Apple Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts Everyone Must Know

Apple Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts play a key role in saving your valuable time. Instead of moving the hand to the mouse and placing the cursor position at a specific point, all the tasks can be done just with the help of keyboard shortcuts.

Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts

Control + Media Eject/EjectOpens the dialog with Restart/Sleep/Shut Down options
Shift + Control + EjectAll your displays will be put in to sleep
Command + Alt + EjectPut computer in sleep mode
Command + Control + EjectRestarts Mac after saving / Quitting applications
Command + Alt + Control + EjectQuit all applications then shuts down the Mac
Command + ShiftLog out from your user account after your confirmation
Command + Shift + Alt + QLog out of your OS X user account immediately (you won’t be asked to confirm action)
Command + Shift + Question Mark (?)    Opens the help
Command + Shift + Delete Empty the Trash contents

Note: The following shortcut commands primarily applies to the Microsoft 365 applications for Mac:

Command + ASelects all the content in the app
Command + BMakes the font bold
Command + CCopy the selected content
Command + DFont changes
Command + EAligns the center
Command + FFind in the app
Command + GFind next
Command + HReplaces the content
Command + IItalic font
Command + JJustifies
Command + LAligns the left
Command + MMinimize
Command + NNew document
Command + OOpen file
Command + PPrint the file
Command + QQuit the document
Command + RAligns the right
Command + SSave the changes
Command + TIndent will be hanged
Command + UUnderlines
Command + VPaste
Command + XCut
Command + YRedo the changes done
Command + ZUndo the changes done
Command + Option + EscForce quit window will open and choose the application to forcibly quit that
Command + Shift + Option + EscForce the front application to quit by pressing these keys and holding for three seconds
Command + tabRuns through the Open applications, switches to the application used mostly
Command + Shift + Tilde (~)Switch to the window of the applications used mostly
Command + Shift + 4Take the screenshot of selected area
Command + Shift + 3Take the screenshot of entire screen
Command + SpacebarOpen the spotlight search
Command + comma (,)Front app preferences will be opened
Command + control + Media EjectFront app preferences will be opened
Command + shift +:Displays the window that has spelling and grammar
Command +;Find misspelled words in the document
SpacebarQuick look
Command + Up ArrowInsertion point will be moved to the document beginning
Command + Down ArrowInsertion point will be moved to the document end
Command + Left ArrowInsertion point will be moved to the current line beginning
Command + Right ArrowInsertion point will be moved to the current line end
Option + Left ArrowThe insertion point will be moved to the previous word beginning
Option + Right ArrowInsertion point will be moved to the next word end
Shift + tabMoves the cursor backward
Shift + Page up/Up ArrowMoves cursor position to the beginning of the file
Shift + Page down/down ArrowMoves cursor position to the end of the file

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