Easy Fix for “iPhone notes app keeps crashing” issue

Does your iPhone notes app keeps crashing? don’t worry I have a simple fix. After upgrading my iPhone iOS version to the latest version, my iPhone notes app keeps crashing. Fortunately, I found the solution to this issue. This tutorial gives you step by step procedure to fix your iPhone/iPad/iOS notes app crashing issue.

My notes app is crashing automatically when my phone was connected to the Internet. Notes app was working fine when there was no internet connection. That means when you turn off data connection and Wifi, notes app word properly. It was giving issues only when the phone is connected to internet. If you see the same situation, here is the solution.

Fix for “iPhone notes app keeps crashing” issue

1.Open your iPhone or iPad.

2. Go to Settings.

3. Scroll down up to iCloud section. Tap on iCloud.

4. Scroll down up to Notes. Turn off it by touching on the toggle button right to Notes. You will see below screen.

iPhone notes app keeps crashing

4. Touch Delete from My iPhone option. It will turn off your notes app in iCloud and delete your notes from phone. But don’t worry, it will not delete your notes completely from iCloud. You will get them in the next steps. If you check your notes app now, you will not see any notes.

5. Now just turn on Notes app in Settings -> iCloud by touching the toggle button right to Notes.

6.Open your Notes app. Wait for some seconds (Make sure your iPhone having internet connection through data connection or Wifi). You will see all your notes. It will download all your notes from iCloud.

Now you will not see any crashing issues.

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6 thoughts on “Easy Fix for “iPhone notes app keeps crashing” issue”

  1. IT WORKED. I’m so grateful. Even the Apple Store in Dubai couldn’t resolve it and wanted to reset my ipad which I didn’t want as I don’t buy extra Icloud storage and didn’t want to lose everything on my mobile devices. I’ll go back and inform them. Thank you.

  2. I did what you said to turn off notes from iCloud then restore them from include but Notes app keeps crashes when openning some notes but not all of them.
    the problem is not solved
    please help
    my iPhone is 7plus 32gb
    than you

  3. I backed up my notes before I did this because there were a few that I couldn’t lose and I just didn’t want to risk it. Just sent each note to myself as an email. The above fix worked, but I didn’t get back any of the notes I had made since the app started crashing. So just a heads up. I’d figured out that it was the internet connection and turned it off and kept on using notes, so you’ll lose any new notes if you do this, but just takes a few minutes to email them to yourself. Thanks for the fix!


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