What is Udemy? Details about A Best Online Course Platform

What is Udemy? If you had this question, here you will get the answer to your question. In this tutorial, you will also learn complete details about Udemy.

What is Udemy?

Udemy is an online learning and teaching marketplace with more than 1,30,000 video courses. And new courses will be published every month. This platform aimed at adult professionals who want to add new skills to their resume or want to explore their passions. This platform helps professionals, creating courses that can be offered to the public, either with tuition fee or no charge. It is providing tools that allow the creators to make courses, promote courses, and earn money from the fee paid by the students. There are no Udemy courses that are currently credentialed for the college credit. But students are taking courses widely as a means of improving skills that are related to their job.

Some classes generate credit into technical certification. And Udemy welcomes corporate trainers who seek to build coursework for the employees of their company. With Udemy’s course development tools, they can upload video, audio, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, live classes, and zip files to be able to create courses. Instructors may also engage and interact with users through discussion boards online.


Udemy categories

The courses are offered all over a wide range of categories, which include entrepreneurship, arts, music, business, fitness and health, academics, technology, and language. Most of the classes are in practical subjects through an iPhone camera or Excel software. The application is also offering thousands of training courses on different topics, ranging from office productivity, management, design, and marketing strategies, to digital marketing, and more. When you have Udemy for business, you can make custom learning portals for corporate training. Udemy is offering free and paid courses depending on the instructor.

The instructor’s compensation depends on how students have purchased their courses. Suppose students purchase their courses via the Instructor’s coupon or course referral link. Then the instructor will get a 97% revenue share on sales.
And if students purchase courses without using the instructor’s coupon or course referral link, then the instructor will get a 50% revenue share on sales.

Key Features of Udemy

  1. Free or low-cost tuition: Around 10% of courses that are offered by Udemy is free. While the other offered courses are priced under 200 dollars. Although there are exceptions to other courses that cost up to a thousand dollars, those are rare.
  2. A large variety of course offerings: Udemy is currently offering 15 broad categories of courses that range from music to software development with as much as 15 subcategories under every first category.
  3. Instant access: As soon as you have enrolled in a particular course, you can immediately access that course. Because all of the course materials, including financial templates, checklists, PDFs, and guidelines are available online. And the entire course is prerecorded for easy download to any device.
  4. No mandatory prequalification to take any course: Students can ta take any courses based on their interests and requirements. And Udemy won’t put any prequalification for taking any course.

Other features are lifetime access to the courses enrolled, certificate of completion, access to prior student ratings and reviews, instructors have professional and practical knowledge, and more.


Udemy frequently runs promotional offers. Sometimes they give an offer that charges flat $10 or $15 per course. Even if the course costs you $200, you will get that for just $10 or $15 during the promotional period. So before going to buy any course from Udemy, please visit WhatVwants Udemy discount coupon page for latest offers.

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