How to Improve Writing Speed? What Websites Are The Best For It?

Want to improve Writing speed? This tutorial will give you the list of best sites that boost your writing speed. They will be helpful for those who have to write big loads of text, whether it’s related to speech writing, customer support services, or academic texts. The latter can be a serious hurdle to take. If you don’t use writing services to buy a cheap essay or complete a paper, you should be able to type quite quickly to handle all tasks. Therefore, use the offered technologies whenever you can.

When technology is developed at a high level and only keeps progressing, the efficiency of technological equipment and the speed of its work have become excellent. People constantly continue with additions and upgrades on their raptors and PCs to increase their performances and get the work done as efficiently as possible. Today, writing is closely linked with the work of such devices. You don’t often see authors who write their content on paper with ink or a pen. Technological equipment has taken a primate and writers like to work through them rather than the old-fashioned way. After all, it is just a preference of the writer. There are still many of them who prefer simple writing with a pen. They probably feel more comfortable with it that way and that’s why they practice it. Anyways, the focus of today’s article will be on the websites you can visit to help you with your writing speed. Let’s see what choices you have.

Websites to Improve Writing Speed

1. TypingTest

Nowadays, the use of essay-writing companies has become immense. Especially among the students. They are frequently tempted to lend experts’ knowledge for their sake. It comes as a consequence of many different reasons why they are eager to take this action. But what is more important, they can also visit websites that offer help related to writing speed. One of those websites that have shown great results is Typingtest.

Here, you will encounter numerous different pages that are at your disposal. Each of them consists of lessons and tests related to the speed of writing and its improvement. For instance, when you click on “typing test”, you will have the opportunity to do a 1–10-minute test. Another option is to choose the type of it. Do you want easy, medium, hard, benchmark (2 minutes), tricky spelling, blind typing, story typing, themed, or professional typing to test your speed? It is up to you. Depending on what time interval you select, you will see sentences to write during that period. It tests your efficiency of writing and it is very useful for improving it. The “Typing Course” page is particularly focused on the letters and contains 14 lessons divided into parts. Additionally, you can work on symbols, number rows, speed building, and a 10-key number pad and all of these parts have multiple lessons attached. Above all, there is an option for playing small typing games on this website too. It is specifically interesting for younger populations and gaming lovers, of course. Such games are designed to test your reactions and typing skills. It is fair to say that with them, you can combine the beautiful and useful in one place.

Highlights of

  • Simple Interface
  • Lots of typing tests
  • Completely Free to use
  • Allows you to create an account and store your test data

Pricing – Free

2. PowerTyping

Powertyping - Online free typing tutor

Another interesting site you may have a look at is PowerTyping. It is an online free tutor site that will make your writing speed much more efficient. This website offers the availability of typing on both Dvorak and Qwerty keyboards. After visiting the homepage, you will run into several pages that offer different opportunities. They are divided into these sections:

  • Content In Details
  • Typing Tests
  • Typing Practice
  • Qwerty Typing Lessons
  • Simplified Dvorak Typing Lessons
  • Programmer Dvorak Typing Lessons

Naturally, all of these sections offer something beneficial. Typing tests are pretty much similar to any other website of this kind. It gives you some text and a time that you have to meet. The faster you complete it, the more efficient you become. And, as a cherry on the cake, there are several typing games for you to have a little fun but also boost your speed. Games such as “Space Cadet”, “Barracuda”, “Jibe”, “Dodger”, “Foggies”, “Alphabetic Rain”, and “Falling Words” are available to play for free.

Highlights of PowerTyping

  • Clean interface
  • Minimum System Requirements
  • Free to use
  • Game Tasks

3. TypeRacer


One of the most interesting designs of the websites related to the improvement of writing speed can be seen on Typeracer. Developers of this site have remembered to combine writing with car races which indicate speed as the most important part. It is a phenomenal creation that allows you to enjoy an imaginary race. The point was to get you closer to the feeling of speed and how it can affect peoples’ reactions. You can see a button “practice yourself” that you should use to go into the race with the time. You will have the instructions provided and there is no room for any confusion. A certain time will be given to you to write the texts displayed on the screen. But what is more interesting about this website is that you can “race” with your friends too. You can race with up to 200 of them at the same time. Of course, the one who records the best time wins. There is an option to install this game on Facebook too which is just another plus.

Highlights of Typeracer

  • Easy-to-use
  • Hall of Fame
  • Global Competitions
  • Tests in the form of Racing Games
  • Create an Account to compare results with friends

4. FreeTypingGame


For the ones that are particularly interested in playing video games, FreeTypingGames represents probably the best option. Here, you can work on your writing speed by playing simulations. There are more than enough games to spend your free time on and also make your writing more efficient. You can choose one of the 3 levels beginner, intermediate, or progressed. Furthermore, if you don’t want to play games, you can always focus on writing lessons only. You can concentrate on them and work quietly on your development. Lessons offer different parts and goals you can select. Just pick one of the 30 lessons and set a goal you want to meet. Goals are different: From 5-60 words per minute.

Highlights of FreeTypingGames

  • Minimal Interface
  • Free tutor with 30 different typing lessons
  • Available in English and Spanish Language
  • Displays score list on the homepage

Pricing – Free

5. Typing Academy

Typing Academy

Typing Academy is one of the interesting sites that help to improve your writing speed. This is completely free to use and also no login is required. This site provides you with all the information regarding typing from basics. It comes with various sections like Typing Test, Learn to Type, Practice, and Statistics. This has various types of typing lessons namely Base Position, Home row, Home row, and top row, All letters, All rows, etc. To test your writing speed, you can take a typing test which is available on this site. From the statistics section, you can find the test results and make efforts to improve the result in the next attempt.

Highlights of Typing Academy

  • Clean UI
  • No login is required for some tests
  • Allows to Customize the keyboard preferences

6. Rata Type

RataType Homepage

Rata Type is a typing tutor site with plenty of informative content. On this site, you will gain complete information about typing right from its roots. Moreover, it also lets you know the right posture for typing which helps in improving the writing speed and reducing errors. In the learn section, you will find topics like sitting posture for typing, keyboard scheme, finger motion, and typing speed. When it comes to the tutor section, a wide range of course languages like English, Spanish, French, Russian, and Ukrainian are available. To make the learning more interesting, it comes with a game mode through which you can earn coins by learning. These coins can be used to unlock new heroes.

Highlights of Rata Type

  • Simple User Interface
  • Free to use
  • Provides free certification
  • Gives Instructions for better typing

Pricing – Free

7. Typing practice

Typing Practice Homepage

Typing Practice is an open-source site that allows you to practice and improve your writing speed. This has a very clean user interface. Just you have to do is visit the site and start practicing. You can use this without creating any account unless or until you want to save your practice results. It also has a Multiplayer mode in which you have to compete with other learners online. This mode helps to increase your writing speed in a competitive method. It has both dark and light themes. You can also modify the Learning mode, Keyboard Layout, and Miscellaneous.

Highlights of Typing Practice

  • Easy-to-take tests
  • The Typing test is available on the homepage itself
  • Provides different types of layouts
  • Stores the results permanently

Pricing – Free

8. Key Hero – Online Typing Test WPM

Keyhero - Online Typing Teest WPM

Key Hero is an online typing tutor that helps in improving your typing speed. When you visit this site, you will find some test results of those who top in their typing test. Both learning and testing can be taken on this site itself. No login is required unless or until you want to make your name to be displayed on the result table. The test results are represented in a graphical way. This site is available in 20+ languages.

Highlights of Key Hero

  • Simple and Clean Interface
  • More Productive
  • The Site is available in 20+ languages
  • Graphical representation of Accuracy and WPM

Pricing – Free

9. LiveChat – Free Typing Test

LiveChat - Test Your Typing skills

LiveChat – Free Typing Test is the best customer service platform used to communicate with their customers to resolve issues. It is very important and necessary to chat with the customers quickly and accurately. So, to improve their employee’s productivity, they provided a free typing test on the site. The test lasts for 60 minutes and based on your performance, results are shown in the form of WPM, %Accuracy, and chars/min.

Highlights of LiveChat – Free Typing Test

  • Free-to-use
  • Professional Interface
  • Best for Customer support employees

Pricing – Free

10. Typing Master

Typing Master is a typing tutor available for both online and offline use. You can download and use it to take a free 1-week typing tutor. Later, you have to purchase the subscription(Standard & Premium). You can test your writing speed online for free in the form of playing games. There are a lot of different games that help you to take tests and it is completely free.

Highlights of Typing Master

  • Available in Online and Offline versions
  • Compatible with the latest version of Windows
  • Provides different types of typing games
  • You can download it from Microsoft Store also


Typing Master is available in two versions, such as Standard and Premium. Both versions can be downloaded in the student version. The prices of both versions are shown in the below screenshot.

Typing Master Pricing

11. 10FastFingers

10 Fast Fingers Homepage

10FastFingers is a free site that helps you to test and improve your writing speed with their free typing games. There are plenty of training text formats in every section. You can also practice and take tests on your own text. This site provides various options like Typing Tests, Advanced Tests, Custom Typing Tests, Typing Competition, and Text Practice. Through the Typing competition section, you can join typing game competitions across the world, and also you can create a game.

Highlights of 10FastFingers

  • Free-to-use
  • Simple games to test your typing speed
  • Different types of typing tests and Competitions

Pricing – Free


Writing speed represents a significant part of every writer. It shows how fast you can deliver an unmistakable piece of content. By visiting the websites above, your speed will be on a much higher level after some time. Don’t quit rapidly and focus on yourself and your improvement. The results will be visible sooner or later.

I hope this tutorial, How To Improve Writing Speed? What Websites are Best for it? helped you to gain complete information regarding improving writing speed. If you like this article, please share it and follow WhatVwant on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for more Technical tips.

How To Improve Writing Speed? What Websites are best for it? – FAQs

IS typing 40 wpm good?

The average typing speed is around 40 words per minute or around 190-200 characters per minute. Typing at an above-average speed of 50-60 words per minute is good enough and is not difficult to achieve.

Is 300 wpm possible?

In very short bursts yes. When typing a small sentence people like Kukkain can get over 300 wpm while holding it for a significant amount of time.

How fast can Bill Gates read?

Bill Gates can read approximately 150 pages per hour.

What are Key Depressions?

KDPH stands for Key Depressions Per Hour. It is used to major speed of typing which is known as Typograph Speed. It means how many keys you press in one hour during a speed test.

How do you count key depression?

Gross WPM is really the typing speed that you type in one minute it’s getting by total keystrokes (Key Depression) divided by 5 (one word = 5 characters) and then divided by total minute to get word per minute speed.

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