2 simple methods to Remove adware from PC,IE,Chrome & Mozilla

Want to remove adware from your device and Internet browsers? Then is it possible? Yes, It is possible. In this article, I am showing 2 simple methods to Remove adware from PC, IE, Chrome & Mozilla. One day I have opened my own website in my browser. I have seen lots of ads popping up from the left side, bottom, and right side. I knew that I did not put those ads on my blog. I came to know that, my system effected by adware.

I have observed the ad and I found the word “netcrawler.com”. It is adware. I went to the control panel and uninstalled that. My problem was solved. The other day my google chrome effected by the delta search. My default search became a delta search. One more time I went to control and uninstalled delta search. But it could not solve my problem. Then I have downloaded the free adware removal tool. It solved my problem within seconds.

Here I am giving you those two methods in detail.

What is Adware?

It is a program, usually comes along with free downloads. It will display too many ads in your browser. It is not an actual virus. It will not harm your system. But it will harm your browser and your browsing experience.

First method to remove adware

  • Go to “control panel”.
  • Go to “Program features” then go to “add/remove program” Or “uninstall a program”. You may find a different option in another OS.
  • Search the entire list for unwanted programs.

If you find any one of the above names. Uninstall that. Even if you don’t find the above name, search for any other unwanted program and uninstall that.

I think it will solve your problem. Sometimes it will not solve your problem. Because, even after uninstalling, adware stays in registries. If the problem persists, then follow the second method.

Second method to Remove adware with a free tool

Download the adware removal tool here. It is freeware software. It removes adware from Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla.

  • You will get a .exe file.
  • Run the file. Click on Scan.
Remove adware

Click on Ok after completing scan. Now you will see a window with results.

Remove adware

Click “Next”. You will see another window that will ask you to close all running programs. Close all running programs and Click Ok.

Now you have adware free PC.

If you don’t want to get adware or malware on your PC, you must use any one of the antivirus software like AVG(50% Discounted link) or Panda (60% Discounted link).


These are the methods that I used to remove the adware from my device and Internet browsers. I hope these will helps you also in removing adware. If you know any other methods share it through the comment section.

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