30 Most USeful Opera keyboard shortcuts

Here I am going to give you the most useful browser Opera keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts are helpful to do work without a mouse. These Opera Keyboard shortcuts are useful for improving typing skills and to concentrate on typing.

Usually, the laptop does not have a mouse. If you want, you can connect a mouse. Many people do not like using the touchpad of the laptop. If you learn computer keyboard shortcuts, you need not to connect the mouse to your laptop. Using opera keyboard shortcuts also improves speed.

opera is one of the fastest web browsers. If you don’t have an opera on your computer, Download opera and start using it.

30 Opera keyboard shortcuts

  DESCRIPTION———————————————–SHIFT KEY

  1. Go to top ——————————————————–Home
  2. Go to down —————————————————–End
  3. Activate——————————————————–Enter
  4. Exit context—————————————————-Esc
  5. Display contest————————————————-shift+f10
  6. Activate the address bar Save the page—————: Ctrl +S
  7. Find a word or a phrase on the page:—————— Ctrl +F
  8. Reload the page: ——————————————–Ctrl+ R
  9. Open a new tab (open Speed Dial):——————— Ctrl+ T
  10. Close the current tab:————————————- Ctrl+ W
  11. Re-open the last closed tab:—————————— Ctrl+ Shift +T
  12. Open the history———————————————Ctrl +H
  13. Cycle backward through open tabs)—————— Ctrl+ Shift+ Tab
  14. Open a private window:——————————– Ctrl+ Shift+ N
  15. Move one line up——————————————-Up arrow
  16. Move one line down—————————————-Down arrow
  17. Move one character to the right————————Right arrow
  18. Move one character to the left—————————Left arrow
  19. Move one screen full up———————————–Shift+ space
  20. Move one screen full down——————————-Space
  21. Move one screen full to left——————————-Ctrl+ page up
  22. Move one screen full to right—————————-Ctrl+ page down
  23. Undo recent change—————————————–Ctrl +z
  24. Redo recent changes—————————————-Ctrl +y
  25. Copy selection to clipboard——————————–Ctrl +c
  26. Move selection to clipboard——————————–Ctrl+ x
  27. Paste from clipboard—————————————Ctrl +v
  28. Select all——————————————————-Ctrl+ A
  29. Delete selection ———————————————-Delete
  30. go to home page———————————————-Ctrl+ space

Opera is a much less popular browser than the others, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not as good. It is only used by 2% of people.

Advantages of Opera

  • Lightweight browser: good for people using older computers
  • The growing collection of extensions
  • Quick to give support to new technology

Disadvantages of Opera

  • Has trouble loading a few sites in particular

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