Review of Mobile Keylogger Free for Android

Are you concerned about the safety of your child and wish to get a mobile keylogger free installed on mobile? There are different mobile keyloggers available. Yet one that is free is worth trying.

Why do I need control over a child in the modern world?

Today, children are a more privileged lot in the sense that they can access technology easily. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and the like abound and are easily available thanks to the decline in prices over the past few years. Further, connectivity has improved. Today, children can access high-speed internet easily via smartphones and other devices. This has done good as well as harm. Children have become vulnerable to diverse cyber crimes.

Children get unknowingly get exposed to harmful elements while visiting various websites, social media networks, sending SMS, emails and so on. Therefore, it’s parents need to control children under the circumstances by using technology like a mobile keylogger free.

What control methods do parents use?

Parents use diverse control methods on children. The objective is to make children responsive, responsible and understand the importance of ways they should conduct at different instances. This may happen in the form of verbal communication ranging from telling them softly, putting limits on their behaviors to penal action. However, this may not happen every time thanks to the preoccupations of parents. Parents are busy in their business, at the workplace, or they have to be at a job. All this makes difficult and they miss to control children.

To avoid such circumstances new technologies like spy software applications have come up to help such parents out.

What is Snoopza and why will it be chosen to control a child?

Snoopza is a mobile keylogger free for monitoring smartphones. It enables to control children by monitoring their activity on the Internet via smartphones. There are many reasons why parents choose Snoopza for their children’s smartphone.

mobile keylogger for android

The phone tracker keylogger app is a free program that can record calls, track phone locations, show SMS, internet browsing activity. The most important is that you can keep the app hidden in your child’s phone, and you can know what they are doing online without having to let them know it. You can do it on a real-time basis.

How difficult is to install the mobile keylogger free on the phone?

Installing the application on the target mobile device is not particularly difficult. To do this, you need to visit the official website of Snoopza and register on the site, specifying your e-mail address and password. Simply connect the device to the monitoring and follow the instructions here:

To get started, take the target device.

Open ‘Play Store’ application —-> Menu —-> Play protect —->settings

Disable Scan device for security threats —-> OK.

Now visiting

Type email and password, click create a free account —-> Download App

Download and open file.

If you’re unable to find ‘Add Device area, press + and click download link.

If the app does not come up in the browser, use File Manager to locate it in the Downloads fold and start it there.

Tap Settings —-> Allow from this source —->Back —-> Install —-> Open.

Choose installation option and tap OK. As per the option choose to hide Snoopza logo.

And follow other instructions.

Start monitoring your children.

All this takes a few minutes.

Snoopza Price & Plans

Snoopza mobile keylogger free is an economical affordable.

Plan Basic Plan Standard
1 month Free $9.95
1 year Free $99.95

The basic version is free. And the Standard version is priced at $9.95 for one month and $99.95 for 12 months.

What is included in the free subscription to the program?

The free subscription comes with important features including:

Tracking calls – You can know the incoming and outgoing calls.

SMS – Both incoming and outgoing SMS are can be found stored in your control panel.

Phone location – This is, probably, the most important features.

It enables locating the position of the phone on a real-time basis. This is possible with the use of Wi-Fi, GPs and signals form the cell phone tower. However it is limited to android phones. So if you are looking for a keylogger for iOs, visit Increditools and check out the best deals for you.

What are the benefits of a Snoopza paid version of the application?

The paid version of Snoopza mobile keylogger free comes with all basic features and other features including:

Call recording

You can get all incoming and outgoing calls recorded and stored.

Viber spy

You can track all the messages, files, videos, images sent and received on Viber.

Facebook spy

Track all the messages, videos, and images etc., shared on Facebook.

snoopza facebook spy

This is an important feature as children may send and receive objectionable content. It may also push teen children to start bad habits like smoking, illicit drug use, sex ext.

WhatsApp spy

Using this feature you can track all the images, videos, audio files sent and received by your child.

It will also enable to known the contact numbers and number for the contact list.

Snapchat spy

This is a danger to children. They may get exposed to cyber thieves/cybercriminals who can steal data. Snoopza will track your children’s activity.


The screenshots done by the app intermittently are helpful.  It may get the screen shots when the user unlocks the device.

Stealth Mode

The app can be kept hidden in the target device. This is important because by keeping it hidden you can know the actual activity that happens online, which otherwise could be manipulated.

Check Contacts

The app tracks the contact list showing the names of the numbers of invidious who the target device user contacted.

Track to-do List

Tracking the to-do list will show the activities that your children is going to perform as well those they did in the past. Tacking these activities will help you take preventive measures.

SIM card replacement detection

The app warns you when you change your SIM card. Note that even if you change the SIM card, it continues to work.

Track camera

A security camera will help you find out where your child was. The camera takes real time images whenever the user is active.


Snoopza mobile phone tracker is an easy, and simple phone tracking app that can stay hidden in the target device. It can determine the exact location of an individual or the phone and furnishes you the details of the location of the device.

Thus, it is so useful for parents who are concerned for their children’s safety. Using Snoopza mobile keylogger free, rest assured about your children’s safety when they’re away from home at school.

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Review about Mobile Keyloggers free for android-FAQ

Can i know the SIM card replacement using snoopza mobile keylogger?

Yes. You can get alert when you change the SIM card. Even if you change the SIM card, it continues to work.

What are the benefits snoopza paid paid version?

The paid version of Snoopza offers advanced features along with Facebook spy, what’s app spy, Snapchat spy, call recording, screenshots, Vyber spy, and so on.

Is call recording available with the free subscription of Snoopza?

Snoopza free subscription dosn’t offer call recording option.

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