How to Make a photo Collage With The Easiest Collage Maker For Pictures [30% OFF Coupon Is In the End]

Want to make a photo collage. Fotojet Collage Maker Is The Easiest Collage Maker For Pictures. This article will tell you How to Make a Photo Collage using Fotojet collage maker. In the end, you will get a 30% discount coupon for the software.

A picture speaks louder than words. A series of storytelling pictures create a storyboard full of the best times or best memories.

Image This: In a kindergarten, teachers and kids are cheering for annual Children’s day, photos are taken, laughing are everywhere. How cherished the moment will be! Why don’t you put all of the photos into a collage? Likewise, collage keeps the best memories when you are sharing beautiful moments with families, love ones, classmates…

How wonderful it will be when we can finish a nice-looking collage in seconds / minutes without racking the brains of how to use Photoshop to make it with beauty and harmony?

Things can be a lot easier when we have the right tool and use it right. So does collage work. That’s the very reason we bring Windows users the easiest collage maker here. Meet FotoJet Collage Maker for Windows, who is thoughtful on collage creation! With it, anyone can finish a satisfied collage in a matter of seconds.

How to Make a Photo Collage with Fotojet Collage Maker

Fun Collage Templates

In FotoJet Collage Maker for Windows, it provides shortcuts for fun collage templates at the entrance. Go [Misc] > [Comic] or alternatively choose [Misc] > [Fun Photo], you will find them all. With it, you can effortlessly add fun elements to the final collage result.

Fotoget collage templates

Classic Collage & Creative Collage

For most people, those templates under [Classic Collage] can meet their requirements of making a satisfied collage. Classic Collage allows you to choose or delete the number of collage grid. What makes it different from other collage tools are the quantity of the premade templates, the spacing option, and roundness support. After a little fine tuning, the collage results can feel upgraded.

Classic Collage fotojet

Creative Collage is more like art collage. Whether you’d like to make a collage poster, a healthy lifestyle gallery, or join images for a 3D styled result, FotoJet Collage Maker for Windows offers you the workable paths.

Enough Collage Editing Choices

A small portion of users prefers to add some text or shapes for their collage arts. Therefore, FotoJet Collage Maker for Windows embeds around 100 collage fonts for users. To add shapes, turn to [Clipart] for available shapes. If the purpose is to make a collage in a theme of the company union, you may want to add a right company logo via [Phote]. It’s easy to adjust their appearances. For those utilizing the Classic Collage, they may like to place some background for a better look. A recommendation is to take advantage of [BKGround] and select a pure color / a background template. Choosing a photo as the background is supported, which you can go [photo] and adjust(button) its layer.

Collage editing choices

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Design photo

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