39 Must-Know Google Chrome browser keyboard shortcuts

Here I am going to give you the most useful Google Chrome browser keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts are helpful to do work without a mouse. These Google Chrome Keyboard shortcuts are useful for improving typing skills and to concentrate on typing. Usually, the laptop does not have a mouse. If you want, you can connect a mouse. Many people do not like using the touchpad of laptop. If you learn Computer keyboard shortcuts, you need not to connect the mouse to your laptop. Using Google chrome keyboard shortcuts also improves the working speed.

Google chrome is one of the fastest web browsers. If you don’t have chrome on your computer, download google chrome and start using it. You can also follow these tips to increase Google Chrome speed. You can also use Google chrome for remote desktop access.????

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Google Chrome browser keyboard shortcuts

Shortcut key  ————   Description

Ctrl+9———————- Go to the last tab in the window

Ctrl+N————– Open a new window

Ctrl+Shift+N————– Open a new window in incognito mode

Ctrl+T ———————–Open a new tab

Ctrl+O———————– Open a file in the browser

Ctrl+Shift+Q————— Sign out of your Google Account on Chrome OS

Ctrl+W———————– Close the current tab

Ctrl+Shift+W —————Close the current window

Ctrl+Shift+T—————– Reopen the last tab you’ve closed.

Ctrl+Tab———————- Go to the next tab in the window

Ctrl+Shift+Tab ————– Go to the previous tab in the window

Alt+Tab————————- Go to the next window you have open

Alt+Shift+Tab—————– Go to the previous window you have open

Alt+ up arrow —————- Page up

 Alt+ down arrow  ———– Page down

Space bar  ———————-  Scroll down the web page

Ctrl+Alt + up arrow ———  Home

Ctrl+Alt + down arrow —–   End

Ctrl+P—————————— Print your current page

Ctrl+S ——————————Save your current page

Ctrl+R—————————— Reload your current page

Ctrl and + ————————– Zoom in on the page

Ctrl and  – —————————– Zoom out on the page

Ctrl+0——————————– Reset zoom level

Esc   ———————————- Stop the loading of your current page

Ctrl+F——————————- Open the find bar to search your current page

Ctrl+G ——————————-Go to the next match for your input in the find bar

Ctrl+Shift+G————————- Go to the previous match for your input in the find bar

Ctrl+M——————————— Open the Files app

Ctrl+———————————— Display hidden files in the Files app

Ctrl+H———————————- Open the History page

Ctrl+J ————————————Open the Downloads page

Shift+Esc ———————————-Open the Task Manager

Ctrl+Alt+/ ——————————–Open the list of available keyboard shortcuts

Ctrl+?————————————— Go to the Help Center

Ctrl+A—————————————- Select everything on the page

Ctrl+L or Alt+D————————— Select the content in the address bar

Ctrl+Shift + right arrow  ————  Select next word or letter

Ctrl+Shift + left arrow —————-  Select previous word or letter

You can also see more Google chrome shortcut keys from this Google chrome support topic.

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