7 Best Early Childhood Education Android Apps

Are you searching for the best childhood education Android apps? Early childhood education plays a key role in everyone’s career. Now every home has at least one smart device. Even children use it a lot for playing games. Apart from giving them entertainment by playing those games, it can be made productive for children. Early learning is always a beneficial thing. So, adding learning to their daily to-do stuff is good.

In this article, I will let you know the 7 best android apps for early childhood education. Install them in your Android mobile and let your children learn something useful in their daily routine.

Best Early Childhood Education Android Apps

This article will let you know about early childhood education information with Android apps for early learning.

1. ABC PreSchool Kids Tracing & Phonics Learning Game

ABC learning app

ABC PreSchool Kids Tracing & Phonics Learning Game is an educational app that helps to learn basic tracing starting from lines, phonics and trace the letters of the alphabet ABCs for kids. It not only provides the learning alphabet but also numbers, colors and shapes.

Best Learning apps for kids with tracing and phonics games. Alphabet Tracing games is an award-winning app used in schools. So it will helps a lot for your kids in learning.

It offers

  • Fun phonics song animations of Alphabet from A to Z
  • Fun phonics ABC animations & counting numbers 1 to 10
  • Free Drawings & Free App
  • Start with Tracing lines and curves to trace
  • Uppercase and lowercase letters to trace

Finally, ABC kids alphabet letter free toddler school free educational learning game with letters for toddlers to learn the shape of number and letter.

2. Learning Games: Kids Numbers and Math FREE

early learning toddler math

Kids Numbers and Math FREE allows your kid to learn numbers and how to pronounce them. After learning alphabets and how to write and pronounce them, then it would be good to start with numbers. Using this early learning app, your kid will learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of numbers in an interactive way. How does it feel learning with joy and interaction? Then, this app does it in a better way. Both sound and pronunciation are in a kid-friendly way. It is one of the best apps to make your kid learn numbers along with the entertainment.

3. Animal sounds. Learn animals names for kids

animal sounds

Animal sounds. Learn animals names for kids is one of the largest catalog of animals for kids. It’s like a children’s phone with animals, there are pictures of animals on the screen, the child can himself, without his parents, tap an animal, then the animal photo appears plus animal’s sound!

It provides the following features:
– Animal sounds for baby
– Learn the animal name along with the photo
– Animal HD photos for easy identification
– Click on the animal to replay name and sound and big pictures!

4. Connect the Dots

early childhood education online connect the dots

Kids Connect the dots android app helps your kid to learn numbers, alphabets, animals, and most of the things by connecting the dots. Your kid needs to connect the dots one by one by alphabet or series of numbers and when connected all the dots, it turns out to be an image of an animal or fruit or bird or anything which is pronounced in a kid-friendly way.

Whenever dots are being connected, the app pronounces the letter or number in simple kid-friendly English. This app has the total early childhood education courses which can be taught easily. This android app provides you the best early childhood education programs by playing around double-digit levels of connecting the dots.

5. Kids Games Shapes for Toddlers

Kids Games Shapes for Toddlers android apps help your kid to learn about shapes. At present included shapes are circle, triangle, rectangle, rhombus, oval, and square. It helps you to learn shapes with real-time objects. This is really based on intelligence and improves the thinking ability of your child. Identifying the shapes is also important and your kid becomes perfect in this using this android app.

Along with these five, there are two more apps but those are not available right now.

6. Eggy Alphabet

early childhood education Eggy Alphabet

Note: At present this app is not available

Eggy Alphabet app lets your kid to learn the letter by writing and sound. It also makes your kid understand each letter by it’s shape. It has 3 activities for writing and another 2 activities for pronouncing the letter correctly. We all know that writing makes us remember things for a longer time and this app is mainly designed following that. This early childhood education helps your kid to learn and become perfect in 26 alphabets including both uppercase and lowercase. This early learning app is interactive, motivate and fun-oriented.

7. Bubble Kids

early childhopod education courses bubble kids

Note: At present this app is not available.

Bubble Kids android app for a kid is used to learn about wild animals. A variety of animal names, their images, characteristics can be taught using this app. Your kid will know about various types of animals, a specialty of that animal, characteristics of animals and much more information using this early childhood education android app. It allows you to swipe, sort and do a lot in this game. It is both an interactive and learning app which can be used to learn about animals easily. It provides you various activities such that, your kid can become perfect in identifying animals correctly.


Apart from getting early childhood education online, these android apps help you to get the early learning for your kids wherever you go. There are even more early learning android apps. If you have anything to add, please do share it with us through comments.

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