How to Stream Your Favorite Shows From Any Location

Want to Stream Your Favorite Shows From Any Location? This is the simple guide to unblock blocked content or shows or streaming service in your location.

With the increasing popularity of the internet, everything nowadays is streamable. People are streaming awards shows, fashion shows, The Super Bowl, their favorite movie or TV show while gradually giving up on cable. According to recent research by eMarketer, nearly 20 million people canceled their cable services and almost 35 million adults never subscribed to cable in the last year. Streaming platforms offer people two main things; price and convenience. Streaming your favorite shows is a lot cheaper, and you can watch it from anywhere at any time.

Many people who travel overseas are looking for platforms and ways they can use to stream their favorite shows from any location. Below are a few online platforms you can use if you have a mobile phone or a laptop. All of these streaming platforms provide access to unlimited shows and movies. However, there are some geographical restrictions that are in place. Not all of these platforms can be accessed from every country, and some of them also have specific shows for certain regions. To tackle this problem, using VPN is the most common solution.

Using VPN to Stream Your Favorite Shows From Any Location?

Numerous websites are blocked in different parts of the world due to some censorship and filtering laws. These websites use your IP address to detect your location. With the use of a VPN, you can select the location of the server which reroutes your IP address and lets you access restricted websites and content devoid of any blockage.

However, there are setbacks to consider when using a VPN like speed and streaming quality. Before using any VPN, you should keep these drawbacks in mind and make sure that you are using VPN the right way before you get into any trouble.

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Streaming Platforms


Netflix is perhaps the most popular streaming service that has a very vast library of movies and TV shows. You can use this service on any device that supports an internet connection like a mobile phone, laptop, or tablet. Netflix offers its users three plans that can be upgraded and downgraded anytime. The basic plan starts at $8.99 (1 screen supported and non-HD), the standard plan costs $12.99 (2 screens and HD available), and the premium account costs $15.99 which offers 4 screens and ultra-HD options.

Amazon Prime

On top of giving you the option to stream unlimited movies and TV shows, Amazon Prime also gives its users the benefit of access to their prime playlists of nearly 2 million songs for their members in the U.S and Puerto Rico. They offer different plans ranging from $8.99-$13.99 monthly, which you can cancel anytime without any hassle.


Everyone knows HBO as one of the leading original premium cable channels. But, in addition to that, HBO also gives its users the ease to access their favorite TV shows from their mobile devices or laptops through HBO Go or HBO Now. The difference between HBO Go and Now is that you get free access to Go if you already have a subscription for cable. HBO Now is for everyone else that wants streamable access to HBO.

The Bottom Line

Website restriction can be a very frustrating ordeal for many people who travel regularly. Even if you can use these websites, not having full access to all your TV shows and movies can be even more devastating. Where a VPN can prove to a blessing to everyone, its secure use is very vital. By knowing its setbacks, you can plan your use accordingly and avoid any grave consequences.

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