Upgrade to Internet Explorer 64 bit version from 32 bit

Want to Upgrade internet explorer 64-bit version from the 32-bit version. Don’t worry here you will see how to check your IE version and how to get IE 64-bit version. If you use 64-bit IE, you will get more security, high speed. It will give good stability and performance.

How to check the Internet Explorer version?

Before upgrading to the 64-bit version, you need to know about your current IE version. First, you need to check whether you are using 34-bit or 64 bit. Don’t worry, follow the below procedure to check your current version.

1st method

Go to the Help section. Click on About Internet explorer. You will see the below window. If you are using the 64-bit version, you will see the word 64-bit Edition shows that in below second image. If you are using the 32-bit version, you don’t see a 64-bit Edition word.

IE 32-bit Edition

internet explorer 64 bit

IE 64-bit Edition

internet explorer 64 bit

2nd method :

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Press Alt+Ctrl+Delete buttons at a time.
  3. Select Task Manager.
  4. Select the Processes tab. By default, you will see the Processes tab, otherwise, you need to select that tab.
  5. Search for Internet Explorer in the list. You will see a bit version near word Internet Explorer.

3rd method

  1. Right-click on the Internet Explorer icon
  2. Select properties
  3. Select General section.
internet explorer 64 bit
internet explorer 64 bit

Upgrade Internet Explorer 64-bit version from 32 bit

Go to this internet explorer download page.

ie11 64 bit

Select the latest Internet explorer 64-bit version. Select Next. Select your required language on the next page and select Download. Now you have got Internet Explorer 64-bit edition.

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  1. when I try to upgade windows7 32 bit to windows11 64 bit it does not Install and says your system is not support this version


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