What is Vimeo Used for? Review & Features You Must Know

Want to know What is Vimeo and What is Vimeo used for? Follow this article to learn more about What is Vimeo, What is Vimeo used for, and Vimeo review which is the ultimate world’s first-class HD ad-free video streamer.

Are you an Artist or a Video Creator? And are you searching for the best platform for editing, promoting and sharing your videos? Or you are not an artist but interested in creating your own videos and want to publish with world-class HD quality. Then you can choose the ultimate platform “Vimeo” which is the complete solution for all your video customizing works.

What is Vimeo?

Vimeo is an optimized world’s first-class online video streaming site to filmmakers, film artists, advertisers and other film video creators to upload, customize with a high degree of definition, share and promote their videos worldwide. You can’t find the customizing of your video with HD and other features in any other site. Vimeo aids you for creating, selling, sharing and discovering videos worldwide. It’s a complete video sharing platform.

Vimeo was developed in 2004 by a group of filmmakers to share the videos with their friends easily and attractively. Actually, the Vimeo is the combination of Video and me created by one of the founders, Jake Lodwick. You can also notice that the word Vimeo is an anagram to the word movie. Vimeo started with the few creators in 2004 and is growing quickly. Now amazingly, this site is accessing by more than 90million creators worldwide.

What is Vimeo Used for?

The main purpose of Vimeo is to create the best platform for easy sharing, enhancing and promoting the videos in HD format worldwide, especially for filmmakers, film artists, animators, and other video creators. This is an excellent platform for all video creators to enhance and promote their videos worldwide. Vimeo creates you the best opportunity to share your work among top filmmakers, film artists, animators, and other creators.

I hope Now You might understand What is Vimeo used for. Let us continue with our Vimeo review for complete details.

Vimeo Review – Hosting, Managing, sharing and promoting videos in one place.

Vimoe home page

Vimeo has a powerful video player which is the world’s quickest, most customizable and smoothly embeddable ad-free video player. This is the major reason that attracted filmmakers, film artists, musicians, and other creators worldwide. Now Vimeo is accessing by more than 90 million creators worldwide. The best and encouraging platform for all types of film video creators to customize, share, promote and rent their videos.

Features of Vimeo

Vimeo has as many numbers of elegant features to customize, share and promote your videos. The following are the robust features of the world’s first-class HD video streamer Vimeo.

  • Video Player
  • Privacy
  • Stock Videos
  • Collaboration
  • Distribution and Marketing
  • Monetization
  • Live Streaming
  • Analytics
  • Hosting and Management

Video Player

A Powerful HTML5 engineered video player is provided to you that makes all your work look elegant and delightful. You can add the following flavors to make your videos look pretty.

  • Customize
    • Select a suitable background color to your video
    • Append your logo to display in your video
    • Select the accurate thumbnail
    • Append speed controls
    • Playbar can be removed/added
  • Completely ad-free
  • You can add your Vimeo videos easily in your blogs, sites, and anywhere across the web.
  • Choose the custom end screens to support and guide the viewers with voice calling, video chatting, and emailing options.


Vimeo provides complete privacy choices for all your valuable videos. You can choose the following various privacy options.

  • Password Security to view your videos or complete albums.
  • Privately send your videos through links.
  • Allow collaborators to view and comment on your video edits privately.
  • You can put permissions for a certain group of people like your followers to watch your specific videos.
  • You can also allow other team members for collaboration privately.

Stock Videos

A variety of beautiful footages are available to buy permanently and you can add those footages in your videos. Also, Vimeo allows you to sell any of your pretty footages.


With accurate permission levels, you can allow your team members and any freelancers into your projects privately. You can also permit your clients with limited permission during the editing of the projects. You can send the even larger size of your shooting video files to anyone safely and securely across the web.

Distribution and Marketing

Vimeo HTML5 engineered video player has embeds that are responding quickly and manage your web page lighter. This excellent embedded feature allows you to publish your Vimeo videos on social media, websites, blogs for promoting and marketing.


You can convert your videos to cash. Vimeo OTT and Vimeo On Demand features allow you to gradually develop a video business.

Live Streaming

Without any stress on your bandwidth, beautiful Live Streaming is available for you to reach all your followers worldwide and even through social media, blogs, and sites.


To make improvements to your editing, you should always track the comments on Vimeo, social media, blogs and sites. Then only you can understand the tastes and passions of your audience. These are necessary for you to edit the coming videos nicely so as to exactly reach those to your audience. Vimeo provides advanced video analytics who can aid you to learn more and choose better.

Hosting and Management

Finally one can say that Vimeo is an ultimate platform for hosting, managing, promoting and sharing your videos.

Is Vimeo Free to watch?

Except Live Streaming and paid content, you can watch all public videos freely without any subscription. But if you want to watch all the videos, then you must purchase the plans like Vimeo Plus, Vimeo Pro, Vimeo Business and Vimeo Premium.

How Much Does Vimeo Cost?

Vimeo Cost depends on how much video content you uploaded weekly and annually. Suppose your video upload content in the range like 5GB/week and 250GB/every year, then you can choose Vimeo Plus with a monthly subscription of $7. Likewise, you can choose other plans like Vimeo Pro, Vimeo Business and Vimeo Premium to increase your uploaded video content weekly and yearly and avail of certain features.

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Vimeo – Pricing & Plans

Weekly Disk Space 500MB5GB20GBNo weekly
No weekly
Yearly Disk SpaceNA 250GB1TBNANA
Full Disk Space 5GBNANA5TB7TB
Allowable Members11 310Unlimited
Free $7 $20 $50 $75
Free $84 $240 $600 $900
Distribution and
Live Streaming XXXX

What is the Vimeo Upload limit?

Based on the type of plan you selected, you can upload your videos weekly with a maximum 500MB, 5GB, 20GB, and no limits. Also, you can upload your videos annually with a maximum of 5GB, 250GB, 1TB, 5TB, and 7TB.

Pros of Vimeo

  • Ideal platform for artists, advertisers, business, and all other beautiful video making lovers.
  • Highly safe & secure than any other video sharing sites.
  • For any connection speed, adaptive streaming guarantees supreme quality.
  • Easily formats your videos to Industry Standard.
  • Videos can be downloaded easily.
  • Excellent collaboration.
  • Easy to publish anywhere like social media, sites, and blogs.
  • Completely ad-free.
  • Most customizing features are available that make your work look more beautiful.
  • Clean look

Cons of Vimeo

  • The search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc don’t have permission to display the Vimeo videos in the search results.
  • Expensive as storage capacity increases
  • Live Streaming is available in only one plan Vimeo Premium which is more expensive.
  • Restricted mobile uploads
  • Clutter interfacing for beginners


Therefore if you are a genuine artist and you are seriously looking for the best platform for hosting, managing, sharing and promoting your videos, then the Vimeo is the ideal platform for you. Without hesitatingly you can choose any of the above Vimeo plans to start and continue your work. Otherwise, you can go to other popular video streaming sites like Youtube, etc.

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