6 Unusual and Attractive Fonts

Are you looking for unusual and interesting fonts? Well, every other time, you would need something extraordinary but an eye-catching font which grabs people’s attention. When you require a unique font, you are not sure where to get it, right? So to help you out, I have Sampled some unique fonts that will amaze you. All of them are free. When you use the unusual fonts in your work, then you will be unique and creative, so let’s get into it.

Unusual and Attractive fonts

1.Pop of the Tops

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This is an elegant handwritten font that is Cooper black. It got its name from a compilation of pop albums in the early 1970s. It is unique, and it is free from personal use though it can also be used for commercial use.

2.Bad signal

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This is one of the noticeable fonts which makes it noticeable. It is a modern form of an unusual font with brash and bold characters. This font features distorted streaks of random lines, which are all in caps giving an appearance of a noisy phone line that is where it derived its name. It was created by a Spanish, and it is absolutely free. If you want to make your work a little bit unique, then this is a perfect font for you. It brings an amazing, impressive design.

3.Through the black

This font can give you readers uneasy feelings, and that is what makes it a bit unusual. It has weirdly structured characters that are noticeable. They are bold, and they appear slanting. It gives the effect of a ransom note which appears to be cut out from the newspaper text. Therefore it is good when it is used sparingly because of its weirdness. It free font, although it can also be used for commercial purposes. It has plenty of weights to allow you to have a real taste of a black font. If you are a designer, this font should not miss in your project because it is ultimately unique.

4.Blue rabbit

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The name sounds interesting because it is hard to establish the relationship between this font and the rabbits. Most people prefer using this particular font in a blue color form, but you can use any other color of your choice. This font has its unique elegance, and it is perfectly circular with an intriguing mix of both the upper case and the lower case characters, which makes it so catchy. If you can use it in your project, it will make it noticeable because most people are not used to such a font.

William Santos created the blue rabbit, and designers and bloggers are the beneficiaries of his creativity. This font is free to use, but you need to be smart enough to know how to use it appropriately. It can also be used for commercial purposes, but the bottom line is that it is an all-time weird font.

5.Simple Myopia

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This is another great work by Manero, which stimulates some sense of short sightedness because of its blurring texts. The scattering of the pixels around its characters makes it an unusual font. It works well in the headlines of posters. It incorporates both the uppercase and lowercase letters with a few accented characters, which makes it elegant.

6.Smile and wave

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This is a sans serif font which portrays weathering effect and some unique triangular styling, which makes it attractive. People will stop to look at it twice because it is full of creativity and weirdness. It was created by Chris Ville, and it a free font that you can use for your work. It is important to use it sparingly so that it remains classy and attractive.

The uniqueness of these fonts is immense. If you want more exposure, bitmap fonts can help you have a varied choice. Generally, fonts play a crucial role because they help in attracting readers and keep them engaged with your content. It is important to ensure the font used is readable and appropriate. These fonts differ in various aspects, and that is why you need to identify your audience and what they expect from your content.


These unusual fonts which I have listed in this article can help to make your work unique. All you need to do is to be creative, especially when spicing up the headline of your blogs or posters. Follow your taste and explore the glamour that it presents.

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