MilesWeb WordPress Hosting For Your eCommerce Store

Do you love online shopping? You would say is this person mad to ask me this? All of you love it right. While online shopping, you first visit the store that is your favorite. But what if your store doesn’t load faster or gives some type of error, you might get annoyed and switch to another store. Many of you won’t even look back to it again.

Imagine that this happens with your own store. Started sweating? Your sales will go down as your existing customers will stop visiting your website. Also, they will spread the negative reviews about your store and this will force you to close your store. What should you do to stop this? These problems might occur even when you have selected a wrong or bad web host or hosting solution for your eCommerce website.

It’s a fact that selecting a best web host isn’t very easy today. But if you keenly look for the features and pricing of different web hosts and then select one for your website, your decision will be right. Next thing is selecting the best web hosting solution. There are several web hosting solutions available right from shared hosting to cloud hosting. You should choose one as per your website requirements and based on the type of website – whether it’s an eCommerce store, business website, blog or startup website. Shared hosting is the cheapest option with fewer resources, which is ideal for new websites that don’t get a lot of traffic.

WordPress is the most popular and commonly used CMS for building websites and if your website is build using the same, WordPress hosting India is the best option for you.

What is MilesWeb?

Though not so popular as those giant providers, MilesWeb has built a strong reputation for themselves as one of the reliable, fast, and friendly hosting services.

It was started in 2012, in Nashik, Maharashtra, India. MilesWeb since then promises to deliver lightning-fast loading speeds, flawless uptime, all the features your site could ever need, and excellent customer support to start with.

How Good is MilesWeb Web Hosting?

MilesWeb web hosting services are as good as expected by the public. Their tagline reveals “Your Hosting, Our Responsibility” and they deliver it truly. They are considered to be the fastest hosting company on the web. They showcase their web hosting as the most fast and reliable web hosting as compared to their competitors.

Apart from being fast and reliable, MilesWeb team gives complete attention when it comes to customer satisfaction. The user-friendly interface is actually appreciated by the newbies and professional developers too. Also, the website migration without data loss and a wide selection of features at affordable prices are the pointers that help them stand unique.

The true difference between MilesWeb and other web hosting companies is that they cater their customers with a combo of pocket-friendly prices, quality services and exceptional customer support.

MilesWeb has always empowered people to get their business online with confidence. You will experience this when you buy a perfect web hosting plan that is fairly prices and troubleshoot your issues with the friendliest customer support members.

MilesWeb WordPress Hosting

MilesWeb offers managed WordPress hosting that gives you freedom to completely focus on your business goals. This is because everything is managed by their team itself.

Check their plans as below. Our readers get a special discount on MilesWeb hosting services. Please check this MilesWeb discount coupon page for the latest offers.

WordPress Hosting + Free Domain

MilesWeb prices for 3 years plan.

You Will Hug Their Customer Support Team

MilesWeb invests its time, money and care it takes for building a perfect and talented tech support team. Anyone might get frustrated when it comes to troubleshooting. But the MilesWeb customer support team goes above and beyond for making the process less painful.

If you ever doubt that whether your support inquiry has been delivered to the overseas call center, you will be happy to know that MilesWeb customers support team is highly professional and know the native-English.

Beyond this, MilesWeb support team also comprises of developers that have a deep knowledge about the website development. This makes them to act as both – patient guides for the beginners and expert professionals for highly experienced customers.

You will find the reviews about MilesWeb, wherein their support team has even managed to find and resolve the technical issues which their web developers missed.

They are available 24/7 via mediums such as live chat, email and phone. They quickly respond to your queries and so, you don’t have to wait for long to get your queries resolved.

You Will Love Their Lifetime Free Domain

They offer you lifetime free domain with their Heart and Diamond plans.

Update WordPress Automatically

You don’t have to install the updates of WordPress manually. All the process is automatic and is monitored to get all the updates installed on your website.

Store Your Data Faster with SSDs

The SSD drives use flash technology to store your data faster which the HDD drives can’t.

Secure Your Website with Free SSL

All the websites hosted on MilesWeb server are SSL certified to keep your website as well as customers’ data safe.

Get Pre-Configured WordPress

You don’t need to install WordPress on your server as it comes pre-configured with your WordPress hosting plans.

Boost Your WordPress Website Performance

Get robust, ultra-fast and scalable WordPress hosting for your WordPress sites. Also, the features such as server caching, SSD hardware, PHP 7 and HTTP/2 support also help your website perform with blazing speed.

Secure Your Emails

Your email accounts come secure with the IMAP/POP/SMTP accounts. Also, get the support for autoresponder, mail forwards and email aliases.

Get the Bonus Advantage with Jetpack Feature

You can design, market as well as secure your website in a hassle-free way. Also, you can automatically share and re-share posts on social media, automatically update plugins, display high-quality ads, secure your website by spam filtering and malware scanning, and do much more.

Check for Technical Features

CloudFlare Railgun: Railgun boosts the connectivity between the web server and CloudFlare CDN.

HTTPS By Default: SSL certificate is by default installed on the websites hosted at MilesWeb server.

GZIP Compression: Improve the delivery time for sites of any sizes with the GZIP compression software included in all the WordPress hosting plans.

SFTP Access: It helps in transferring your files in a secure way with SFTP between the network hosts.

WP-CLI: It helps to interact with your website using the command line interface. You can also use the commands such as wp-doctor and wp-profile.

Dedicated WordPress Support: There is a dedicated team to resolve the WordPress related issues and the team is available for 24/7 via email and live chat.

Daily Backups: Your website backup is taken daily once every 24 hours and also, is restored free of cost. But this feature is available only with Jack/Queen/King plans.

CDN: A CDN helps to expand the reach as well as the performance of your website for best visitor experience.

Cloning: You can create a complete copy of your WordPress website with the one-click cloning tool while migrating your website, developing your website, integrating a new plugin’s functionality, testing a new theme or implementing a significant update on your site.

Server-side Optimizations: Boost your website performance with their specifically configured servers.

Caching: WordPress requires clearing cache on daily basis. The caching tool does this and finds the data that loads frequently and keeps it ready to go when it is called by the visitors.

Final Words

By reading this review about MilesWeb, you might surely get impressed. But you can also check for their reviews if you are still in doubt about their services and take your decision accordingly.

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