How to Block contacts on WhatsApp to stop receiving messages?

Want to Block contacts on WhatsApp? Don’t what to receive messages or calls from any particular number. There is a simple way to block contacts on WhatsApp so that you will not receive or send messages through WhatsApp.

What will happen if I block a number on WhatsApp?

When you block any contact on WhatsApp, you will not receive any messages or calls from that contact. You will not able to send messages or calls to that contact. Your last seen information will not be available to him. They will not see your status message updates. They can not even see changes made to your profile picture. When you want to send messages to blocked contacts you need to unblock them. For more details, you can read whatsapp FAQ article on blocked contacts.

How to Block contacts on WhatsApp?

Open whatsapp application. Choose the contact which you want to block.

select contact to block

Now click on that contact to open settings regarding that particular contact. Select three vertical dots symbol in the top left corner.

click on three vertical points

And then click on More option.

Select Block option shows that in the below screenshot.

click on block

Then it shows a screen with that the particular contact name which you want to block. Read the message and then click on ok option.

Read and click on block

Now you have blocked a contact. If you want to unblock contact you need to repeat same procedure. From above procedure, you can block contacts from your mobile and whatsapp contact list. You can also block unknown number. When you receive any message from unknown number, whatsapp will give option to block that number or mark that as spam.

I hope you learned How to block contacts on whatspp from above article. If you know any other method, you may add in commend section.

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