6 Free Ways to Convert Read-Only PDF to Editable PDF

Are you searching for the best online and offline methods to Convert Read-Only PDF to Editable PDF for free? Tired of using virus-infected software? Then you have selected the best blog to know how to convert read-only pdf to editable pdf. In this article, we have given detailed information for some of the methods.

In this we have given the best premium method for you i.e Wondershare PDFelement. Along with the premium methods we have given some free methods. If you are the rare user working on PDF, free methods are best to complete your task. Otherwise, go with the Wondershare PDFelement method which offers you the best solutions to work on PDF documents.

1. why should I convert read-only pdf to editable pdf?

PDFs nowadays are a very common format of sharing data. As they are one of the only few files which can hold anything ranging from text, photos to vectors, and hyperlinks they are used a lot and can also be protected with a password. Such type of Password protected files become read-only files meaning that you can’t edit them, which sometimes can be a pain in the head. Here is how you can convert Read-Only PDFs to Editable PDFs for Free Online and Offline.

Hint: Always free products have some limitations and they don’t provide you proper support. When you work regularly with PDF files, it is better to use Adobe Acrobat DC. If you need the cheap and best alternative to Acrobat reader, we suggest Wondershare PDFelement.

2. How to Convert Read-Only PDF to Editable PDF for Free

Here we are going to show you five free methods to convert read-only PDF to editable PDF. The methods include online and offline.

Video Tutorial:

We provided this article in the form of video Tutorial for our reader’s convenience. If you are interested in reading then skip this tutorial and watch it later after the completion of reading.

2.1 How to convert Read-only PDF to editable PDF using Wondershare PDFelement.(offline)

In this, we are going to explain how to convert read-only to PDF to an editable one using PDFelement. PDFelement tool is the best tool to convert read-only to editable, it also performs some other task like remove the watermark, add watermark, convert to word, convert to image, etc. If you are searching for an alternative for Adobe Acrobat Dc, it is the best software available at a low cost than Adobe Acrobat DC.

Total Time: 2 minutes

Step:1 Download and Install PDFelement

Firstly Download and install the Wondershare PDF element on your device. Open the Wondershare PDF element software.

Step:2 Select Open file option and upload file

Click on the “Open file” option from the main interface, the program automatically navigate to your local device. Select your desired PDF File that you want to convert to an editable one.

Step:3 Select the convert option and convert the file to word

Once the file opened, select the Convert option at the top of the window. And select “To word” from the convert tools. A new pop-up save as window is displayed on the screen. There select the location and name where you want to save the file and hit on save.

2.2.How to Convert Read-Only PDF to Editable PDF Online for Free Using ZamZar

You can convert read-only PDFs to Editable PDFs on ZamZar for completely free.

Here’s how to do it –

The Process is not direct and is a bit complicated being free, if you want a hassle-free way, go with the third method.

Go to ZamZar PDF to word conversion website and press the choose files button. The output format is set as a word (docx) automatically in the 2nd stage when you select a PDF to word conversion site.

And add an Email ID after selecting the format which directly sends the file to your mail after the completion of the conversion. hit convert to convert the file or you can directly select the “convert now”.

After the completion of the conversion process, the download option is available on the screen. Tap on the download option to download the converted file.

Download the file by selecting download option.

Now, you can edit the converted word document in Word.

2.3. How to change PDF from read-only to editable Using Clever-PDF(offline & free)

Clever-PDF is the offline editor that is used to change PDF from read-only to editable PDF. To download the free version of Clever-PDF, the link is given here.

Here is how to do it-

Step:1 Open the Clever-PDF app in your system. Then select the “PDF to word” option at the starting of the several actions.

Tap on PDF to word.

step:2 The PDF to word window is displayed on the screen, from that select “Add” at the top left of the screen.

select add option.

Step:3 select your desired file from the “Open” dialogue box displayed on the screen and tap on open to upload the file.

Tap on open to upload the file.

Step:4 Click on start option to complete the operation and saved into your device. After the completion of conversion make changes whatever you want.

Select start.

2.4. How to convert read-only PDF to editable PDF Using DocFly (online & free)

Step:1 Go to DocFly online software and upload the file you want.

Drag and upload the file.

Step:2 The uploaded file is displayed on the screen and at the top of the file you have convert and edit option. Select the “Convert” option and choose the PDF to word option to convert the PDf to an editable word document. Select the “Edit” option to edit the document there itself. You need to enter the permission password to edit the document.

convert to word.

Step:4 When you select the convert to word option and click on the convert to Word. Once the file conversion completed, the file will appear on the screen. select the three vertical dots right of the document and click on the “Download” option from the drop-down box.

Download the converted file.

If you want to edit the document online, select the document, edit option, and click on the Edit PDF option. On the next page enter the permission password of the document.

select Edit PDF option.

You will redirect to edit page. There are different editing tools like Text, Erase, Check, Image, Signature and color to edit your PDF file according to your vision. Finally select Download option under Export.

Edit and download the file.

2.5. How to convert read-only PDF to Editable PDF Using Google documents (online& free)

Google docs is one of the best online free software which is used to convert read-only PDF to editable PDF. The link is here to open.

Here is how to do it-

step:1 Open Google Docs using your Gmail account. Select the Folder icon which is at the right bottom.

selection of folder icon.

step:2 “Open a file” window is displayed from that select “Upload” option.

click on upload option.

step:3 “Drag a file Here” or “select a file from your device” is displayed. Click on the “select a file from your device”

Select "select a file from your device"

Step:4 Then Select the PDF file from your device and select open option.

select the file you want.

Step:5 You can observe Open with option at the top, click on that, and select Google Docs.

Select Google Docs under open with.

Step:6 Now, you can make any changes as per your desired requirements in the PDF. After the completion of editing, select the file option at the top left. Click on the “Download”, then select “PDF Document”.

Save the edited PDF file.

Finally the edited PDF file is saved into your device.

This Google docs option is also available in Gmail. When you receive an email with a PDF attachment, Open it. you can observe the “Open with Google docs” option at the top of the screen which is as similar as in the 5th step shown above. The remaining process similar to Google Docs.

2.6 Using Microsoft word(offline& free)

If you have the earlier version of Microsoft Word then it’s the easiest and quickest process to edit a PDF file. The two formats are different, which means some information like tables with cell spacing, font effects, form-fill-in features, and more may get lost in translation.

Here is how to do it-

Firstly open the earlier version of Microsoft word and select file at the top left of the toolbar.

click on file option.

Click on the “open” option from the left window to select the PDF you want to edit.

select the PDF file you want to edit.

A message is prompt on the screen saying that the word will convert your PDF file into an editable one. its contents into a format that Word can display. It won’t change the original PDF though.

Accept the prompt message by selecting ok.

Click “OK” and select enable editing option just below the toolbar to make changes whatever you want on the document. After editing the document click file and select the “Save” option to save the file again into PDF form

3. Conclusion

There are several online and offline methods to convert read-only PDF to editable one. But all are not free of cost and secure. In this tutorial, we have given 5 ways to convert read-only PDF to editable ones which are free and secure online and offline methods.

It’s better to use the new version of the Microsoft word method. In the online method, Google docs is the best one to convert read-only pdf to editable PDF because it can be used through the Google docs website and also in Gmail.

If you work on PDFs frequently, then it’s better to buy the pro versions of Adobe Acrobat DC or Wondershare PDFelement which is the cheap and best alternative to Acrobat reader.

I hope this tutorial helped you to Convert Read-Only PDF to Editable PDF for Free. If you like this article, please share it and follow WhatVwant on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for more tips.

How to Convert Read-Only PDF to Editable PDF for Free? – FAQs

How do i remove read-only from PDF?

The above methods are used to remove read-only from PDF.

Can i edit the PDF file using word?

Yes. You need the earlier version of Microsoft Word to edit PDF files.

How do i edit a restricted PDF?

The above methods are helped you to edit a restricted PDF.

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