.


8. Schedule IG post for peak

This is an old tip, the one you might have heard from everyone but it is gold. Simply search on Google and you would find the best time to upload the post on IG. And, when you have found the peak time of engagement, why not make use of it?

Scheduling your post might increase your engagement dramatically. You never know how posting a photo at 3 AM could affect the engagement. Tools, like Buffer, HubSpot and Later helps you to schedule your posts for the right time.

According to IG experts, the better your timing is, the more engagement you get on your posts. Posting at peak times hack the IG algorithm and results in more engagement.

9. Buy Organic Followers

How are you supposed to get popular as an influencer or a retail brand If you do not have an audience to see your posts, products, and stories? Gathering an audience for you is just as important as posting regularly on Instagram.

Buying organic followers helps you to find the right audience in the future. Now you must be thinking fake followers mess up the profile as well as IG algorithm. There’s a difference between fake and organic followers. While fake followers are provided by bots, organic followers do not only follow you but engage actively in your posts.

Many platforms are providing a variety of IG packages to boost your engagement. For instance, Insta Growing offers you organic followers in bundles to boom engagement.

10. Post the Right Number of Times

Spamming your users’ feed is not going to get you the engagement you deserve. If one post is getting 10 likes, posting 2-3 posts at a time would eventually decrease your engagement. Try to maintain balance while posting pictures, videos, etc.

Overall Thoughts

Increasing engagement is entirely from your end. Your followers/ audience can only help you to reach your target. Scheduling your post at the right time, using features and insights could help you get there without pushing yourself too hard.

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10 Easy Ways To Increase Instagram Engagement-FAQ

What is Instagram Engagement?

Instagram Engagement is how the public interacts with the content You publish.

How do we increase engagement on Instagram?

By posting the Instagram stories consistently, using the story highlights, polls, insights, and much more will helps to increase your Instagram engagement.

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