5 Benefits of VoIP CRM Integration

This tutorial will give you 5 Benefits of VoIP CRM Integration. VoIP and CRM are essential communication resources for modern-day SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises). VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, allows you to make telephone calls through the Internet. CRM is customer relationship management, and its innovative technology that is used for managing productivity, sales, and contact management throughout the CRM system.

It is focused on your existing customers, and potential customers alike. A CRM system is geared towards the improvement of relationships between customers and a business. Effective integration of VoIP technology and CRM can have many benefits for a company. We will explore 5 ways that your SME can benefit from the fusion of VoIP and CRM:

5 Benefits of VoIP CRM Integration

#1-Collection of Data

Data is everything for online businesses. The right knowledge available to the right people at the right time can mean the difference between profit or loss. Companies routinely use telephone data to gauge the pulse of the markets, and to expect future trends. This is all part of the decision-making process. Few systems compare to CRM when it comes to the efficient use of data.

Integrating CRM and VoIP is thus a natural progression. Of course, it’s essential to understand which systems are best suited to your business needs. Fortunately, sites like Best Online Reviews provide detailed insights into VoIP and CRM integration. Now, SMEs can capture relevant information from phone numbers, including the time of the call, and the date the call was received. By combining these innovative technologies, it is possible to find out where calls came from, and how best to design a marketing plan.

#2–Generating Leads

Generating leads

With CRM software, businesses can accumulate mounds of data from multiple sources. Once this data has been collected, it is stored in a central location. This allows SMEs to understand trends, analyze customer behavior, and generate in-depth reports for marketing, sales, and improved ROI. A simple phone call using voice over Internet protocol, combined with CRM, can allow a business to gather useful information about customers while the telephone call is ongoing, and afterwards too. This helps in driving customers through the sales funnel from the point where they express interest until the call to action.

#3 -Anticipate Needs

Anticipate needs

By synchronizing CRM solutions and VoIP, it is possible to train the customer support and sales teams to understand customer buying behavior. From the moment a customer calls a company, customer support staff and sales agents will have all that customer’s information on hand. Plus, the CRM will instantly identify all prior calls and queries that were raised. Small and medium enterprises can instantly boost their own image in the customer’s eyes by having all this information on hand.

For example, notes that may have been attached to that customer’s profile, previous purchases, call logs, and support tickets related to that specific customer are instantly available. This gives the customer the impression that the business is anticipating his/her needs. Not only does this create a much better customer experience, it also reduces wait times, uncertainty, and leads to greater levels of customer satisfaction.

#4 – Real-Time Information

Customer needs, preferences, and buying patterns change on a dime. Technology is evolving so rapidly that it’s always important to have the most up-to-date information. Integrating CRM and VoIP does precisely that. While customer support agents, or sales agents, are talking to customers or potential customers, it is easy to understand what they’re looking for, or what the pulse of the market is. Other information that proves beneficial is how calls are being received. Are customers calling from land lines? Cellular phones? The Internet? If there is a concentration of calls during certain hours, companies can restructure their operations to ensure that there is no backlog during peak periods.

#5–Enhanced Management Function

Enhanced management function

Integration of VoIP and CRM has another benefit that company management can enjoy: better control over employee productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness. For example, agents may spend too much time or too little time with customers. Either way, these are problem areas that need to be addressed. Management can use this information to streamline operations further by retraining customer service agents, allocating additional resources, or providing further help.

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