The Best Apps For Ph.D. Students, Researchers, and Graduate Students

No doubt postgraduate studies are complicated, and there are definitely fewer platforms that can write my papers online for students pursuing advanced degrees. Nevertheless, you can find tools designed for Ph.D. students exclusively. For example, do you know, there are some Apps for Ph.D. Students, which helps in their research. Looks interesting, right? Then you are at the right place. In this article, we have discussed the top apps for Ph.D. Students. Go and read the article till the end to claim the complete information that helps you a lot.

Although there are many mobile apps available on the Android Play Store, very few are useful for researchers. Based on their daily activities, such as research collaboration, data collection, document reading, updating real-world issues, resource gathering, schedule maintenance, and journal reading, we identified the top 10 best apps for researchers. This article will explain how to use the 10 most useful mobile apps for Ph.D. Scholars. These are the best apps for Ph.D. students. You can buy essay if you need to get help with writing your paper faster.

Apps For PhD Students

10 Best Apps for Ph.D. Students

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1. Mendeley

1.1 What is the Mendeley app?

Mendeley Homepage

Mendeley, a free PDF reader, and reference manager designed for researchers are available as a free download. It allows you to organize your literature in a way that you can use during your dissertation writing. Mendeley is available as a desktop and mobile application. It allows you to access your articles wherever you are.

1.2 How can you use it for research?

  • Register at to create a free account and download a desktop edition for your system.
  • All your journals, magazines, book chapters, thesis, and other materials should be organized.
  • Segregate files using the TAG option to determine the year, author, publication, and domain.
  • Log in to Mendeley Mobile Application and download Mendeley Mobile App.
  • Allow the application to sync with your account.
  • You can now see all files you have saved to your desktop in the mobile app.

2. Flipboard

2.1 What is Flipboard App?


Flipboard is the most widely used mobile app that millions use every day. It allows you to keep track of domain-related information, read blog posts and follow trending topics in one place. Flipboard allows users to create and save posts based on their interests. You will enjoy reading more articles thanks to the user interface that is powerful and intuitive.

2.2 How can you use it for research?

  • Get Flipboard mobile and create an account.
  • Flipboard will provide a virtual tour that will allow you to see the basics of the application.
  • Click the Flipboard icon and click “WHAT’S YOU PASSION?”
  • Find your domain. Ex: Machine Learning.
  • It will display many sub-categories within the topic. You can personalize the magazine according to your requirements. That’s it!
  • The Daily Edition keeps you informed about the latest news in your domain each day.

3. Researcher

3.1 What is the Researcher app?

Researcher App

Researcher, a free mobile journal-finding application, allows you to find new journal papers that are relevant to your research every day. This is the most used mobile app by over 3 million researchers and scientists to stay up-to-date with the latest academic literature.

3.2 How can you use it for research?

  • Get the Researcher mobile app for your mobile.
  • Search in the search bar for your journal.
  • You can follow as many journals as you like and also read new articles.

4. Plagiarism Checker

4.1 What is the Plagiarism Checker app?

Plagiarism checker

Plagiarism Checker is a free app that can detect duplicate content in papers from more than five search engines, including Google, Yahoo!, Babylon, Google Scholar, and Google Books.

4.2 How can you use it for research?

  • Download Plagiarism Checker mobile application.
  • You don’t need to register so that you can access the app directly.
  • With a single click, scan your article, term paper, or dissertation.
  • You can also use voice support or directly link to it.
  • You can save the HTML, PDF, and EPUB results. That’s it!

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5. Google Keep

5.1 What is Google Keep App?

Google Keep App

Google Keep is a free rest application by Google LLC. It allows researchers to quickly capture their thoughts and receive a reminder at the right time or place.

5.2 How can you use it for research?

  • Download Google Keep mobile application.
  • Log in to your Google account.
  • Keep will record a voice memo, and Keep will transcrib it for you later.
  • Take quick notes.
  • Make a daily schedule and allow for rest.
  • Take handwritten notes.
  • Save important images with the camera
  • It is also available on your laptop or desktop computer.

6. Curiosity

6.1 What is the Curiosity App?

Curiosity App

CuriosityStream is a popular mobile app that allows researchers to explore new scientific discoveries in more detail using videos.

6.2 How can you use it for research?

  • Get the Curiosity mobile app.
  • Register to gain access to the app
  • Find inspiration in articles related to your topic.
  • You can watch smart videos by millions of creators.
  • Follow your favorite categories and personalize your favorites.

7. Paperity

7.1 What is Paperity App?

Paperity App

Paperity is a mobile application that allows you to access multiple open-access journals from your mobile device.

7.2 How can you use it for research?

  • Get Paperity mobile app.
  • Check out the most recent articles.
  • Browse journals and their Tables of Contents of Open Access publications
  • For specific keywords, phrases and countries of origin, search papers provide full text.
  • Full-text PDFs for more than a million articles are available to view and print. All this for free!

8. Slack

8.1 What is the Slack App?

Slack App

Are you doing Collaborative Research? This mobile app Slack can help you get more done. It combines team communication with collaboration so that you can work together with other researchers from around the world. Use #TAG to have a productive conversation about different topics.

8.2 How can you use it for research?

  • Get the Slack mobile app.
  • Use their Email-ID to include your lab members.
  • Talk to your lab mates, organize your conversations according to topics, projects, and other relevant information.
  • You can message or call any member of your team.
  • Incorporate into your workflow the tools and services such as Google Drive, Salesforce and Dropbox, Asana and Twitter.
  • You can customize your notifications to help you remain focused on the important things.

9. DropBox

9.1 What is Dropbox?

Dropbox App

Dropbox is another free mobile app for researchers that allows them to create creative collaboration spaces, store all files in one place and sync them across all their devices.

9.2 How can you use it for research?

  • Dropbox Mobile App.
  • Register for Dropbox and get a free copy. Limited space, but sufficient for document files.
  • Use shared folders to collaborate on files.
  • You can use the document scanner for receipts, whiteboards and notes to be converted into PDFs.
  • To share your feedback with your team, comment on the files.
  • Sync, share, edit, and modify Word, Excel, PowerPoint files.

10. Camscanner

10.1 What is Camscanner App?

CamScanner App

Camscanner, a mobile document scanner and sharing app, allows you to scan, store and sync various contents across your smartphones, iPods, and tablets.

10.2 How can you use it for research?

  • Install Camscanner and create an account.
  • You can scan all types of paper documents with your smartphone camera.
  • Smart cropping and auto-enhancing are used to ensure that the text and graphics are preserved in scans.
  • You can easily share PDF and JPEG documents with your friends in many ways.
  • AirPrint allows you to instantly print any document in CamScanner using a nearby printer.

This article will help you learn about the 10 Best Apps For Ph.D. Students.


All the apps listed in this article are a few of the topmost apps for P.h.D Students to make their research easier. Every app has a unique feature and specialty to assist Ph.D. students in their research. Some apps help you in gathering the required information and some help in organizing the gathered information.

I hope this tutorial helped you to know about The Best Apps For Ph.D. Students, Researchers, and Graduate Students. If you want to say anything, let us know through the comment sections. If you like this article, please share it and follow WhatVwant on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for more Technical tips.

The Best Apps For Ph.D. Students, Researchers, and Graduate Students – FAQs

Is doing a Ph.D. hard?

In the United States, only 57% of Ph.D. Students obtained their Ph.D. 10 years after enrollment. Contrary to popular belief, a Ph.D. is not intellectually difficult but it calls for discipline and stamina.

Is a Ph.D. stressful?

Doing a Ph.D. is stressful and isolating under the best of circumstances.

How many Ph.D. students drop out?

Doctoral attrition rates are high in North America: an estimated 40% to 50% of candidates never finish.

Does a Ph.D. guarantee a job?

Of course, if you get online and search why getting a Ph.D. is a mistake you’re going to find a thousand unemployed PhDs blaming their failure on the system.

What merits a Ph.D.?

One of the big benefits of a Ph.D. is adding knowledge to your field of study. There is great satisfaction to be had from challenging the status quo and gaining recognition from your peers.

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