Smartkey word password recovery Review

Smartkey word password recovery is one of the best password recovery tools for ms word documents. Did you forget your word document password? Did you receive the document with a password and want to recover the password? Then you need to try this tool. Earlier I have written an article about how to password protect word document. This time I am going to show you how to recover forgotten passwords.

Smartkey develops and sells password recovery software for almost all needs. You can recover lost password with their software. Word password recovery is also one of the software that came from Smartkey. This review covers the pros and cons of smart keyword password recovery tool. Smartkey word password recovery software decrypts passwords offline. You don’t need an internet connection. It works for MS word 2007 to 2016.

Smartkey word password recovery Review


smart key word password recovery

Smart keyword password recovery comes in two versions. Standard and Professional. There is no much difference in features. But there is only one major difference ie., speed. The Pro version performs fast compare to the standard version. So I recommend you to go with the Professional version. Otherwise, you need to wait some hours to recover your password with the standard version.


smartkey word password recovery

As I said, you will get the same features in two versions. It will give three features. With this, you can recover or remove Word password. You can also search for password protected files.

1. Word Password Recovery

Once again, it will give three option to recover password.

  1. Brute-force attack: It is a well-known process to find passwords. It tries all password possibilities. It takes so much time but assures that it will recover the password.
  2. Brute-force with Mask Attack: If you have some idea about your password, you can use this method to recover your password. For ex:- your password is 12345678, you have remembered the first two letters, the last two letters, and the number of digits. Then you can use this option. It will have many possible settings so that you can recover your password quickly.
  3. Dictionary attack: This option will search for predefined passwords. It is very quick but there is no guarantee to recover your password.

I think initially, it is better to try a dictionary attack. If it does not find a password then you can go with the first or second option.

2. Word Password Remover

With this option, You can remove the word password. It uses an online service to remove the password. It works very fast to remove the password. But it can not work for all word documents. When I tried, it could not detect .docx files. It works only for .Doc files.

3. Encrypted file searcher

This option helps to search encrypted files on your computer. It scans the entire computer or you can choose a particular folder. The scan is very fast. It finds encrypted files very fast. If you have many encrypted files to decrypt, you can use this option to search for your files.


It works fast to remove passwords and to scan files. But it takes some time to recover the password. You need to wait for some time depends on your password complexity.

How to use SmartKey word password recovery?

Best thing about this software is, it has simple interface and few option.

Download word password recovery or download Passfab. Open the software from the desktop icon. You will see a screen shows that in the above features section.

Select Word Password recovery option.

word password recovery

Select any one of three options according to your need.

Click Recover. And wait. You will recover your password. If you want you can also see complete user guide.


It is a decent password recovery software which takes some time but works fine.

  • Easy to Use. Multiple options to Recover.
  • Recover Word Password from all versions.
  • Fast Scan for encrypted files.
  • Takes time to recover the password.
  • Can not remove the password from all versions.

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