4 Best Alternatives to YouTube

Are you interested in knowing the best alternatives to YouTube? And do you want to know complete details about YouTube competitors? Then this is the straight article for you to identify and learn about the best alternatives to YouTube and competitors for YouTube.

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Why YouTube Alternative?

No doubt, YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine. And it has billions of users. And you can upload any type of video with ease and quickness.

But many alternatives to YouTube are existing and coming into the global business market. The only reason for this is that all these alternatives prefer a certain type of audience. Suppose, if you consider Vimeo, it concentrates only on film-related artists and video creators. And in a similar way, if you consider Vevo, it concentrates only on music, Flickr on photos, and Metacafe on short-form videos. So, this is a basic reason why there are alternatives to YouTube. You can read this article if you want complete details about these alternatives.

4 Best Alternatives to YouTube

The following are the 5 best YouTube competitors in the global business market:

1. Vimeo: Is Vimeo better than YouTube?

Vimeo Homepage

Vimeo is one of the best alternatives to YouTube in the global market. Vimeo was started in 2004 by a group of filmmakers. It is the best platform to share, enhance, and promote videos in HD formats, especially for filmmakers, film artists, film advertisers, video creators, and more around the world.

Strengths that made Vimeo a YouTube Competitor

  • Upload limits.
    • You can choose the premium plan to upload your video files up to 7TB for 1 year.
    • But a free user can upload video files up to 500MB for 1 week. And 5GB for 1 year.
  • Make Money.
    • It permits you to make money by selling the following:
      • Your videos.
      • Footage.
      • Films.
    • You can also earn money through the rental of your videos and films.
  • No ads.
    • It permits no ads before, during, or after the stream of videos.
    • It provides clean videos with neat HD quality.
  • Fame.
    • It has more than 90 million creators around the world.
  • Business.
    • With 90 million creators around the world, it is the ideal platform for filmmakers and video creators to promote films and videos.
  • And more.

Cons of Vimeo at a glance

  • The search engines like Google and more won’t have permission to display Vimeo videos in the search results.
  • A live stream option is available for premium plan users only.
  • If you want to increase the storage capacity of your videos. Then you have to choose the premium plan. But its cost is higher.

Price, Plans & Discounts of Vimeo

  • You are free to watch all the public videos.
  • You have to buy premium plans like PRO, Business, and Premium to get earn money option.
  • The cost of the Plus plan is $7 for 1 month. And the Pro plan is $20. And the Business plan is $50. And finally, the Premium plan is $75 for 1 month.

Vimeo Alexa Rank

Alexa rank for ‘Vimeo.com’ site is 170.

2. Dailymotion

DailyMotion Homepage

Dailymotion is a tough competitor to YouTube, which was started in March 2005, just one month after the start of YouTube. Just like YouTube, it is one of the most popular free video-sharing sites. That allows you to upload, share, and view videos. You can also make money through your videos.

You can also promote your business on it. Let’s see the strengths of Dailymotion, which make it one of the competitors to YouTube.

Strengths that made Dailymotion a YouTube Competitor

  • Upload limit of your video.
    • 10 uploads in 1 day.
    • 2 hours of video per day.
    • 60 minutes for 1 video.
  • Make Money.
    • Just like YouTube, it too permits you to earn money via ads in your uploaded videos.
    • Ads may be displayed before, during, and after streaming your video on its video player.
  • Fame.
    • It has 300 million users around the world.
    • These users can watch around 3.5 billion videos on the Dailymotion video player each month.
  • Business.
    • With around 300 million users, it is also the best platform to promote your business.
    • It helps you elevate your business and become famous in a short period of time.
  • Available Contents.
    • Sports competitions.
    • Music festivals.
    • Comedy skits.
    • Political debates.
    • Fashion shows.
    • Gaming live streams.
    • And more.
  • A live stream is easy.
    • Unlike YouTube, you don’t need 100 subscribers to get permission to set up a live stream.
    • You just have to verify your account. That’s all. You can go to a Live stream on your channel.
  • It provides a better viewing experience for users compared to YouTube.
  • It has fewer strict rules compared to yours for deleting videos.
  • And more.

Cons of Dailymotion at a glance

  • It is still far away from YouTube in terms of the following things:
    • Upload limits to your videos.
    • Attract users worldwide.
    • Fame.
    • Search Engine.
    • Revenue.
    • Rank.

Account type for DailyMotion

Free. You have to open a free account to upload and watch your favorite videos.

Dailymotion Alexa Rank

Alexa rank for ‘Dailymotion.com’ site is 268.

3. Vevo – What is Vevo? Is Vevo free?

Vevo Homepage

Vevo is another tough competitor to YouTube in a global business founded in June 2009. It is the world’s leading music video and entertainment platform. It is the best way for you to get all types of music. This site is purely dedicated to music lovers. It is a true site for all music artists like you.

Strengths that made Vevo a YouTube Competitor

  • Fame.
    • 1.1 billion hours of videos in 1 month.
    • 26 billion views of videos in 1 month.
    • 400 Thousand Videos.
  • Business.
    • With 26 billion views of videos per month, it is the best platform for music artists to promote and sell their videos with ease and quickness on its site.
  • Make Money.
    • Just like YouTube, it permits you to earn money via your uploaded music videos.
    • Here too, ads are displayed before, during, and after the music video stream.
  • A versatile music platform
    • It is a versatile site for music lovers and artists too. Artists around the world can create a video channel with ease, quickly, and free of charge. And they can upload their music videos.
  • Become a syndicate.
    • With Vevo, your music videos can be syndicated to famous channels like the following:
      • MTV.
      • Yahoo Music.
      • VH1.
      • Bet.
      • Tango.
      • Fuse TV.
      • YouTube too.
      • And more.
  • Music videos with HD are guaranteed.
  • And more.

Cons of Vevo at a glance

  • It won’t allow you to upload your own videos. It permits only music videos from artists.
  • It lacks many features compared with YouTube, like audience traffic, business, rank, and more.

Account Type: Vevo

  • An artist like you has to create a free video channel to upload and promote your music videos.

Vevo Alexa Rank

Alexa rank for ‘vevo.com’ site is 84,180.

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4. Flickr

Flickr Homepage

Flickr is another good competitor to YouTube. It is an image and video hosting service. And created in the year 2004. It is the best platform for you to upload your photos and videos to its site with ease and quickness. And free of charge.

Strengths that made Flickr a YouTube Competitor

  • Upload photos with a limit.
    • It permits you to upload as many photos as you desire, up to 1000.
  • Upload video limit.
    • Free users can upload a maximum of 1000 videos, with each lasting a maximum of 3 minutes.
    • But a Pro user can upload videos with a maximum duration of 10 minutes.
  • Fame.
    • It has more than 100 million accounts.
    • And has billions of photos and videos.
  • Business.
    • It is a true platform for you to promote and sell your photography, products, and more.
  • Benefits of a PRO user.
    • Ad-free browsing.
    • Upload countless photos.
    • And some perks on certain products.
  • And more.

Cons of Flickr at a glance: Does Flickr delete photos?

  • A free user cannot upload more than 1000 photos. And you cannot upload a video with a duration of more than 3 minutes.
  • And it deletes your photos if you upload more than 1,000 photos.
  • You have to upgrade to Pro to upload countless photos and promote your business.

Price and Plans of Flickr

  • It provides two plans, like Free and Pro.
  • You can buy a Pro to upload unlimited photos. The cost of the PRO plan is $4.99 per month, which is to be paid annually. The monthly PRO plan cost is $6.99.

Flickr Alexa Rank

Alexa rank for ‘Flickr.com’ site is 848.

Conclusion: What is the best alternative to YouTube?

You can select the best alternative depending on your needs. If you are a true film artist, then you can select Vimeo. Like that, you can select the remaining alternatives too.

Now you can realize that each YouTube competitor has its own identity and application. You can select the best one that suits your needs, as suggested below.

S.NoName of the YouTube
1. DailymotionAll Types of Videos.
2.VimeoFilm Artists, Film Makers,
Video Creators.
3.MetacafeShort-Form Videos.
4.VevoMusic Videos.

Out of many competitors, no one can beat YouTube. And no one is just near to YouTube in terms of any factor like Traffic, Rank, Revenue, Fame, upload limit, and more. You can choose YouTube if you want to be famous, earn money, and promote your business in a short period of time.

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4 Best Alternatives to YouTube in 2024: FAQs

Which is the best competitor for YouTube?

Dailymotion is the best competitor for YouTube.

What are the upload limits for vimeo?

The upload limit for the premium plan is 7TB for 1 year.
But a free user can upload video files up to 500MB for 1 week. And 5GB for 1 year.

Is Vimeo offering the free version?

Yes. Vimeo offers the free version, but there are some limitations in uploading files

Can i make money through Dailymotion?

Just like YouTube, It too permits you to earn money via ads in your uploaded videos. Ads may be displayed before, during, and after stream of your video on its video player.

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