What is The Future of Online Tests?

Want to know the future of exams? This article will give you a simple idea about the Future of Online tests. In the era of smart homes, cars and phones, dominated by computers and technology, the Indian education system is using traditional methods in classes and exams. With most entrance exams being Paper-Based tests, only 20% of entrance exams like MU OET 2018 are Online.

The Future of Online Tests

The computer-based tests require the hardware setup with an internet connection to accommodate a large number of students, at a given time. Opting for computer-based tests will bring a wave of change in exam schedule, conduct and evaluation. CBTs are conducted by an entrance exam platform like Ekalavya, Think Exams, etc. The exam conducting board will create questions, design test, assign test and generate a result on the host platform.

Online Entrance Exams, like, MU OET 2021 are conducted in a few methods; the students are required to log in on to the host platform and take the test, students can download the test, take the test and upload the test back to the host, or students are required to write the exam in the paper-based format and then the written scripts are scanned, uploaded and evaluated. Ecologically, saves paper, reducing paper waste. These exams also save time and money. But the biggest benefit of a Computer-based test is security. High Security is installed for the computer-based test by the hosting platform. Each question is either timed or the questions are set in a way that finding the answer in an open book would not be easy.

To quote footballer Johan Cruijff, “Every advantage has a disadvantage”. CBTs are prone to fraud, for various factors. Among 40 percent of students admitted to cheating in an online test, Computer-based online tests are taken on the student’s device where google is only a click away. Identity fraud is also possible, to curb identity theft, facial recognition and biometric recognition like thumb impressions.

With the American Education system embracing Massive Open Online Course, the technology for preventing cheating in online tests have improved. Students can be encouraged to use Responds Lockdown Browser which is a custom browser that prevents search engine access, other application access, among other things. Steps that can be taken into consideration while creating a test are randomizing questions, setting a timer for each question, preparing problem-solving questions which requires an understanding of the syllabus. CBT will also secure an honest result of the entrance test.

Paper-based exams are being slowly replaced by online exams as any change is hard to implement. Online exams are used for entrance tests for a degree, college or university, job opportunities, etc. During job placement, the entrance test is one of the first steps to clear. In general, the entrance exam is conducted to reduce filter the candidates for a job or admission into a degree/college. The best way to avoid cheating online is to establish an honor code. Cheating is a virus that will spread among peers. Honesty is the best way to proceed to a degree, college or a job.

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