What Is A Virtual Machine? 5 Best Virtual Machine Software

Want to know What is a virtual machine? This tutorial will give you the details about the Virtual machine and a list of the best virtual machine software.

What is a virtual machine?

Virtual Machine is an operating system runs on the computer which exhibits the behavior of another computer and performs the tasks same as the computer. Virtual machine acts as a ‘Guest’ and the computer acts as ‘Host’. Single Host can access the multiple Virtual Machines. Multiple Operating systems runs side by side with the help of software called Hypervisor to manage them and the computer uses OS to run other OS within the windows.

Virtual Machines can be divided into two types. They are

  • System Virtual Machines: It is a  system platform which supports the sharing of Host computer’s physical resources for the multiple virtual machines.
  • Process Virtual machines: It is a platform independent programme. It is a single process and runs the application inside the host operating system.


  • It allows multiple operating systems on the computer.
  • It is easy to manage and control.


  • The virtual machines are not as efficient as the physical computer.
  • The performance of the virtual machine will be not stable if we run multiple operating systems on the physical one.

Best Virtual Machine Softwares



Parallels VM application runs on Windows, Mac, Linux operating systems. Even though it is best for Mac, Parallels also runs for Windows and Linux. It is not free but paid software. It grants the ability to run continuously run Windows and Mac applications side-by-side. According to the user’s preference, Parallels designs system, and hardware resources for a windows experience.

Parallels have three versions. They are Basic, Pro and Business Edition

  • Basic Edition is for the people who are newly switching from PC to Mac and for the persons who need to use windows applications on regular basis.
  • Pro Edition is for the software developers, testers, power users integrates with Microsoft visual studio.
  • The business edition includes all of the above and centralized administration and management tools and a license key which helps to control entire departments and organizations.


It offers

  • Clipboard sharing and synchronization.
  • It allows shared folders.
  • Transparent printer and peripheral support.
  • Files can be easily dragged between two Operating systems.

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vmware is a virtual machine and offers three virtualization software. they are VMware workstation Pro, VMware Fusion Pro, and VMware Workstation Player. VMware workstation pro and fusion pro are paid software’s whereas VMware workstation player is at free of cost.

  • This workstation package is useful for professionals who want the virtual machine capable of running applications on multiple operating systems simultaneously.
  • VMware fusion is a simple application for general users to run windows on Mac machine.
  • VMware player is free of cost for personal usage, it helps those who are looking to run virtual machines on  Windows or Linux OS.

All the software’s are simple to use, can installed quickly and the combination between the operating systems is continuous. It is most reliable and stable.

3.Oracle VM Virtual box:

oracle vm

Oracle VM Virtual box is formerly Sun virtual box, Sun xVM Virtual box, and Innotek Virtual box and it is developed by Oracle Corporation. This application is free of cost. It supports Windows, Mac, and Linux and it has 10000 users who are registered.


  • It supports 64-bit guest hardware virtualization.
  • It has the ability to run the applications side by side.
  • To switch between the systems it has special drivers and utilities.
  • It has shared folders and clipboard.
  • It can run and control guest application from the host.
  • It allows snapshots.
  • It is a public API to control and execute the virtual machines.
  • It has limited support for 3D graphics.

4.Windows Virtual PC:

virtual pc

Windows Virtual PC supports windows operating systems and free of cost.  It is the latest Microsoft virtualization technology and can use it to run more than one operating system at the same time on one PC. Also, you can run many productivity applications on a virtual Windows environment, with a single click, directly from a computer running Windows 7. Windows Virtual PC is weak when compared with the other virtual machine software. This is used to emulate earlier versions of windows.

5.Microsoft Hyper-V:

windows vm

Microsoft Hyper-V supports only on Windows 10 and Windows server and at free of cost. It set up is difficult and has limited Linux support. It was first released in 2008. Now it comes as part of Windows 10 pro and Windows server without any additional cost. The guest OS support windows server, Windows XP SP3, Linux has limited support and has no virtual GPU support.

These are the best Virtual Machine software for windows. If you have any queries regarding this article about What is a virtual machine, do let us know in the comment section below. Please follow whatvwant on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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