How to Find MAC address on iPhone/iPad/iOS?

Do you want to know How to Find MAC address on iPhone? Here are the steps that help you to find iPhone’s MAC address. MAC address is a unique number assigned to each network interface, like WiFi or Bluetooth.

When you use the MAC filter on your router, you must enter all your device’s MAC address. In that case, you may need to know about your WiFi MAC address.

How to Find MAC address on iPhone?

1. In the iPhone, go to the home screen.
2. Select the Settings tab and tap it.
3. Select ‘General’ from the options available in Settings category.


4. Then tap on About in General.
5. The window will appear as shown below. Scroll down to see the MAC address of each device.
6. Here the address that displays against each network interface is the MAC address.
7. Wi-Fi address shown in the window in iOS settings is referred to as iPhone’s MAC address.

Find MAC address on iPhone

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