5 Best Cloud Backup Services for Online Data Storage

Are you searching for the best cloud backup services? Here is the list of Best Cloud Backup Services. Important data needs to be taken care else we get into trouble. So you need to store them in a very safe and easily accessible place. Backup data to cloud is the best method for preserving data. This is known to many of us, but the real question is to what extent we are keeping it safe?

Storing data in external devices, hard disks, or any device does not guarantee the availability of such important data. So, there should be a way to store this data seamlessly at one place where there is no chance of losing it whatever may be the situation. Isn’t it cool? I will let you know about the 5 best Cloud Backup Services to use to back up each and everything you want.

Best 5 Cloud Backup Services

Saving data is the most important thing to do. It might be data of your mobile or desktop, we should save our data from any crash happen to our smart device and desktop. In this article, I will introduce you to 5 Best cloud backup services or online backup services to use.

1. iDrive

iDrive backup

iDrive (75% Discounted Link) is really unique and one of the best cloud backup services. You can back up all your files and folders to its online storage same as other cloud-based services. But the unique thing in iDrive is that you can share the backup up files and folders with others. You can even upload all your photos and videos to Facebook directly.

Deleted files or folder in your cloud storage can be brought back within 30 days. This is really an interesting feature. It follows incremental backups, so you can have the 30 versions of the same file and it is very helpful when you want to use the older version of the file. It restores the data without any problem and works well with Windows, Linux, and MAC Desktops. It is available as an app for Windows, Android, and iOS.

iDrive is the best cloud backup service and it secures your backed up data. Using your iDrive account, you can access your backed-up data from any computer. There are many features of iDrive which makes it the best cloud backup storage service. All files and folders of your devices using iDrive will be in sync. Pricing options for iDrive will be like a free version of 5 GB storage, iDrive Personal of 5 TB online storage space at $52.12 per year. You will get it only for $17.38 for the first year through this 75% discounted link. And iDrive Business of 250 GB online storage space at $74 per year.

2. Backblaze


Backblaze allows you to back up everything like music, documents, and more. By default, it will back up files or folders less than 4GB, and the rest can also be backed up if you want. You can manually trigger the backup as and when you want or you can schedule the backup at regular intervals of time. It works with Windows and MAC Desktops and backed up data is encrypted, so that only you have the access to your data. Restoring data is very easy and there are many other features of Backblaze.

Pricing of Backblaze cloud backup storage is like $6 per month for one computer and if you want to add more computers to the same account, then you need to pay more than $6/per month. You will get unlimited data backup for one computer only for $60.

3. Carbonite


Carbonite is one of the best cloud-based backup services as it runs in the background of backing up your data. This is very helpful and no problem whatever crash happens to your computer. It works well with your mobile, Windows, and MAC desktops. Automatically, it will backup your music, documents, email, and many other things. It allows easy recovery of your data even. Backed up data can be accessed easily through your smartphone. All plans of Carbonite give you unlimited storage.

You can give a try free version of Carbonite for 15 days and if you want to go ahead then you can choose Home Plan for $72 per year to back up one computer, Home Plus plan for $100 per year to back up one computer, and Home Premium Plan for $150 per year to back up one computer.

4. CrashPlan


CrashPlan is said to be the best cloud backup service as it allows you to back up required folders, files, or even a drive as well. You can specify at what regular intervals of time, the backup should happen. It provides you the facility to back up your data to an external hard drive or a computer in a network or to the cloud (CrashPlan servers). It works with Windows and MAC Desktops and restoring the data is just a few clicks away. You can access the backed up data using your smart mobile. You can specify the multiple destinations for backup and backup happens in an incremental way.

They are not offering home plans anymore. But home users can use the CrashPlan Small Business plan which costs only $10 per device. It provides you unlimited storage space and more features than any other cloud storage service on this list. They are giving 30 days free trial. You can use that without spending money.

5. SpiderOak


SpiderOak is said to be one of the best cloud backup services in terms of privacy. It provides cloud backup desktop clients that allow you to back up your files, folders, music, documents, emails, videos, movies including your network drives and external hard drives. You can prefer scheduled backups or manual backups and backed up data is encrypted and you can only access it. Whenever your data is backing up, you can see the preview of the space taken by your file or folder and the space you are left with. It works with Windows, Linux, and MAC Desktops.

It is available as Android and iOS apps. You can find the archive of deselected files in your SpiderOak account during the backup process. This cloud server backup service has many features and will give you 2 GB for free for signing in up and 10 GB for free if you refer a friend. SpiderOak pricing will be like 150 GB free cloud back up storage at $6 per month and it is not restricted to only one computer.

Conclusion: Which is the best cloud backup and recovery service?

We suggest you go with iDrive(75% Discounted link).

Are you planning to back up your data? These are the 7 best cloud backup and recovery services you need to use. If you have anything to add, please do share it with us through comments. If you like this article, please share it. Want more tips, Please follow whatvwant on Facebook and Twitter.  Subscribe to whatVwant channel on YouTube for regular updates.

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