How to Create A Strong Password Using a Free Online Password Generator

Do you want to create a strong password? Are you searching for a free online password generator to generate a complex password? This tutorial will give you a simple and quick solution.

What is the Strong password?

A strong password is hard to remember and very hard to hack.

A complex or strong Password should be the combination of

  1. Lower case letters
  2. Upper case letters
  3. Digital numbers
  4. Symbols.
  5. The password length should be as long as possible. Probably 12 to 15 characters. For Ex:- HerL/$53*(fhsUy

When you generate the complex password with those requirements, even you cannot remember and no one can hack your password. Usually, these kind of passwords are safe.

You don’t have to struggle to generate a secure password. Because there are many free password generators available in the online market.

Which is the Best free Online Password generator?

I think LastPass is the best free online password manager and generator. It even gives you offline software for free with many features than any other its competitors.

LastPass homepage

The free version gives you many features like Generating password, Storing complex passwords, Supports one device, etc., premium version supports multiple devices and gives more features like save and fill passwords, multi-factor authentication, priority tech support, etc., You can read our LastPass review for complete details.

You don’t have to download LastPass software to generate a password. Because they provide an online password generator for free.

How to Create A Strong Password?

  1. Visit LastPass Online Password generator page. You will see below screen.
  2. Change the Password length as required by you.
  3. Select every option like Uppercase, Lowercase, etc., as required. It is better to leave Easy to read and Easy to say options.
  4. Click on refresh symbol which is right to the password field to generate a password.
  5. You can keep on clicking refresh symbol to generate random passwords as many as you need.
  6. Copy the password to use anywhere.
Create A Strong Password

I think the above method is the best and quickest method to create a strong password for free online without downloading any software. If you know any other method, please share in the comment section.

I always suggest you to use the premium password mangers to maintain your passwords on all devices. So it is better to go with the LastPass premium version.

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