What should and shouldn’t be included in Halo: Infinite

When Halo: Infinite was announced at the 2018 E3 video game trade event, along with an enticing teaser video, tongues immediately started to wag.

Still you don’t know much about the Halo:, what they include in Halo: Infinite. This article provide some of the information about what Should and shouldn’t included in Halo: Infinite. Just go through it.

What should and shouldn’t be included in Halo: Infinite

“When is the game released?” “What is the story?” “How will it look?” The questions are already pouring in, and while we still don’t know much about the new Halo, there are a few answers:

  • It’s not called Halo 6, but will still continue the events from Halo 5
  • The game will focus predominantly on its star character: the Master Chief (or John-117)
  • It was built using a completely new game engine called Slipspace, which was designed by the current Halo developers, 343 Industries
  • Halo: Infinite will have more open space than previous games, a move which will please fans of the original Halo game, which staged epic firefights in forests, plains, and mountains

Halo has always been a franchise which has produced some amazing titles, and each game will definitely test your first-person shooter skills, which will make you a better gamer. However, we still think Halo: Infinite has room for improvement, so here are some things we’d like to see more of, and some others we certainly don’t want to see!

Yes: New weapons and enemies

Every new Halo game does try to introduce some new enemies and weapons, but never enough. We’d like to see a complete overhaul of all the weapons, with new features, and some unusual choices as well. The Covenant has been fought since the first game back in 2001, so it’s about time to introduce some different enemies. We’d also like some enemies even smarter and less predictable, as we love it when Halo keeps us on our toes.

Yes: Stealth options

The game has occasionally given us a ‘cloaking’ option that lasts a few seconds, but we’d like ways to take down enemies without alerting the entire battalion. Stealth kills, such as silencers and knives, would be a total game-changer and something that Halo games have never really included.

Yes: Dedicated servers

With Halo: Infinite being released on both Xbox One and Windows 10 for PC, we think the time is right to use dedicated servers. The matchmaking has always been somewhat lopsided in online multiplayer, as pros can easily crush the newbies as soon as they enter the game, so we’d like the option of creating our own servers. This will allow friends to compete in their own league on a regular basis, and only those with access to the server can join. This feature is prevalent on other popular games like ARK, Minecraft, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, so by using the servers available nowadays, Halo: Infinite could become more accessible to new or casual players.

Yes: Landscape to interact with

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could actually use the environment around you? Such as picking up a tree branch or throw a rock to hit someone with so you could save some ammunition. The environment in Halo games always looks great, but it would be refreshing to actually make it useful on your mission.

No: Flood

Everyone hates battling the Flood. The never-ending and seemingly unstoppable parasite has appeared in a few Halo games, but everyone rejoiced when they disappeared in Halo 4. The fact that they are simply mindless zombies without any tactics other than running at you, makes the Flood boring and annoying to fight.

Yes: Upgrades

A Halo game whereby you can earn points for good accuracy or cool moves would be pleasing, as it could mean you could trade in those points for better weapons or armor. When you’ve got an incentive to improve, you’ll simply try harder and fight more. Similarly to Destiny, you could also trade in your points to create a special move that wipes out several enemies at a time – particularly useful when you have no other option left.

No: Only online gameplay

Gamers who don’t have an internet connection or who prefer to play couch co-op were really mad at 343 for excluding this option in Halo 5. Thankfully, the developers have heard the cries from fans and will likely include offline multiplayer and co-op campaigns for Halo: Infinite.

No matter what we get in Halo: Infinite, we’re so excited to play it! Keep checking the official Microsoft page for the upcoming game for all the latest news.

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