30 Most Useful Opera Keyboard Shortcuts

Here I am going to give you the most useful browser Opera keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts are helpful to do work without a mouse. These Opera Keyboard shortcuts are useful for improving typing skills and concentrating on typing.

Usually, the laptop does not have a mouse. If you want, you can connect a mouse. Many people do not like using the touchpad of the laptop. If you learn computer keyboard shortcuts, you need not to connect the mouse to your laptop. Using Opera keyboard shortcuts also improves speed.

Opera is one of the fastest web browsers. If you don’t have Opera on your computer, Download Opera and start using it.

30 Opera Keyboard Shortcuts

DescriptionKeyboard Shortcut
Go-to TopHome
Go-to downEnd
Exit ContextEsc
Display ContestShift+F10
Activate the address bar, Save the pageCTRL/CMD+S
Find a word or a phrase on the pageCTRL/CMD+F
Reload the pageCTRL/CMD+R
Open a new tab (Open Speed Dial)CTRL/CMD+T
Close the current tabCTRL/CMD+W
Re-open the last closed tabCTRL/CMD+Shift+T
Open the historyCTRL/CMD+H
Cycle backward through open tabsCTRL/CMD+Shift+Tab
Open a private windowCTRL/CMD+Shift+N
Move One Line UpUp Arrow
Move One Line DownDown Arrow
Move One character to the rightRight Arrow
Move One character to the LeftLeft Arrow
Move one screen full-upShift+Space
Move one screen full-downSpace
Move one screen full-leftCTRL/CMD+Page up
Move one screen full-rightCTRL/CMD+Page down
Undo recent changesCTRL/CMD+Z
Redo recent changesCTRL/CMD+Y
Copy selection to ClipboardCTRL/CMD+C
Move selection to ClipboardCTRLCMD+X
Paste from ClipboardCTRL/CMD+V
Select AllCTRL/CMD+A
Delete SelectionDelete
Go-to Home PageCTRL/CMD+Space

Opera is a much less popular browser than the others, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not as good. It is only used by 2% of people.

Advantages of Opera

  • Lightweight browser: good for people using older computers
  • The growing collection of extensions
  • Quick to give support to new technology

Disadvantages of Opera

  • Has trouble loading a few sites in particular

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30 Useful Opera Keyboard Shortcuts – FAQs

What is Ctrl-Space in Opera?

Open Instant Search in the Opera Browser. For those of us who use a lot of tabs at once, this is a simple way to search through tabs or search online without opening a new window.

Is Opera GX safe?

All of the top browsers(Edge, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera) are reasonably safe. They all continue to improve their security.

Is Opera GX free?

Opera GX: A free gaming browser for Windows. Opera GX is a free and advanced web browser specifically designed for gamers.

What is Opera R?

Opera R is a robotic sanding machine that is unique, offering levels of machinability, precision, and quality never before obtained with the technology of this sector.

How does Opera GX work?

Opera GX is a special version of the Opera browser built specifically for gamers. The browser includes unique features like CPU, RAM, and Network limiters to help you get the most out of both gaming and browsing.

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