How to Change Mac password (Step by step procedure with images)?

Want to Change Mac password? You can change it with simple steps. A password is a combination of alphabets, numbers, and special characters. It is used for authentication purpose that proves identity for gaining the access to a specific resource. If easier the password is set, then it will be easier for an attacker to guess. So the password must be very strong with different combinations of alphanumeric & special characters and that should be harder to guess or hack by someone.

Password change

The password for any system must be kept safe and secure. This should not be shared with anyone, write anywhere, and must be confidential. It should be maintained as a secret to avoid unauthorized access. You may also read 2 Best ways to protect passwords.

Why to change or update password?

The password for OS X is much more important as Mac OS X is a more secure operating system. It should be updated/changed based on the frequency to make it more secure and consistent. Mac OS X requests the password in the below scenarios.

  1. At the time of installing new software.
  2. While deleting the files that were important.
  3. While updating the configurations files etc.

So it is very important to keep the password secure and updated regularly.

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How to Change Mac password

Follow the below steps to change the Mac password in a more simple and efficient way.

1). Click on Apple Menu (Apple Icon) on the top menu bar and select System Preferences.

System Preferences

2). Then click on the Users & Groups Icon which will be under the System category.

System Preferences Screen

3). By default ‘Current User’ will be selected once the section was opened.

Current User screen

4). You can choose the account from the sidebar for which the password was forgotten.

5). Then select the ‘Change Password’ button from the Users & Groups section.

Change Mac password

6). Here you can see the options to enter Old password, New password, Verify and Password hint Details.

Change Password screen

7). Enter the old password in the Old password field.

8). Enter the new password that you want to change in the New password field.

9). You can notice the lock icon after the New password field. It can be referred as ‘Password Assistant’ which will help in providing the tips/suggestions for the password to be changed.

Password Assistant screen

10). Under the tips section, you can see the hints for the password to be used while changing.

11). The passwords entered into the New password field and Verify field should match for the changes to happen. Otherwise, an error alert will be received.

Passwords do not match

12). Enter all the fields and click on ‘Change Password’ button.

13). The password was changed and you can use a new password in the next login.

Now the password has been changed for the selected account. You can login now using the changed one.

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