Why Your VPN Provider Could Be Leaving You At Risk

VPN Services have become increasingly popular in recent years, as concerns over online privacy continue to arise. The threats faced by internet users and the dangers of sending data over an unsecured internet connection is an ever-present reminder as to why users need to take their online privacy seriously.

Most VPN companies approach this by offering users a service which allows users to connect to a virtual private network, that uses advanced encryption methods and creates a secure tunnel for their internet connection. To help combat this unnerving trend, many users have turned to the services of VPN companies to provide extra security for themselves and their families.

But is your current VPN provider really offering you all the protection you deserve? A regular VPN service also comes with a hidden cost. Let’s say you have 4 or 5 devices you wish to secure in your home. You would need to log into the VPN service on each device and that’s assuming the network allows you to have multiple devices connected at any one time. This can get old, fast! It’s also time-consuming and can involve a lot of technical know-how that many users don’t have.

We recently reached out to one VPN provider who has an interesting solution to this problem. SpiderVPN is a company that takes a different approach to protect your home. They offer a VPN Router product with a built-in VPN subscription that makes setting up your VPN connection plug-and-play. Using one of their routers, you can enjoy the luxury of having a preconfigured VPN service on all of your devices, rather than having to figure it out yourself.

It’s also completely unrestricted, so you don’t have to worry about limits on the number of devices you can connect to the service at any one time.

Is SpiderVPN right for you?

SpiderVPN is a relatively new company to the VPN space but their network already boasts some impressive stats. With access to 18 premium VPN locations and military-grade encryption, it’s fair to say that as far as online privacy and security goes, SpiderVPN is up there with the best. They also claim to have speeds that are comparable, if not superior, to the to major VPN competitors, making them a good choice for customers who value a fast and responsive connection.

SpiderVPN Plans, Pricing & Discount

They currently offer three competitively priced plans for customers.

sprider price and plans.

Software & VPN Plan:

The Software & VPN only plan comes with instant activation, unlimited bandwidth, and no minimum contract term. There are no logs kept, ensuring users get 100% privacy and the unlimited speeds can be enjoyed on any device. You’ll get premium VPN access to 18 global locations with unlimited speeds and military grade encryption. Plans start from £3.99/Month.

Classic Router & VPN Plan:

The Classic router plan comes with a subscription of your choice you can choose from 1 month up to 24 Month subscription terms; they also include a FREE router, which is unique to SpiderVPN. The Classic Router supports 2.4G Wifi and is more than capable of speeds up to 300Mbps with its MediaTek chipset it runs very smooth and seamless along with their VPN Service. Plans start from £3.99/Month, but the one-time payment is £24.99.

Pro Router & VPN Plan:

The Pro router plan comes with the same choice of subscriptions from 1 month up to 24 Month subscription terms, and they also include a FREE Router, this Device Supports 2.4G & 5.8G Wifi connections making it capable of up to 1 Gigabit Connection this has a high-end MediaTek chipset which is truly outstanding. Plans start from £3.99/Month, but the one-time payment is £44.99.

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The Verdict:

SpiderVPN has some interesting and competitively priced plans which are proving to be a popular choice for multi-device users. The inclusion of a free Router on all the classic and pro router VPN Plans is a nice touch and brings an affordable and convenient VPN solution to the home or office.

The commitment to 100% privacy via no logging and super-fast connection speeds makes SpiderVPN one to watch. They are also a company that, as well as providing super-fast VPN services and bulletproof encryption, offer an excellent level of support to their users. This is refreshing to see in the VPN space and is something that has played a large part in their success. Thinking of making the switch to SpiderVPN?

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